Avoiding Disease at All Costs

There is an unfortunate over-tolerance for all types of diversity these days, including people with disease. While we at CMM Technology obviously support those who are suffering from mental or physical illness, there are still tolerances which must not be as widely accepted. Traits like alcohol abuse and drug abuse are also diseases, which must be avoided at all costs. There are repetitive emotional and behavioral habits which can be perpetuated by people onto others, and which can be adapted and used by other people. In this sense, these diseases are contagious, giving them another layer of extreme danger to those around them.

Alcohol abuse and drug abuse can be perpetuated in the workplace, too. Employees who are already looking for a way to take on less welcome these practices being adopted by their coworkers. This is a situation where they are emotionally taxed by a job, and are already unable to handle it, and now they feel that they need a way out of it. Rather than simply quitting, which many people already do when their work becomes emotionally too much to handle, they escape through drug or alcohol abuse.

Employee drug testing is extremely important for the efficacy of any business. Your company requires that you are competent emotionally and, if you are not, that you take the necessary steps required to become competent. What does this entail? It entails taking responsibility for your actions. It entails successfully passing your alcohol tests and urine drug tests. It entails looking at yourself and your own choices, and determining what type of person you are satisfied with being. It entails pride, and falling asleep at night with some self respect.

Employee drug testing brings out some hidden truths. Some employees who have perfect records fail an adulterant test. Some who are sure to indicate drugs pass with flying colors. The scientific data is the evidence, not the gut feeling. We cannot trust ourselves when it comes to accurately judging other people. We must use what we have at our disposal which brings out the facts. For more information on drug testing equipment or drug testing in Western Australia, contact CMM Technology today: (+61) 1300 79 70 30.

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