A Day of Remembrance

Urine Drug TestWhenever we hear the phrase, “A day of remembrance,” we think of loved ones who have passed on in death, and we assume that the phrase is referring to holding someone in loving memory. However, it is good to have days of remembrance for other things, as well.

Some of the greatest leaders of our world have set aside days for no other purpose than to remember their accomplishments, and other days set aside to just remember their goals. Having a good idea of where you are coming from and where you are going to is one of the most powerful tools you have at your disposal.

People often wonder what it takes to be a true master of their field, and technical knowledge is hardly ever even part of the picture. They look and look, and they wonder and wonder, but the truth is that their attitude and vision for the future and understanding of the past are all a part of the true success of a master.

A day of remembrance can include quiet reflection in a garden, with a book, or a silent walk in the park. Perhaps, you are more social, and a day of remembrance would be better if you are with old friends, observing how far all of you have come over the years, as you think about where you’d like your individual road to go.

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