This Love, This Gain

Drug Test equipmentWhat happens when our companies gain? Do we not feel as if we pulled the whole thing off ourselves, even if thousands of people were involved? To gain, to acquire, to rival is beyond description. It is huge, and it fills the heart with appreciation for a job well done.

In truth, that is how all work should be done.

The appreciation that comes from a true gain, from truly earning the abundance that you didn’t have before, is one of the most satisfying parts of doing a job well. So why is it that everyone finds their job boring and unsatisfactory? The problem lies in how we perceive our problems. Today, we perceive problems as things which may or may not be able to be solved. In the past, especially during renaissance periods of growth and development, problems were seen as having multiple solutions, all of which complemented the original issue. There was no picking between which were our greatest problems and which were lesser. There was no misunderstanding about how much hope we have for the future. We saw things as being possible to do and reasonable to accomplish.

We all build our own walls, but addicts to this to a much greater extent than the rest of us. To addicts, the world is hopeless, and this is due to their psychological reprogramming, which is due to their substance abuse. They see things as being hopeless and not easily accomplished. Work is a chore, rather than an accomplishment. Jobs are task houses where they are driven as slaves.

Prevent this mentality from entering into your workplace. Help your employees to see how much they are needed by showing them how much you are willing to protect them. Employee drug testing is necessary, but for this you need to have the right tools. To see who is fit for duty, use drug test kits and breathalyser devices from CMM Technology. Our products are high quality and helpful for the workplace. Please understand that alcohol tests and other screening tests will not solve your problem, but will give you greater information so that you can solve it yourself, with better data to consult: (+61) 1300 79 70 30.

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This is Today, This is Now

synthetic drug testingSometimes, we get in a rut because we are of the opinion that the truth cannot change, today will be the same as yesterday, and that nothing will come and rescue us from the non-fairy tale that we live in. We sometimes like to say, “That’s all very well and good, but let’s be realistic…” We like to place limits on ourselves because it is the social norm, not because we actually feel in any way limited. This is ridiculous, of course. We should all be living the lives that we thought we would as children. But, when it comes to “reality,” we often think that such a reality is not possible. Welcome to the “real” world. Dreams do come true. Your future is in your own hands. And today, well today is the best thing because with it comes the possibility of rising above yesterday. What could bring us greater joy?

Now, walk into the home of a drug addict and ask them about life. Chances are, they will tell you what they think you want to hear: that life is shitty but you got to not let it get to you. They assume that you want them to commiserate with you. The truth is, they are not sure if life is really good or really bad. Their ability to have perspective is completely shot. That is why employee drug testing is so popular. If your workers cannot tell the difference between a good thing and a bad thing, then they are not competent enough to be employed by you. You may want to be informed of this fact. Screening tests, like our Alere DDS2 saliva drug test, give you access to this type of information. You can know for certain that today is bringing you good data. Today is giving you the control over your business that you need. With knowledge comes power, and you are now able to wield it for the good of your employees. You can implement company policies so that your workers are protected and your business assets stay intact. To order drug test kits from us, call CMM Technology right now: (+61) 1300 79 70 30.

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This Day and Time

mouthpiecesLook out your office window, or out the window nearest to you. Just stop for a minute, and take a look outside. What time of day is it? The cool still notes of morning as the light is newly fresh, the warm haze of afternoon as you spend it lazily looking out, or perhaps it is evening or even dusk, and you see the crisp blackness touching golden streetlights outside.

This day and time are so beautiful. If you wanted to, you could probably stand at your window at the same time every day and get a similar experience, day after day.

In fact, that is what many poor dear people are doing, when they begin to abuse drugs or alcohol more and more. They are thinking toward a certain time of day, a certain feeling that they once had, a long time ago, and they are remembering it well.

They remember the feeling, and so they go to the right place, and wait for the right time. But, it may not feel like it did before. So, they take a little alcohol or drug to make them more sentimental, more open. The stillness deepens, but their awareness of it does not.

CMM Technology brings drug test equipment to Australia. We provide drug test kits, saliva drug tests, and urine drug tests to businesses all over Australia. We love doing business in this great country of ours. We love providing local companies with the resources they need to implement employee drug testing. Our NATA accredited breathalyser recalibration services can service even alcohol tests which you already have, not just our own. We also provide saliva and urine drug tests.

This day and time, stand at the window at your work. Remember that so many people want to make it big in business, but few of them make it because they are not ready to commit everything they have to one idea, one single idea, within a single time period. It is this which makes people unable to function correctly in business. CMM Technology puts your business and its priorities first. We know what your employees are worth: (+61) 1300 79 70 30.

