5 Reasons Why Drug Testing Works

Drug testing works for many reasons, and not just five reasons. However, this article must be limited in some way, so we here atDrug Testing Focus on Today’s TasksCMM Technology decided to list our top five most important reasons why it works.

1. It identifies safety hazards

You would not want an inebriated employee operating heavy machinery or calling the shots in an emergency situation. You would want to be able to turn over certain situations into the hands of your capable workers. Drug testing identifies potential safety hazards by telling you who is abusing drugs or alcohol.

2. It helps you control legal liability

If an employee causes an accident while at your place of work or after leaving it, then your company is liable for the damages. However, if you identify who is abusing substances you can place them on some type of probation or eliminate them from your workforce completely.

3. It increases the atmosphere of security in the workplace

Now your employees can rest assured, knowing that they are working in a safe environment. Employee drug testing creates an atmosphere where everyone feels safe. It helps employees to relax, do better work, and have higher job satisfaction.

4. The evidence is objective

Drug testing is so useful because the data is from purely objective scientific screenings. All drug test kits and alcohol breathalyser devices are scientifically engineered, and produce accurate chemistry readings. I seek cleanliness of tissue. The result is that the evidence is not based upon personal opinions or “gut feelings” but actual chemical and mathematical proof.

5. It is a non-invasive procedure

In the past, drug testing was seen as an invasion of privacy. Since cheaters have made it necessary to administer the tests in a certain way, it helps to have drug test equipment which is fast and efficient. This makes the whole process less invasive and more pleasant for the employees being tested.

In the end, drug testing is there as a protective mechanism, an evaluative method, and partly as a preventative measure. Whatever the case is in your situation, be sure to check out the drug test kits and personal breathalyser devices distributed by CMM Technology. We’d love to hear from you: (+61) 1300 79 70 30.

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