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drug testing in western australia, chain of custodyCMM Technology considers the best business model developers and suggests ways you can incorporate aspects of these into your own business practice.

Good business practice must underpin your workplace. It is as vital to your workplace as the air your employees breathe. Undoubtedly and obviously, the single most important factor for you to focus on is revenue exceeding overheads.

Even not for profit organizations require this, and yet, many new and even established businesses and organizations fail because they do not have the leeway or capital to support them through the tough times. And if you can develop a business plan that sums up your approach in ten words or less, then that is an excellent place to start. But there is a little more to it than that and new technology has altered the business environment forever.

One of the true aficionados of new business practice is Guy Kawasaki. In Art of the Start he states that a good business model should be covered in ten words or less. And he also says that all businesses in the new technology world need to “cut through the theoretical crap, the theories and gets down to the real-world tactics of pitching, positioning, branding, recruiting, bootstrapping and rainmaking.”[1]

Kawasaki is of course best known as the man behind Apple. In short, he was the chief evangelist that transformed the company and turned it into one of the most forward thinking companies on the planet. His other bestseller is Enchantment: The Art of Changing Hearts, Minds and Actions Kawasaki takes the reader through “the process of influencing people whilst maintaining the highest standard of ethics.”[2] This latter factor is now assumed by many to be one of the single most important business attributes in the new high technology global neighbourhood.

Martin Zwilling, veteran start-up mentor and blogger subscribes to this model and also says that the smartest way to start business or redevelop your existing one so that it moves with the times, is simply “to copy someone else. You can innovate in technology, markets and customers, but inventing an entirely new business model is a bad bet. Try to relate your business model to one that is already successful and understood.”[3]

And one of the key areas to focus on and also to consider is how your business will deal with employees. What is the workplace culture like? Is it fluid and respecting, modern and transparent, or is it adhering to older modes of organisation that may have been applicable and suitable pre-information era, but not so suitable in today’s egalitarian world of information flooding, ideas and ready access to comparison?

CMM Technology takes this issue seriously and knows that a non-punitive and responsible approach to business management, employee management and occupational health and safety involves the sound use of testing technologies that can ensure safety and accountability.  CMM Technology believes in delivering impeccable and high quality testing technologies without recourse to substandard practices or erroneous practices. You can be assured of great business and great products with CMM Technology. Telephone them now on 618-9204 2500




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