Addictions and Phobias

Saliva Drug Test, Workplace Drug Test, BreathalyserIf you were to define the cause for addictions in one sentence, it might be: addiction occurs when the individual becomes unable to cope or handle fear. Phobias, touted as irrational, are fears of specific objects, creatures or circumstances. Agoraphobia is the fear of open spaces, while claustrophobia is the fear of small enclosed spaced. Agyrophobia is the fear of streets or crossing a street, while homilophobia is the fear of sermons. Interesting, isn’t it? Fears can be easily conquered, but first they must be managed. It is only people with gutsy stomachs who are able to change habits immediately, without any period of transition. Employee drug and alcohol testing is meant to allay several different types of fears:

Fear of an unsafe working environment

Workplace drug testing helps all employees to feel safe and as if their workplace is a positive environment in which to spend most of their working hours. Drug testing and alcohol testing allays any fears of an unsafe jobsite.

Fear of being around too many people at one time

This is typically only a problem for introverts, as well as socially-stunted individuals. There is a dislike of, or even an extreme fear of, being around a great number of people at one time. Drug testing not only helps to prevent these individuals from calming their nerves by abusing drugs, but it also helps to facilitate a safe working environment, so that your new employee becomes accustomed to being around so many other people at one time, and not being stressed out about it.

Fear of making a mistake

Many people, even really confident, self-motivated people, struggle with the fear of making a mistake. Mistakes are not seen as learning experiences or as chances to grow and evolve within our society. They are seen as negative occurrences which must be avoided at all costs. This breeds a stressful atmosphere by making everyone slow down their production and growth by painstakingly making sure that all of their i’s are dotted and all of their t’s are crossed. Drug and alcohol testing takes some of the strain off of the hardworking responsible employees by giving them a test which they are always able to pass, without any effort. This is a morale boost for them.

Unfortunately, fear lurks everywhere and it causes us to do irrational things, such as resort to drug abuse or alcoholism when we cannot handle our own lives. Fortunately, CMM Technology can help. Call us today: (+61) 1300 79 70 30. Would you like to know about some other interesting phobias? Hypengyophobia is the fear of responsibility, novercaphobia is the fear of your step-mother, and linonophobia is the fear of string.

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