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Employers work diligently and often in consultation with employees, unions and specialists, to develop best practice solutions for Occupational Health and Safety Issues and for Fitness for Work issues. At CMM Technology, these approaches are often devised in consultation with experts, and are tailored to the needs and requirements of an individual workplace. Drug testing forms an essential part of the creation and maintenance of a safe and sound environment where workplace wellbeing and profits are at a maximum. But, as drug testing has become more popular and widespread as a monitoring device in work environments, so too has the “cheating industry.”

Random testing is now a feature of roadside drug and alcohol testing, the transport sector, the mining sector, aviation, and many other heavy industry areas. And it is important that every business not only has an understanding of the drug testing process, but is also aware of the indicators or strategies used by those wishing to foil the drug test. Ongoing education of drug-screen cheating is a must.

Strategies for employers to pursue:

  • Do regular Google checks of the latest drug cheating kits. They are readily available online and can be found using a simple search such as “How to Pass a Drug Test.”
  • Search WikiHow for information on foiling a urine samples, hair samples and saliva samples. [1]
  • Keep abreast of latest research on drug testing by accessing such sports-related sites as ASADA[2] and WADA.[3] These cutting edge organisations will often provide invaluable information to industry about latest drugs, latest testing methods and refinements, and latest drug cheating methods.
  • Build a glossary of masking agents that are frequently used to distort test findings.
  • Keep abreast of latest Australian standards, and only use a drug-testing company such as CMM Technology that accords with these.[4]
  • Employ or engage the consultancy and advice of a reputable and professional drug-testing concern such as CMM Technology. Specialized staff will be able to advise you on latest drug cheating strategies and a wealth of in the field experience on foiled or adulterated samples.

Some common and well-known methods of test adulteration are water-loading, urine-swapping and contamination through the use of specific adulterants. According to Dr. Amitava Dasgupta, “adulterants impose a new challenge in the testing for

abused drugs. These agents can cause false-negative results in immunoassay screening steps and may also affect the GC-MS confirmation step if the abused drugs are present in modest concentrations.  Therefore, the true presence of a drug can be missed if these agents are used.[5]

Stay abreast of the latest information on drug test adulteration and cheating. Follow the simples steps suggested here by CMM Technology. For further detailed advice telephone 08 9204 2500

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