A Child’s Laugh

Here at CMM Technology and our blog, we often discuss workplace safety and how employees should be screened for potential alcohol or drugA Child’s Laugh abuse while on the jobsite. However, we often deal with subjects which have to do with the personal responsibility and accountability taken by adults. It is simply not a subject which lends itself to the topic of children.

Children are hurt by drugs and alcohol, too. Also, they sometimes abuse them, without anybody else knowing this.

People who begin drug or alcohol abuse as children have started to alter their minds before their minds even began to be developed. That is really bad, and it carries repercussions much later in life.

You see, people don’t fully reach adulthood in their minds until around the age of 23 or 25. That means that, for every legal adult out there, there is still a lot of people who are not fully developed in their brains, and so therefore are not as mature as they could be in a few years.

And, if those people began substance abuse as kids, then the damage could possibly have permanent or extremely long lasting brain damage to their young minds. Children often abuse drugs or alcohol if they are not watched carefully by their parents and if their parents or someone in authority they know often drinks or does drugs. Obviously, this is a situation where an example is being set for them and, being children, they are trying very hard to live up to the expectations of their adults.

In the workplace, people have suffered from childhood substance abuse are not as likely to be in high level positions, because leadership requires a great deal of cognitive skill and activity. However, it is still possible. It becomes even more possible if they have not continued their drug or alcohol abuse into their adulthood.

That is one of the myriad of reasons why we here at CMM Technology distribute high quality drug test kits and alcohol breathalyser devices. Our Rapid STAT saliva drug tests are also quite useful. When you need to implement some employee drug testing, remember your friendly neighbors over at CMM Technology: (+61) 1300 79 70 30.

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