Substance Abuse: When Your Employees are Lying to You

If you are a member of management, then you have most likely encountered the unpleasant situation of questioning an employee’s honesty. Even if this is just a doubt in your mind, it can certainly be awkward and uncomfortable to deal with them after the thought has entered your head.

One of the primary reasons to lie to your boss is if you have been abusing drugs or alcohol. Management encounters this predicament many times, and it is important to have a company policy stating intolerance to this type of behavior. It is also important to select protocol to protect the business in case of suspicious activity.

To answer the title of this article “When your employees are lying to you,” there is no definite way to determine this without testing them. It must be noted that drug and alcohol testing is not an invasion of privacy nor a power move made by management. It is the process of actively setting boundaries in order to protect your company’s precious resources. Each business employs specific testing standards by which it guards these resources. This is a fair and reasonable procedure.

In the process of company production, businesses find that in order to engender loyalty and high quality work, they must put their people first. Rather than downsizing on a regular basis and cultivating an atmosphere of anxiety, strong companies invest in their staff and, for this reason, are able to pull through difficult economic times. It is important to build trust and loyalty within your own staff so that you are never on slightly richer, but more shaky ground. Putting your employees above number-crunching may be one of the most successful methods you use to run your company.

If you have previously been lax concerning testing your employees for drugs and alcohol, you may have concerns about implementing a stricter regimen. For this reason, consider the following guidelines:

1. Employees feel safer, and therefore more lenient toward management, when their work spaces are open, bright, airy, clean and enjoyable.

2. Employees will work harder, longer hours and with less pay for a manager or boss whom they respect and trust.

3. Holding employees accountable for their actions in a calm and responsible manner demonstrates that you have high expectations of them, not that you distrust them.

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