Best Interests of the Clients

Screening Tests, Employee Drug TestingClients are your bread and butter. Clients ensure that you have a steady income, a home, a vehicle to drive or ride, food on your table, and clothing on your body. Between client acquisition and the behind-the-scenes work that all of your employees do for your company, it may not seem as if the money for your paycheque comes from several different directions, such as the accounting department or the asset management team or the advertising budget, which are all only parts of your company. All of these parts are fed and motivated by the client. You cannot escape how much you need your clients. You will always need them, even if you own a company of ten thousand employees, or you are completely self employed. The need for your clientele never goes away.

So why are we writing this article? Because clients are the reason why you head off to work in the morning and they are the reason why you lay your head on your pillow with satisfaction at night. And, yes, they are the reason why you have an employee drug and alcohol testing program in your business.

Clients are assets. Drug testing protects these assets by making sure that an unruly or drunk employee does not take out their anger or their dissatisfaction on the client.

Clients are job security.When your employees are trained and happy and not on drugs, they treat clients well, and clients keep returning to your place of business.

Clients spread the word. Even when you are low on advertising, word-of-mouth can easily spread from clients to potential accounts, and for this reason, they are an asset in and of themselves.

Clients pay on time. When you have a client who pays on time and guarantees income for all of your employees, you must do whatever it takes to keep their business. They are valuable. They stimulate the economy as a whole, and your little corner of the world in particular. Hold on to them.

Drug and alcohol testing is not just for your employees or your legal department. It is for your clients. Call CMM Technology today: (+61) 1300 79 70 30.

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