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The Wealth of Sensates

MedixIn Jungian psychology, “sensate” is a typology of four possible typologies. This particular trait perceives reality in a step-by-step basis, one moment at a time, with little or no regard for the past stretching in one direction or the future stretching in the other. The opposite of a sensate typology is an intuitive typology, which appreciates how processes and long timelines in both directions work and are created. Sensate typologies on the other hand are too engrossed with the task at hand to spend time on planning and all the perceived time wasters that intuitive are so fond of.

The wealth of sensate typologies comes from this belief in the moment. If you live every moment in the present tense, then you can accomplish a great deal because you are not constantly planning and plotting but never actually living in the present tense long enough to get anything done.

When your employees are focused and prepared for their work day, even intuitive and other typologies are able to get it together enough to live in the present moment and structure their days to fit their various personalities and ways of thinking. It is important to provide this structure for your workers, regardless of their typologies. This is where employee drug testing is most relevant. If you understand how much your workers need to work within a system, rather than being left to form separate and sometimes contradictory systems of their own, you would see that no one, if they knew about the alternative, would really have a problem with being screened for drug or alcohol abuse. While sensate typologies live in the moment, there is still a need to surround them with structure and reassurance of their safety and the safety of their coworkers. Adulterant tests built in to drug test kits is a great way to start, and an example of this is our Medix integrated pro-split cup 6+6. We know that you want to leverage everything you have to get the most out of your employees without forcing them in any way. This is one of the ways in which you can build a safe, assuring environment for your workers. Identify and deal with any substance abusers. Call CMM Technology today: (+61) 1300 79 70 30.

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The Time of Your Life

medix integrated pro-split 6+6 cupWhen you are going out for a good time in the evening, sometimes you will be tempted to break loose and truly have the time of your life. Sometimes, work and family and daily tasks can become so monotonous that you only want to have the time of your life and you don’t care who or what tries to stop you.

There is a reckless abandon in your thought process, and you are ready to delve deep in the world of partying, drinking, drugs, and celebration. You are ready to make like Bacchus and indulge in all of the revelry you can.

Remember to do two things while you are on your binging night out.

First, be sure and live it up, because tomorrow you will have to return to your normal days, and you will want to have got all of the celebration out of yourself before that begins.

Secondly, be sure to put guidelines in place to protect yourself and others while you are out on the town. Make sure there is a designated driver or that you have money for a taxi at the end of the night. Make sure that you drink plenty of water or tea so that you can avoid a hangover the next morning. And, if you are married, it would be wise to finish up the night with some food to soak up some of that alcohol for when you return home to your beloved. Either do that, or take them with you when you go out to party.

At the end of all of this, you have to be able to return to your steady, safe life, and you must be able to hold it steady for your family and yourself. If you don’t get everything out of your system, though, you may be tempted to return to your party lifestyle. “Whatsoever your hand finds to do…” you know. In retrospect, our decisions may seem genius or they may seem foolish, but a little bit of planning can at least make them sound.

Implement this little bit of planning in your own business, with CMM Technology and our love of workplace safety. Order our drug test equipment, like our Alere DDS2 saliva drug test, and breathalyser devices, like our Lifeloc FC10 Plus. We will help you keep your company safe, so that you can run it any way you like: (+61) 1300 79 70 30.

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The Science of Art

workplace saliva drug testingOkay, we know that not everyone is into art. After all, it takes a certain appreciation for the arts, the finesse, the style, and the form to be appreciative of art as a whole. However, it can be maintained that art is, in fact, more important than numbers, statistics, and all of those things we need to run a good business.

Monkeys can be trained to type and to enter numbers into a database.

What makes us human is our ability to raise our spirits above the complicated and sometimes discouraging messes which infuse our lives. We have things like inspiration and appreciation and innovative ideas and courage, which are all things which monkeys decidedly do not have.

Yes, numbers may be good for business, but art is what lifts our human spirits above the level of mammal and to a world of glittering stars, accomplishment, achievement, and recognition. Art is what raises us above the level of animal and connects us to the world of the gods, so to speak. The science of art can in some ways be considered the most valuable science there is.

Drug test equipment certainly does not inspire people to think of art in any way, but a well designed and functional drug test kit can produce similar feelings of satisfaction and appreciation in the user. You see, in all of our tools, we need both form and function. Drug test equipment, alcohol tests, and even the system of our breathalyser recalibration service should meet your business needs so well that they fill a level of satisfaction in you that feels really good. Good products and good services give people satisfaction, perhaps not to the level of art, but if done well, it can at least be comparable. CMM Technology brings the evaluation of AOD to the jobsite easily and effectively through the use of our screening tests.

If you wish to place an order, then consider how much better our products are to any unreliable equipment you may be currently using. Come have your business needs fulfilled from the stores of CMM Technology. Our science may not be artistic, but our quality is high: (+61) 1300 79 70 30.


