After The Dust Clears

Alcohol Drug Testing Equipment Suppliers AustraliaWhen recovering alcoholics or drug addicts return home from rehabilitation or after they have been successfully clean for some time, they usually encounter problems integrating themselves back into their families, their jobs, and their former social scene. This is not surprising considering some of the pain left behind may have included physical abuse, monetary fraud, thievery or debts, or self destructive behavior which hurt and affected those around them. In the workplace, something solid and concrete such as employee drug and alcohol testing can even be seen as a positive thing by these returning employees. Drug testing is stabile and yields accurate results, whereas people can be resentful or have hurt feelings which need to be mended.

One of the most effective ways to clear the air after someone returns under those conditions is to ignore their former reputation and act as if everything is okay, at least as far as you are able, and to watch and wait. Their former habits will return in time if they have not changed and if they are not as clean as they appear to be. Watching and waiting are, in truth, the only things one can do under those circumstances, but it also helps to muster civility when doing so. While you may have unresolved bitterness or resentment, these will be satisfied in time, after they have proven themselves worth of trust and friendship. First, though, they must accomplish this in order for their apologies and peace offerings to even possess any validity.

After the dust clears, relationships can be reformed. At this point, it may be helpful for everyone involved to remember that the former addict has no idea of how to form relationships, much less maintain them. They are like a small child in this respect, and may need explanations, guidance and tolerance along the way.

Whether you are welcoming a former employee back to work or watching a beloved family member return home, drug and alcohol testing is the litmus test to see if they have truly recovered. Call CMM Technology today: (+61) 1300 79 70 30.

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