Baby Steps and Stress Free Living

It is typical for an alcoholic or drug addict to view their world in terms of their own deficiency. They know that there is something missing inside Baby Steps and Stress Free Livingof themselves, and they know that it must be obvious to everyone else. They are sure that if they present themselves to everyone as someone who not only has it all together but who also is special in other ways, then they will impress people with their abilities and prowess.

Of course, what ends up happening is that they see themselves in a negative light and everyone else is already aware that they are not entirely up to snuff, and they end up looking like they never take care of their basic needs but spend all of their money on extravagant things.

These are very typical behaviors for alcoholics and drug addicts, even after they recover. They want to be seen as special. They want to be seen as something good.

What they do not ever seem to realize, and this is only because their perception is distorted, is that everyone who is normal and regular does not live these “special” lives. They are special in and of themselves for no other reason than that they are unique. The result is that the recovering addict is always putting way too much pressure on themselves to be really spectacular when they are already pretty close to living the same normal life as everyone else, anyway.

It is the perception of a deficiency within themselves which really creates the deficiency or enlarges what was already missing.

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