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  2. The Magic of Believing, Bristol, Claude M. 1991

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The Plain Truth

MedixMost people cannot handle the plain truth. This is not because they are weak or in some way criminal, but because we all smooth and manipulate the truth out in little ways in regular, everyday conversation in order to get what we want, help someone feel better, and get along with other people. It is called being polite.

Without this politeness or courtesy, the plain truth is very ugly, indeed. We are not used to such blatant honesty and our spirits are not used to hearing things so harshly broken down for our little ears. When we are unable to handle the plain truth, it has nothing to do with our ability to be good people or our ability to be around good things or people. It has to do with the fact that human nature itself seeks to present itself and other people in the best possible light, and therefore is able to make meaningful, positive connections with many people throughout the earth, since we all feel better when we dealt with approximately 80% honestly. We have the gist of the truth, and we know what the rest of the truth says, but we don’t actually want to hear it spoken out loud. This way, we are able to preserve our pride and dignity.

This is not the case with employee drug testing. You will need to know what is going on at all times. You will need to know which of your employees are abusing substances, if any of them are. You will need to know what sort of substance abuse they are engaging in, so that they can be screened for those in the future, if their employment is retained by you. The plain truth is harsh, yes, but very informative, and slightly less personal when reached by scientific fact, rather than by potentially subjective opinions from you or your staff.CMM Technology provides some of the finest quality drug test equipment in the nation. We provide NATA accredited breathalyser recalibration service. We provide saliva drug tests, like our Alere DDS2, our Oral Cube or OratectXP saliva drug tests, as well as many other screening tests. Call us today to order: (+61) 1300 79 70 30.

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Thanks to the Sun

australian standards approved breathalysersThanks to the sun, we have a lot of things which would ordinarily be hard to come by. In fact, the human body heals better in the sun than in a closed space. The human body can perform chemical actions in the sun which cannot be performed by any other method. Also, the sun increases serotonin and dopamine levels in the brain, thus making you feel a little drugged, a little woozy, and feeling very good, indeed.

Thanks to the sun, we have many benefits.

Unfortunately, people who abuse illicit substances, like drugs and alcohol, are less likely to spend time in the sun than those who do not. Why is this? When the mind and the body are starved for good nutrition and healthy states of development and being, then they become highly unbalanced, hoping for something good to come their way. In this respect, people actually hurt themselves more by searching for food among the starving, so to speak, rather than from the banquets of abundance just outside their door.

But, it’s a comfort thing. By the time you have reached drug abuse or alcoholism, stepping out into the sunlight, both figuratively and literally, is next to impossible. It is so far outside of your comfort zone, by that time.

Employee drug testing is uniquely enabled to help and facilitate businesses doing something about the above scenario. Your company may have an Employee Assistance Program (EAP), or it may have various other steps to help employees quickly turn around so that they don’t lose their jobs, in the end. It’s a good thing to have these things in place. It shows that you put your workers and their health first. It’s not all about the bottom line. People are valuable. This attitude will, in turn, demonstrate to your employees how to treat clients well.

CMM Technology is accredited by NATA for breathalyser recalibration. We provide Alere DDS2 & Oral Cube saliva drug tests, as well as other oral fluid drug tests. We also provide urine drug tests and alcohol tests. If you are looking for a way to make sure that your employees are staying in the sun, so to speak, then talk to us: (+61) 1300 79 70 30.

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Tender Loving Care

Oraline Saliva Drug There will be times in the operation of your business when all your employees need is a little pick-me-up which lifts their spirits and gives them hope for the future concerning their jobs and performance record. There will be times when all you have to do is listen well or give one or two small pieces of sage advice. All of this is great if that is all you have to do.

However, there are inevitable circumstances when the only problem is the substance abuse of one or more employees.

Will tender loving care fix this? Not exactly.

Many people believe that if they give an addict enough love it will fix the individual. It will not. In fact, you can really open yourself up to being stolen from, used and abused by the addict in order for them to live their abusive lifestyle and continue purchasing their drugs. The situation is dire if you let them in like this. You can love them. You can give them tender loving care. Just make sure that you have boundaries between you and them, unbroken boundaries, at all times.

Now, your business needs tender loving care and this is how you can express some of that desire to help someone or something out. If you take good care of your company, it will return the favor many times over. Do not allow employees to abuse substances in your workplace, and your assets will be protected from liability and fraud.

Of course, the natural thing to do at this point is to start looking at some onsite drug testing companies. For these services, you will need some high quality drug test equipment. That is why we, CMM Technology, are here. Oral fluid drug tests and alcohol breathalysers are common in businesses these days. Just make sure that you have the best kind. After all, if your equipment doesn’t measure up, then your employee drug testing program won’t measure up. Make sure that you buy the best, and we have that very thing. Be sure to check out our LifeLoc FC10 Plus breathalyser device when you are looking at our website. Call us today: (+61) 1300 79 70 30.

