Books and Stress Management

“Wherever they burn books, they will in the end burn humans.” ~Heinrich Heine

The above quote was made during a period of time in Germany when controversial texts were being written by artists, and local governments were attempting to suppress these texts by making an example out of the works which these artists had created. The point that Herr Heine is trying to make is that all types of knowledge, even knowledge which conflicts with your personal beliefs, gives you better and better perspective on your world, and that there is nothing more valuable than that. His point is that the very lives of humans hang upon the ability to learn both supporting and conflicting belief systems and that art is a science of depth and understanding.

Research has found that reading books is directly correlated to open-mindedness and the ability to handle stress, even stress with which we are not familiar. This is a powerful asset to obtain, and some individuals do not value “book learning” to be equal to “street smarts” because they are unable to see that reading books would enable them to further engage in their life experience and not be negatively affected by it. Many people believe that experience is worth more than autobiographies and non-fiction books, and they believe that they are “getting their hands dirty and learning life in real life circumstances.” What they may fail to realize is that non-fiction and autobiographical texts give the reader types of life experience which they may be unable to obtain at their current geographical location or at their current socioeconomic status. And, this being the clincher, these texts help them to emotionally mature to the point of being able to handle stress and problems in their own lives.

While you are busy passing out books to your employees, keep in mind that workplace drug testing acts like a bookmark, keeping your employees on track in the meantime, while they are developing themselves in other ways. Employee drug and alcohol testing is a boundary which you set up to protect your company and their fellow employees. Call CMM Technology today: (+61) 1300 79 70 30.

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