Beauty DOES Count

Over and over again, we are bombarded with images and messages which tell us to only value the person within, and not judge a book by its cover. We are told constantly that a person should be seen for who they really are, not for how they appear in public. In fact, we are often told that judging someone as being beautiful or good looking is shallow and condescending to their intelligence. This is all based upon the supposedly shallow basis of the fashion and beauty industries. Interestingly enough, they are both multi-billion dollar industries, and one has to question whether they are being entirely funded by models and designers. Clearly, more people care about beauty than we’d like to admit. Is this due to advertising or some other reason?

Although advertising is often used as a model, the decision to look clean, well-dressed and like someone with a home is pretty universal to individuals who value themselves and how they appear. In fact, care of the physical body on the outside is often a reflection of how the person views themselves on the inside. Many people do not dress up for the benefit of others, but because that is how they feel about themselves. And can it be 100% noble when someone refuses to bathe and smell decent and dress in clean clothes and yet they insist that you accept them for who they really are on the inside? Isn’t their outward appearance a reflection of how they see themselves, and their attitude toward you only a defensive one?

These questions are thrown back and forth across the gap between the inner beauty fanatics and the outer beauty fanatics. Somewhere in between though, there is simple care and grooming for the body in which you live, and that is reasonable. Employees who abuse their bodies by abusing drugs or alcohol are also making a statement about themselves. Workplace drug testing makes a statement about how you expect others to conduct business with you and with each other inside your business. These are all indications of deeper intention. If your intention is to monitor potential employee drug or alcohol use, then workplace drug testing is for you. Call CMM Technology today:(+61) 1300 79 70 30

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