Are You Allergic to Marijuana?

Marijuana Allergy, Cannabis AllergyA few people have said that it only takes one time to become addicted to marijuana. While this may be true of other, more dangerous drugs, it has not exactly been proven that marijuana (cannabis, weed) is addictive after just one time. However, it does only take one time for marijuana to have an allergic effect upon the body. What is this effect, how does it appear, and how can it be fixed?

While allergies to marijuana may present themselves in different forms with different people, the most reaction acts similarly, quite similarly, to a poison. Sometimes, it is not the smoking of the weed itself, but the chemical process of absorption within the body which can cause the allergic reaction, so the timing can vary depending upon the specific allergic reaction. In addition to this, some individuals may find that they do not suffer any reaction from smoking a “joint,” but that using a bong illicit the reaction, which is again based upon the chemical process of absorption.

At the onset of the allergy, the body can become very weak and the reaction may be strong enough so that the body loses all muscle function and simply collapses. Breathing can be very difficult, heart rate can become extremely slow or fast or even erratic, and the individual typically feels very cold for long periods of time, which is like an extremely violent version of the “shakes” which result from withdrawal.

After the initial shock of the allergic onset, the body may not withdraw the substance immediately. A typical feature of all allergies (food, pollen, people, etc.) is that the body retains the substance longer than normal, spending a great deal of energy attacking the unwanted intruder. Marijuana can coat the veins and arteries in very thin coats, and can even lodge within the brain, causing hallucinations or other unwanted brain activity due to the continued, if subdued, allergic reaction. The popular ion cleanse footbath has been successful in removing residual debris from an allergic retention of the marijuana, but it must be noted that individuals who do not have allergic reactions, who are long-term users, will have a great many layers of illicit chemical debris to eliminate. When this circulates through their system (a part of the elimination process), they get a strong “high” all over again and it can last for some time.

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