Before That Big Raise

Before That Big RaiseWhen you are edging closer to that big raise, often you will find yourself slacking off just a tad. This is not because you are jumping to conclusions, nor because the raise would never be based upon your most recent work contributions. This is because you are anticipating what you will be doing with your new money, and often this simply means a decrease in your workload. Your anticipation is better at this time and your expectations are higher.

Isn’t it great to know that something like a raise, which will seem small and meaningless within six months time as you adjust to your new salary, causes you such anticipation and joy beforehand?

In order to keep the benefits of receiving your raise and to make this feeling last longer, be sure to plan to NOT increase your standard of living when you get it. Think of yourself as a secret agent man who is getting a hefty salary but who no one else knows is rich. That can really make you see the mentality that you can have about this which will be far more helpful than you may realize. Not expecting too much from yourself or those around you is a great way to set realistic goals and actually accomplish them.

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