AIDS and Illicit Drug Abuse

AIDS, which is a syndrome that weakens the body’s immune system, can lead to death. Now, someone does not die because they contract AIDS, Saliva Drug Testbut they die from an AIDS-related illness. What happens is that AIDS attacks the immune system so that it cannot handle any outside sickness at all, and thus leads to death because the immune system is not about to attack and bring down even the most basic of illnesses.

People who have AIDS do not die from AIDS itself, but from a sickness which came upon them after AIDS had destroyed their protective immune system.

HIV, or the virus which eventually leads to AIDS, can only be contracted through the mix of blood between two people, one of whom has HIV. That means that is can be contracted through unprotected sex, where microscopic tears in the flesh lead to blood touching blood. It can be contracted through the bloodstream from an infected mother to a child. It can be contracted through sharing needles infected with HIV positive blood.

In other words, there are several limited ways of contracting AIDS, one of them being through irresponsible drug abuse. When needles are shared between people, one of whom is HIV positive, then other people are exposed to their infected blood and AIDS can take over fairly quickly after it happens.

In a working situation where people sweat, even get cut and bleed, or where they can be injured, the AIDS virus is NOT likely to be contracted. Even in heavy sporting situations, both HIV and AIDS are very rarely within contact of anyone’s skin, much less their direct bloodstream.

In businesses, however, if someone is suffering from AIDS, then they may need to the use of a support group or more information on how to protect themselves. Keep implementing your drug test equipment, watch for people who seem to regularly abuse substances, and make a point of helping out any employees who may be weakened by the virus or syndrome within their bodies. CMM Technology provides high quality employee drug testing and we do so by using our recalibration service, our drug test kits, and our breathalyser devices. CMM Technology is committed to protecting your business: (+61) 1300 79 70 30.

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