Big Game Hunting

Big Game HuntingLet us say that you and your business are looking to acquire a large account. You meet with the impressive client, you try to appear smart and well educated, you hope your credentials and experience are enough, and you savour the taste of the new revenue even before you get it.

Who says that big game hunters only exist in the wild?

When impressing a new client, of course a great deal matters as to appearance, spirit of the business, your own nature, and what you will be doing with their money once you get it. When thinking about the big chunks of business, remember to never forget the tiny little details. All it takes is one drunken secretary or one high associate to blow the deal. You really need employee drug testing, and you need it now.

To make sure everyone is fit for duty, we recommend both drug tests kits and alcohol tests. Without one or the other, you can really find yourself in some hot water if a lower level…or even an executive…shows up to the meeting a trifle sloshed or not quite in their right mind.

These clients are important and they deserve your respect, not some accidental, unintentional disrespect from an unruly employee. This is where the rubber meets the road, as they say. There must be a clear chain of consequences for workers who are abusing drugs or alcohol while on or near the jobsite. There must be a chance for those who want to do well. There must be hope for your company, without sabotage from workers who cannot keep themselves together.

And these consequences we mentioned above: they must be real. Use your drug test kits from us here at CMM Technology to understand what is going on with your employees. You have the upper hand, not them. You are in control of the situation, not random people who are under the influence of substance abuse. We recommend our line of Lifeloc FC10 alcohol breathalyser devices, too coupled with our high quality breathalyser recalibration service.

Do the effective thing, use employee drug testing, and take down the big game. We’ll help you with your hunt: (+61) 1300 79 70 30.

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