AssuranceWe have all been told, “Don’t worry. This won’t be a problem. I assure you.” Did you really feel assured afterward? Likely, you felt assured by someone in authority who you trust and rely upon who told you or implied to you that they would fix a problem. That is what gave you assurance, not the phrase urging you to accept their assurance. They, themselves, the individual person gave you assurance, not the phrase.

Assurance comes from within each individual, and it cannot be mimicked by behavior, acting or spoken words if the person cannot give any assurance from their own self. Assurance is something which is attached to every individual, and it gains and loses power as the individual gains and loses internal strength.

Any problems within a workplace usually start at the top of the company. Somewhere up there, assurance has been lost within an individual and it passes down through ranks of people until some people believe that their job is not safe, or they are stressed out in other ways, and they cannot explain why they feel this way when they did not used to feel this way when working for that company. Assurance is tied to the individual people in charge, and when one of those people in charge has been replaced by a weaker, less confident, less competent, or less reliable person, then it affects the entire organization, not just people in their immediate vicinity.

Workplace drug testing is a procedure which sets a standard for minimum appropriate behavior within the office or on the job site, and anything falling below that standard can be scientifically identified and either warned or immediately eliminated.

Assurance in your company starts with taking care of your company’s needs before embarking upon taking care of other people’s needs, such as those of your clients or customers. There is a certain value in how much time and planning is spent on internal operations before the client satisfaction or the production for the customer even begins. The same process occurs in the individual. Call CMM Technology for more information about reliable drug and alcohol testing equipment: (+61) 1300 79 70 30.

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