Adult Responsibility and Judgment

Adult Responsibility and JudgmentThroughout the world, countries which use age limits on drinking do so for a very specific reason. Adults are considered to be old enough to take responsibility for their actions or lack thereof, and children under the influence of alcohol can be a very real danger to society, but may not be legally liable for their actions. This represents an inequality in responsibility. An underage person may inflict severe, perhaps fatal damage onto someone else, but they will not be held legally liable for the damage they inflicted. Therefore, no one is held fully responsible for the danger to society.

Different countries handle this problem differently.

In Germany, there is not an age limit for drinking, but it is considered to be a strict social faux pas to be drunk in public, whether or not you are of age. For this reason, alcohol and alcoholic behavior is viewed very differently in that culture, and people treat alcohol in a different way.

Employee drug testing is held together by the fact that everyone should be able to earn employment, housing and food for themselves without putting their lives in danger. There should always be a choice, and Australia supports employee drug testing in the workplace. Drug testing in Western Australia is greatly improved by the addition of CMM Technology to the marketplace. We provide drug test kits and breathalyser devices, in addition to being accredited by NATA for breathalyser calibration. CMM Technology is the solution for any drug testing problem which may arise in the workplace. Our equipment is sound and reliable.

Yes, adults bear responsibility for the fact that they now have fully developed judgment and therefore the right to take on duties to themselves and society as a whole. Yes, adults are meant to exercise self control when it comes to endangering the lives and safety of others for their own personal gain. Alcohol tests come in handy at this time, when you are sure that an employee is intoxicated and a danger to himself and others, but you still need the legal documentation of their condition. For more information about the drug test equipment provided by CMM Technology, call us today: (+61) 1300 79 70 30.

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