Acting As If

Pre Screening, Chain Of CustodyJust about every mother of a teenage daughter teaches her offspring how to “act as if.” This is usually in the context of post break-up blues when her daughter has been dumped or rejected by a teenage boy. The context continues to the point where this mother instructs her daughter to “act as if” everything is fine, and that that will soon put her daughter in a good mood and the acting will become reality. This principle is used all the time in business, especially in cases where the business itself is suffering and investors must be reassured, or where your personal life is suffering but your professional life must be maintained and guarded carefully.

Individuals who wish to start up their own company and become entrepreneurs are almost constantly required to act as if everything is under control when they may have a million doubts chasing each other through their heads. This is problematic for individuals who possess technical skills, but go into business as an owner or a manager, and they do not possess leadership, entrepreneurial or managerial skills.

Acting as if becomes especially important in front of clients or potential clients. You want them to believe in your products or services, and your spirit, energy and belief will be easily read by them and directly affect them. Strong recruiters understand that acting as if is absolutely necessary when books are poor, clients are low, or the company is struggling to even remain afloat. They must present the company ideals to the client, with the full (if but temporarily conjured) belief that everything is heading upward and the future is bright and exciting and full of hope.

Unfortunately, everyone can act as if, and that includes drug addicts and alcoholics who are attempting to cover up their addiction in order to appear presentable or in order to keep their job. This is why employee drug and alcohol screening is so necessary on your jobsite. Science reveals impartial data and cannot be fooled by manipulation or a cheerful smile. Call CMM Technology today for more information about our drug tests and alcohol breathalyser devices: (+61) 1300 79 70 30.

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