Being the Adult

Urine Drug Test, Pre ScreeningAn interesting fact has come to light concerning adulthood and what defines adulthood. Adults are people who can control their emotional output and who can control their emotional input, at any point in their lives, no matter what. By controlling the two-way process of emotional flow, adults are able to determine and discern what is the appropriate action for any given situation. This includes emergency response, extenuating circumstances, judgment calls, and personal decisions on the job. Obviously, you want your employees to be able to use discernment and judgment, particularly if they are in a managerial or overseeing capacity.

Employees who are likely to react, instead of act, give emotional responses, use impaired judgment, or be unable to control how external circumstances affect them are also more likely to fall victim to addiction. Workplace drug testing exists to keep these emotional responses, and the causes thereof, off of the jobsite and contained in a private setting or contained within personal habits. When employees are unable to control what comes out of their emotional containers and only respond to constant positive attention and supervision, then they may not be able to handle or function in more than a lower level status.

You must be able to count upon or rely upon all of your employees on a regular basis. They should have the same level of interest in the company that you have, because their livelihoods depend upon it. Unfortunately, a lot of employees enjoy to “be taken care of” and do not have any further interest in the health and wealth of your company, preferring to remain as children under your regime rather than adults. And, as children, many of your employees may become susceptible to drug addiction or alcoholism. After all, addiction rises from the inability to take responsibility for your own actions at any given point in time.

CMM Technology understands this dichotomy, and that is why we offer drug and alcohol testing equipment for your business, jobsite or office use. We specialize in giving you insight into who is a financial asset and who may jeopardize your financial assets. Call us today: (+61) 1300 79 70 30.

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