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Museums and Drugs

Employee Drug TestingMuseums are places where you can…muse. We re not kidding. That is the entire purpose of a museum: to muse and reflect and contemplate, using the objects and art before you to inspire you to greater heights of mortal deliberation. After all, what is it to be human than to question our existence and the meaning of our individual lives? What could be more productive than the goals which we possess and in which we live at least eighty percent of our waking hours? To live in ones dreams most of the time, and to eventually make them into reality, is to be blessed with the time given ability to truly become a human being.

It is not enough to simply be born a human. It is only when we begin fulfilling our purpose in this world with as much will and knowledge as possible that we become fully human.

Employees of yours who abuse illicit substances may or may not realize that their behavior is killing off their humanity, little by little. We, as a species, were designed (or at least designed ourselves) to explore the world further and further, more and more. We know this about ourselves. But depressing into states of exhaustion because of our abuse of drugs or alcohol is to make ourselves less human over time.

In your business, you leverage knowledge, tools, and people in order to bring in wealth to your entire operation. However, if some of your workers are in this depressed state, they can influence the gullible coworkers around them. This is very important to prevent. Would you like to make use of NATA accredited recalibration services for your breathalyser devices? Would you like to be able to order and receive drug test kits, as well as more alcohol tests? If you said yes to any of those questions, then you need to find CMM Technology. Check out our website on here, and look at all of our different products. We want you to feel just as comfortable with our equipment as we do. Be sure and ask us any questions you may think of: (+61) 1300 79 70 30.

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It Can Be So

Drug Test equipmentSo, what did you have for breakfast this morning? Did you sit down to a nice, flaky, salty-sweet hot breakfast with your family, and did everyone laugh and feel good and enjoy the delicious food? Many of us barely get out of bed in time to start our morning before we have to run out the door and get to work on time.

It is possible to have more organized time, though, by setting priorities. Perhaps it isn’t good for your health to try to cram everything into your every waking hour, but you can at least pick the most important things and go with them! This is where employee drug testing comes in. Drug testing is so important for the health of your business, because it evaluates your employees in a scientific, accurate way, and gives you the decision making capabilities that you should have to make hiring, firing, and evaluative decisions for your company.

It is possible to set priorities in your business, too. Employee drug testing is available through the screening tests sold by CMM Technology. Our products are high quality and we are NATA accredited for breathalyser calibration. Making sure your workers are fit for duty is part of those high level priorities which you have to invest in, before you invest in other projects for your business. Without knowing your employees’ behavior in this respect, you cannot hope to depend upon them all of the time, like you should. We carry oral fluid drug tests, urine drug tests, and of course we have alcohol breathalyser devices. All of this is so that you can set and achieve priorities for your company that would normally be dealt with the same as lower level priorities.

Get the most important things done first. Through employee drug testing, you can keep an eye on the health of your employees and the factors which affect safety and asset protection in your business. It can be so. You can do it.

Now, all you need to do is pick out which equipment your business will need for your onsite drug testing program. We recommend our Alere DDS2 (with reader) saliva drug test. Call CMM Technology today to order: (+61) 1300 79 70 30.

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The Masks We Wear

drug test kits Throughout our lives, we wear masks to cover up who we really are or to hide our true nature from specific people. Sometimes, this is meant to be devious, but a lot of times it’s a matter of not wanting to be criticized or being afraid of being criticized. We don’t want others to see the real us because if they do and openly judge us, then our very nature will feel judged and under pressure. Of course, if you have lived on this earth for have a century, you begin to truly not care if other people condemn you or not, but this can still be a hard pill to swallow. The problem is when employees who are abusing drugs wear these masks and seem trustworthy when in fact they are not. This is when employee drug testing begins to have a favorable light, even to their coworkers. It is nice to know where all the craziness and drama comes from. It’s nice to see what is really going on every once in a while. If the actions of a strangely behaving coworker are explained by drug abuse, then that makes our world seem just a little more sane.

Being fit for duty is important, and that is why breathalyser devices and drug test kits are so popular, especially from CMM Technology. Employee drug testing is meant to be good and helpful to you, but also brings about a certain amount of reassurance to your employees. They know that, regardless of the mask that someone is wearing, if they do not pass their drug testing, their employment at their company may be limited. That makes everyone feel better in general, especially those of us who have worked or lived directly with an addict. It really takes the edge off of the stress when you know that products like our Alere DDS2 (with reader) saliva drug test will not be letting them down in accuracy. It’s nice to know that, regardless of personal opinion, science itself will not let them down. For further information, bookmark this site and check back regularly for any product updates, and give us a call to order today:(+61) 1300 79 70 30.

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