Boozing and Office Parties

Office parties are often fraught with booze, and many people find themselves doing stupid things while under theBoozing and Office Parties influence. Of course, that is the way that most parties go, and this is expected by nearly everyone. However, there are still a few things you can do to keep your dignity intact.

1. Make decisions before the event. If you simply wing it, then you may find yourself compromising much more than you intended to compromise, and you may also be indecisive about how far you are willing to get down and party. By making decisions ahead of time, you put yourself in a position of power, and that is a much better place to be.

2. Bring your own beverage. By doing this, you have your own self filled containers, with the concentration of alcohol (or lack thereof) that you wish to have. This way, you can avoid pressure from others to drink more than you desire, and it also frees you up to drink non-alcoholic beverages if you wish to.

3. Choose your cohorts carefully. Good parties, after all, are worth remembering. When you choose ultimate party-ers as your friends, it becomes way too chaotic and you don’t even remember the good times afterward. Keeping with clean, stable, solid individuals can ensure good conversation, better learning experiences, and good memories later on.

4. Be careful around water. One of the best ways to make it a more pleasant event is to shut off access to the hotel swimming pool, and so on, so that inebriated guests do not fall in and drown, nearly drown, or cause other problems. Often, party goers feel that the swimming pool is a giant vomitorium when they are drunk enough. Be careful and stay safe.

Office parties must be kept within reason, and drinking can so easily get out of hand. A word of advice: it is much easier to get drunk on champagne than just about any other substance, because champagne’s effects do not kick in right away, and you are not able to judge your level of intoxication in real time.

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