Alcohol and Self Abuse

Drug Testing, Saliva Drug Test, Workplace Drug TestSelf abuse occurs in many different forms. Mental self abuse consists of constantly berating yourself that you made a mistake, did something wrong, screwed up, etc. Emotional self abuse can consist of getting into destructive relationships, not setting and enforcing personal boundaries, and allowing yourself to be screwed over more than once by the same person. Physical self abusecan consist of drinking alcohol, abusing drugs, and can even consist of physical harm, something which suicidal or hopeless feeling teens and adults occasionally engage in. While self abuse occurs in such a wide variety of forms, it most often appears in the form of alcoholism. Why is this?

When someone is surrounded by people who care about them, it is not very easy to get away with harming themselves. Friends and family and people who love them are generally around them and see the damage that is being done and take action in defense of their loved one. Drug abuse is very apparent or at least is seen as such by the addict. Often, alcoholism is not seen as a very apparent addiction, and in some cases this is true. A few people are able to drink a great deal of alcohol on a regular basis and nobody is the wiser. However, many drunks think that their habits are well covered when, in fact, everyone discusses what an alcoholic they are. It is best to never assume that nobody knows of your alcoholism. Always assume that they know and, if they don’t, tell them. Honesty is the first key to being able to handle, control and eventually defeat alcoholism. In this example, however, many alcoholics believe that their habits are well covered and that they will receive less berating from their family and friends if they engage in that type if self abuse. It seems easy to hide, and so it is the first choice of many addicts.

Self abuse can leak over into work life and coworkers within proximity can be negatively affected by the laziness, excuses and abusive behavior of analcoholic employee. Call CMM Technology to find out more about workplace drug testing: (+61) 1300 79 70 30.

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