Bad Skin and Self Esteem

If you ever had bad skin in high school, you know how bad skin can get. I mean, bad skin can earn you a reputation, it can get you unfavorableBad Skin and Self Esteem nicknames and fewer dates, and it can really take a chunk out of your self esteem. In fact, the worst part is the self esteem. Comments from other people do not linger and they certainly do not sink in if you have high self esteem and if you are completely comfortable with and knowledgeable of who you are. Anyone with low self esteem, however, can really be affected by comments about their appearance.

Of course, not everyone is exactly willing to admit this.

Isn’t it funny how cycles perpetuate themselves into the future? When drug addicts continue their addictive behavior, their skin becomes messed up again, similar to or more so than their teen years, and they find themselves with low self esteem all over again. That is, after all, what is really happening with an addict. The mental habits of a lifetime are perpetuated over and over again, sinking deeper and deeper into their belief system, when they indulge in self abuse. It is not completely possible to have a sense of high self worth and be addicted to drugs or alcohol at the same time. the two are, in many ways, mutually exclusive.

Urine drug tests reveal when an employee is abusing substances on the worksite. A saliva drug test will do the same. Breathalyser devices administered to an employee reveals other damaging information if someone is going against company policy. Bad skin and low self esteem are the least of your concerns when an employee is jeopardizing your company assets and the lives and safety of their coworkers. Imagine having workers who are all fit for duty and healthy and safe. That is definitely something worth striving for. Drug testing in Western Australia is part of bringing this ideology, now a reality, to the Australian business scene. CMM Technology provides all of the aforementioned drug test equipment, including our breathalyser devices. Call us today to order now: (+61) 1300 79 70 30.

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