Absenteeism and Drug Screening

Screening Tests, Workplace Drug TestAbsenteeism is the result of temporary employee setbacks, or it can be the result of something a bit more serious and a bit more permanent. Also, absenteeism puts a strain on your business operations and on your financial forecast, since it makes employee reliability unpredictable. If you cannot predict that your workers will show up to do their jobs, then you cannot predict your annual earnings or how well your clients will be satisfied, and you certainly cannot predict when exactly a specific amount of work will be finished. When employees show up to work irregularly, they chip away their own reputations, and they begin chipping away at the reputation of your business.

High hazard industries have higher absenteeism than other industries, because of how unwilling many employees are to show up to work. Unfortunately, this is not always due to the nature of their jobs. In many cases, employees who stay away from work may be on drugs or alcohol, and they are unable to cope with simple everyday stress, much less the stress of that type of job. Drug screening is designed to identify these employees, so that you can appropriately deal with the situation. After all, if they are unable to cope with the stress of working there, how would you know if they are able to appropriately handle emergency situations, should they arise? High hazard industries require a heightened level of emotional maturity, and addiction allows the individual to drop to a younger age of emotional intelligence. As the addiction continues, the individual becomes more and more unable to handle the stresses of their hazardous job position.

Employees who become tired easily, stressed easily, who are overweight, easily fatigued, and easily filled up mentally with their duties are the most likely to be absent, especially in these industries where stress is built up and magnified easily. CMM Technology distributes drug and alcohol testing equipment so that you can help reduce additional stress and unnecessary absenteeism. Call us today: (+61) 1300 79 70 30.


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