A Job Well Done

BreathalyserNot many of us have experience with the concept of “a job well done,” but most of us have heard this expression from well wishing parents or authority figures who desire the best for us. Doing a job well seems pretty self explanatory, but we all know workers who just do the minimum effort required before sloughing off to do whatever they want. There is no pride in their work and there is no high standard set for themselves toward which to strive.

Many employees find it difficult to always maintain a tidy countenance or disposition toward their work, but this is precisely what was meant by our parents who wanted us to have “a job well done.” They knew, in their hearts, that if we could manage that, then we could make, produce, and be anything we ever desired to. But, not everyone understands this principle, and drug abusers and alcoholics are the ones who are most likely to skip out on their jobs. Why is this so?

The answer lies in the fact that they are already unable to handle their lives as they currently lead them. They are already stressed out and overwhelmed by their lives that the thought of doing work well seems to be more trouble than it is worth. It would involve bringing higher stress and more pressure upon themselves, which is not something they are naturally inclined toward. If they were inclined toward this type of self strengthening, then they would not need the influence of drugs or alcohol to weaken their stress or to blunt certain attitudes which rise up almost by themselves in their own chests.

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