Personality vs Character

For the past three decades, personality has been improved upon and advertised and made available in abundance to the masses. The idea that one’s identity and self expression is only made possible through their personality is actually a fairly recent occurrence. In fact, personality is only a small part of who you are and its value is limited, not to mention its usefulness.

Today, we have available to us different clothes in different colors, an unlimited number and colors of hairstyles, not to mention personalization options all the way down to what color our text messages are that we send out to people. All of this personalization is great, of course, and one cannot fail to see the enjoyment which it can bring to people, but many individuals base their entire foundations and personal individuality upon their personality. Unfortunately, this is a very narrow ledge upon which to place yourself. It would be much more valuable to pick character options and use those. In fact, many individuals who place their life upon their own choices, responsibility and strength of character tend to grow really strong, really hard character simply out of necessity. This may not be a bad thing.

When asked to describe the difference between character and personality, you might say that personality is the bright red dress and that character is the woman inside of it. People are initially attracted to personality, which is why drug addicts and alcoholics tend to be excellent liars and good at putting on a front. However, family members and friends are more likely to stick around for the character, since after all personality is only an interchangeable interface. It is the character inside which either delivers quality or does not.

This is not to say that appearances are not everything. Appearances count for a great deal, since they display the respect which you have for yourself. However, for long-term results and permanent relationships with clients, using workplace drug testing to essentially test strength of character in your employees may be your best option. For more information on high quality drug and alcohol testing equipment, call CMM Technology today: (+61) 1300 79 70 30.

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