Asset Protection

Recalibration Service, Drug Testing In Western AustraliaBusiness asset protection is an interesting concept, especially during this current time of instant money transfer, instant communication, and instant gratification. Many business owners believe that money should be handled in liquid form at all times, which is partially true because cash flow is necessary to keep operations running. Sometimes, savings and emergency funds are the company’s number one priority, and fluidity of monetary assets is number two priority. Whatever the case, one must also remember other, more intangible, assets to your company. Retention of high quality employees falls under this category. High quality employees not only tend to basic administrative and operative duties, but they are the best at treating customers well and upholding the professional marketing image of your company. Their image is your company’s image, and their goals mimic your goals. One of the ways to retain them is to use drug and alcohol testing in your business. This weeds out the ne’er-do-wells from the individuals who wish to remain employed by you.

It is almost impossible to keep track of what everyone is doing and how well everyone is performing without recommendations and employee profiles written up by your managers. Drug testing is part of these profiles, showing you how reliable they are in this aspect and showing you how many strikes they already have and how likely they are to return to this behavior. Employee drug and alcohol testing is invaluable under those conditions, and retention of good employees is part of asset protection and retention of positive business growth. In fact, some companies under value their employees and the potential which their employees bring to the jobsite. This is unfortunate, since a lot of unexplored talent can be exploited and used for the benefit of the company. If employees are not simply treated like machines, but like the incredible resource that they are, you can actually cut down on operating expenses because you will bring in a lot more loyalty.

Drug and alcohol testing in the workplace is asset protection in that it protects your employees which are part of your greatest asset. Call CMM Technology today for more drug and alcohol testing information: (+61) 1300 79 70 30.

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