Believing in Compounded Interest

Urine drug testAt CMM Technology, we know a lot about good business, and we how important the principle of compounded interest is. At the bank, when you make an investment in a mutual fund or stock, your money is reinvested over time and the interest of your money is also reinvested over time. The result is that you have an extremely well functioning investment portfolio which is earning you passive income over the years.

Often, relationships are taken for granted, much like investments are. Rather than truly sticking with an investment, an individual can decide to be apathetic and start trading just as soon as the price rises by a few points. This is not a wise methodology, as anyone can tell you. Relationships between businesses and between clients and providers are much the same way.

You absolutely must stick with your goals if you are to develop a proper and long lasting client relationship. Your goals would probably include setting up regular long term bulk orders, establishing a monthly schedule of services in return for money, and tailoring your services over time to meet the growing and changing needs of your clients and customers.

The more you follow these paths, the more two things are likely to follow. First of all, you will be able to systemize and more quickly fulfill the demands of your clients without actually spending extra work, time or effort. Systems are very easy to process and can become almost fully automatic. Secondly, as your clients grow and change, your approach to them must grow and change. However, due to the systemizing previously mentioned, this can be overlooked. Their new needs can be overlooked, due to convenience.

The long and short of it is that CMM Technology can add another safety feature to ensure future client relationships keep developing. One bad employee is all it takes to hack away at your own reputation.

This is why employee drug testing is used as often as it is. Oral fluid drug tests and other types of screening tests are available for order from us. We specialize in bringing drug testing in Western Australia the best game it has ever seen: (+61) 1300 79 70 30.

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