Beauty and Surprise

saliva drug testBeauty is such an elusive thing. You have to be in the right mood before the ugliest thing in the world will appear beautiful to you, and if you are in the wrong mood, then even exceptionally beautiful objects or people can seem to be plain and unsatisfying to you.

Beauty is subjective. No one agrees upon what is beautiful, though many studies have been made into fine art, the human body, landscapes, brilliantly colored sunsets, and metallic abstractions. These studies seek to find a “universal beauty” in both art and sculpture, in both music and dance.

When we are surprised by art or music in a pleasant way, it is often wondered, deep within ourselves, why we didn’t think of it before. It is as if you are actually remembering the piece of music or the painting from a long, long time ago, rather than experiencing for the first time. It is as if your soul has already seen that piece of art or heard that music, and is just now seeing it again, after many thousands of years.

Many ancients have spoken of the fact that all art and beauty actually is within us, and that the human soul has every beautiful thing in the world inside of it. When we see this art in the physical world, we have already seen it, deep within our souls, and appreciate the perfect rendering of the original memory.

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