Disregarding the Importance of Drug Testing

Drug testing is part of a whole plan to keep your company assets safe and your employees safe. There are many things which can guard your Disregarding the Importance of Drug Testingbusiness from outsiders, but there are only a few proven techniques to guard your company from inside damage. You must look inside of your walls and make sure that everyone is doing a good job and is taking responsibility for their actions and making the most out of their time in your business.

If there is anyone who disregards the importance of drug testing, remember that it is the end result of the employee drug testing that really counts its worth. There are jobs in which employees do not have to be screened, because any old worker is taken on board. There are jobs in which screening is mandatory almost on a daily basis, because there is such a high level of risk involved.

For the rest of the companies, however, some owners or managers may disregard the importance of this crucial tool. You see, if someone is not a people person or does not understand the value of establishing strong human relationships, then they may not see the strength which is obtained through a strong, reliable screening schedule. To those people we say, trust us. This is our job. We provide high quality drug test equipment which really do give accurate numbers on which of your employees, if any, are abusing substances at the time. And, my friend, that is something which you should be aware of.

Drug test kits are available through our site or through our office. We even have a breathalyser recalibration service and are NATA accredited for it. We also have the popular Rapid STAT saliva drug test, which is used by many companies all over Australia. Whatever type of drug test kits you are looking for, we will most likely be able to provide them to you. CMM Technology is a professional contractor, and we care about our business and individual clients. Be sure and try out our Medix integrated pro-split cup 6+6, too, which has a built in adulterant test. Now, that is really something to see. Remember the importance of drug testing implementation and keep your company healthy and strong: (+61) 1300 79 70 30.

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Diseases of Prediction

Diseases of PredictionWhen you look at the diseases which are common to drug abusers, there are some names which almost always spring to your mind. AIDS, Herpes, HIV, and the Staph Infection are all examples of diseases which are readily associated with drug abuse.

Why is this the case?

The answer lies in how drug addicts transfer these diseases to one another. In another article, we discussed diseases and promiscuity, and the subject arose that many drug addicts are so desirous of their “fix” that they will do anything in order to get their drugs, even sell themselves on the street. This means that people who are not careful about their sexual activities are most likely to get diseases which are deadly or permanent. This lack of social awareness and lack of proper checking up on their partner leads to serious consequences.

AIDS and HIV are related and they often kill the person, either quickly and young, or slowly over time and painfully. This means that being loose with your body can really cost you in the end.

The same thing applies with your mind and emotions.

When drug addicts contract diseases which are predictable among drug abusing communities, the added stress of the sickness can lead to further drug abuse. HIV can easily be contracted by sharing needles when injecting drugs into their system. There are so many ways in which the filth and grime of the streets can get inside the world of a true drug addict and permeate their air and their clothing with sickness and disease.

While you may not be able to check all of your employees for contagious diseases before hiring them, you can at least help to control the problem by implementing very legal company policies to enforce employee drug testing while on the worksite. This is really helpful in the situations where you are not sure about a particular employee, but you are worried about singling someone out or discriminating against someone just based upon your suspicions.

Don’t be in the dark.

Order urine drug tests and other types of screening tests from CMM Technology. Try out our Lifeloc FC10 breathalyser device. Get back in control of your business: (+61) 1300 79 70 30.

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Discrimination and the Stress Factor

We are all discriminated against for one reason or another. This does not make us bad people, nor does it make our judges people to be Discrimination and the Stress Factorcondemned, either. In fact, discrimination happens all the time, so often that it is impossible to get through the day without making at least fifty judgments of other people and accruing a hundred and fifty more yourself!

What many non-alcoholics do not understand is that this regular normal discrimination is just a part of how humans interact with each other. While, yes, it would be nice if we all had world peace and got along no matter what, the truth is that human’s judge! We judge and we judge and we judge. There is no way around it.

When an addict feels judged and takes it personally (even though we all do it all the time), you can tell that they need a drink or a smoke or a toke. They get fidgety and stressed and anxious. This is because they do not feel that normal, high numb state that they are usually in when something stressful happens.

Of course, all of this seems like such small matter in comparison with the substance abuse they are going through. I mean, really, who doesn’t discriminate against others for some reason or another? For addicts, though, it is definitely personal and they take it that way.

