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Drug Testing is now a feature of Australian working life, particularly in heavy industry sectors and areas where safety issues have the capacity to disrupt and cause disintegration to profit, workplace camaraderie and performance. Usually, the implementation of testing has been presented as an OHS issue which relates back to duty of care roles on the part of industry and organisation. But its implications are far wider, and a clever industry and a smart industry knows that the management of an outstanding substance testing program involves the use of high quality testing products coupled with an open and accessible dialogue with employees about the requirements of workplace testing. In short, a drug testing policy in the workplace IS compatible with a good HR policy and can be delivered when using the products and consultation input of CMM Technology.

In America, drug and alcohol testing has led to reduced levels of absenteeism and on the job accidents. Research indicates a correlation between the two.[1] Part and parcel of this American model is the implication that those who do not implement high quality programs are in fact lacking in the ongoing safety management of their work environment.[2]

At CMM Technology, the testing products used are of optimal quality, providing the greatest accuracy possible through sample testing. In addition, CMM Technology supports a policy approach that moves beyond simple legislative pressures and enforcements and invites open discussion about the implementation of any testing program so that issues of employee respect, management/employee relations, minimized intrusion, and the reasonable requirements of employees are part and parcel of the approach. This holistic approach is pivotal.

NSW’s RailCorp employs approximately 15,000 staff across the state and in 2005 implemented testing procedures after much energetic consultation with the Labour Council of NSW.  John Dawes, Project Manager for Health Standards for RailCorp in 2005 stated, “there is no prescriptive process in our policy if a person returns a positive result. Each case is investigated individually. And, of 23 who have tested positive since RBT started…six employees and five contractors have been dismissed.”[3] RailCorp has also incorporated rehabilitation and education programs as an accompanying part of its approach.

The use of high quality testing products such as those supplied and delivered by CMM Technology engenders the trust and faith of your workforce population. Additionally, the use of expert consultancy services that understand the complexity of balancing a testing approach with successful Human Resources management is the smartest way for business and industry to proceed.

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