Achieving Flow

Employee Drug TestingTED (TED is a nonprofit devoted to Ideas Worth Spreading) talks are speeches given to an auditorium of experts in their fields, and they are generally innovative, creative, new, and there is a requirement that they last only 20 minutes long. In a TED talk to a conference, MihalyCzikszentmihalyi discusses how one achieve that rarest of all qualities, a high performance, high drive work flow which you love and want to imitate in everything you do in your life. If you can turn everything into a high challenge, high skilled job, then you will bring up a feeling of complete ecstasy, where everything is working together and complete and total flow is achieved.

Now, Czikszentmihalyi is describing something which is transcendental, across all ethnicities and all types of work or play. Creating and achieving goals which offer high enough challenge and, at the same time, where you feel skilled enough to qualify to meet these challenges is the goal. If at any time, you feel unable to meet the challenges with your level of skill, the emotions will range from worry to anxiety. If at any time, you feel that your skill is more than enough for the challenge, the emotions will range anywhere from boredom to relaxation. However, in the beautiful area of flow, you possess (and feel that you possess) all of the skills necessary to complete the challenge, and the challenge is high enough that you feel a sense of force is needed to meet it successfully.

Achieving flow can be accomplished by two sets of process. First, you must possess the necessary skill in order to accomplish a really difficult task, and you must be up to the challenge. When drug addicts or alcoholics are met with challenges, they generally cave in their psyche and feel that they are not up to it, even if they are. This is why drug screening is so necessary, and achieves such brilliant results. Employees are not too weak in their psyche to believe that they cannot meet new challenges. Second, you must challenge yourself with something which requires all of your skill to be accomplished. By doing things which come easily to you, you can achieve apathy and boredom. The same applies when you do not develop your skills very far. Even if the challenge is easy, when your skills are not developed, you achieve apathy that way, too.

Drug and alcohol screening is necessary in order to both challenge your employees and help them to achieve the necessary skill set to meet these challenges. Call CMM Technology today for more information about our drug and alcohol screening equipment: (+61) 1300 79 70 30.

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