Accepting Love and Respect During Recovery

When you are a recovering alcoholic or drug addict, you are told that you must first learn to love and respect yourself before you can love or respect Accepting Love and Respect During Recoveryanyone else. It also means that you are unable to receive love and respect from other people until you recognize it from yourself. This is all a part of putting your mind and your psyche back together after having been torn apart and mutilated by the addictive substances. It is so important to develop love and respect for yourself before you do anything involving another person.

During your recovery, you may be asked to make some sort of atonement for any hurt or pain that you have caused other people. During this process, you may receive mixed feelings and emotions from your friends and loved ones.

Usually, this means that they are still mad at you, relieved that you’re finally getting better, or completely overwhelmed by how much they really do accept your apology. Whichever the case, you may be given love and respect in return for your apology, and it would help if you could recognize when someone gives you these things. In your mind, they may even seem false, because you are so unused to the sincere versions of them. Whatever the case, as long as you have built up love and respect for yourself over time first, then you are far more likely to be able to see it in others when they give it to you.

In business, of course, you must be able to give and receive respect on a regular basis. Without this ability, you cannot handle clients, coworkers, your boss or your subordinates. Without this ability, you really can’t work at all.

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