Being A Leader Over Tempers

When you are working over people, you not only have a responsibility to yourself, you also have a responsibility to easily and quickly guide others into Drug test equipmenttheir places and functions in the business. This must be done in a timely manner, using your intuition, and not allowing your emotions to govern you thoughts or actions. As with any other tool, emotions really need to be used as a measuring device, and not as a weapon.

Of course, your subordinates are far more likely to be trouble for you if they are under the influence of drugs or alcohol. Now, this may not really be a problem for you if they do not show their full tempers, but being a leader over bad tempers is not the easiest job in the world, and they can, in the end, wear you down emotionally. So, of course, it is much nicer to have workers who have professional focus, and not ones who are there to be watched over like a parent watching a child at play.

There must be drive. There must be ambition. And, there must be tons of focus.

All of these are killed off by substance abuse. It is one of the top reasons why dreams never become fulfilled in your lifetime. Drugs and alcohol distort perception and the ability to cope with problems so much that they begin creating problems everywhere.

In essence, it is this ability to cope which makes you a leader and their inability to cope which brings out their tempers. Being a leader over bad tempers is a responsibility not to be taken lightly, because the work must be done by someone. It is just as much their right to a job as it is your right to lead them. However, watch out for those who fail their alcohol or drug tests. It is obviously not just a matter of the quality of the drug test kits. It is also a matter of whether they are fit for duty or not. You must test for AOD and you must correctly prescribe actions to take if the screening tests reveal something unsavory.

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