What you and your business need is some drug test equipment. Through the use of employee drug testing, your company can really keep an eye on whether or not your employees are abusing substances and bringing these thoughts and paranoia into the workplace. An addict doesn’t just affect themselves and the friends and family with whom they have the most contact. Their depression is like an airborne disease which infects everyone around them, in the office, on the golf course, and at home. It is for this reason that CMM Technology recommends our drug test equipment for you, including our ultra-reliable Medix integrated pro-split cup 6+6. Be sure to discriminate among the drug testing suppliers in Australia. Choose CMM Technology and you will not regret your decision: (+61) 1300 79 70 30.

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Dealing with Stress in Others

Dealing with Stress in OthersStress in other people is one of the most major causes for stress in people today. No, no, that does not mean that we can blame our problems on everyone else’s issues, but it does mean that we are acknowledging the fact that most of us care about other people. When someone in our lives is stressed out and cannot handle the situation they have been dealt, then we are told to give them comfort and support.

Of course, this is more difficult when they are stressing you out in turn!

What do you do in this situation?

First, realize that it is a bad idea to make any decisions while under the influence of emotions. Emotions are only meant to be measuring devices and they can really mess up cognitive thinking and logic. Therefore, it can be difficult to control them or to think rationally when in the grip of them.

Secondly, remember that stress and emotions are only temporary. Not everything will last when it comes to the emotional state you are in, and therefore acting on this stress can lead to a huge mess that you will have to clean up later.

Employee drug testing helps companies determine if employees are able to handle this stress appropriately or not. It’s a fairly straightforward concept that, if someone is abusing alcohol or drugs while at work or before going to work, they are unable to deal with the stress involved. It is also pretty certain that since they are abusing substances while on the jobsite, they are really not able to handle the workload you have for them.

Of course, different companies have different policies concerning what to do for employee drug testing. Here at CMM Technology, we think that the drug test equipment you have makes all the difference. We are NATA accredited for breathalyser recalibration, too. We provide alcohol tests and other screening tests to Australia, and we are proud of what we do. If you are in the market for drug test kits, we invite you to head on over to our website, check out our products, and maybe take a look at our Medix integrated pro-split cup 6+6. Call CMM Technology today: (+61) 1300 79 70 30.

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Cultural Literacy and Your Knowledge Base

When someone enrolls in a speed reading program, they are given a sample of articles to practice on so that they can determine their speedCultural Literacy and Your Knowledge Base reading capabilities. They are asked to use articles which are of an interest to them but which they do not have a wide range of knowledge concerning. You see, in order to establish a baseline for their reading speed, they need to be able to measure their own comprehension first.

Your comprehension cannot be as accurately measured if you have a wide knowledge base about your subject matter.

Over the course of the speed reading program, you will not only be taught how to read faster but also how to gain higher comprehension, even than you did before you began the program. At this point, you will be encouraged to increase your knowledge base. This includes all of the random things about a culture that everyone in the culture generally knows. As you increase your knowledge base, your general speed of reading will also increase, since you have a foundation and partial recognition of all of the new information about which you are reading.

It’s a pretty effective program. Students are even asked to purchase and read The Dictionary of Cultural Literacy a little bit every day. This is recommended as being a way to increase their knowledge base and therefore their future reading speed when they delve into new subjects with their books.

At CMM Technology, we understand if you don’t have a wide knowledge base of drug test equipment. That is alright, and we are fine with it. It is our job to provide you with the best drug test kits and alcohol tests which are appropriate for your business and, if you call us today, you can find out what would work the best for your business. You can even order a few units of each type from us and find out for yourself which ones are the most effective for you and your business. CMM Technology is even NATA accredited for our breathalyser recalibration service.

Cultural literacy is important, but in business, drug testing literacy can be crucial. To order from us, call CMM Technology today at: (+61) 1300 79 70 30.

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Commitment in Work without the Pain

Commitment in Work without the PainWhen you commit to your workplace and your job, there is something that is satisfied within your soul. Humans were designed to enjoy the product of their hands, and we are all bettered by committing to our work and our jobs. It is when we experience pain, usually in our personal lives but it can be anywhere in our lives, that we almost lash out at everything and everyone, including people and situations we are committed to.

There was a time, probably when you first began your job, when you really enjoyed your work and if you are lucky that time is continuing. However, if you find yourself in a job which you dislike, think about the nature of commitment. Perhaps you are married or in a committed relationship. Just because someone has been irritating for the last several months does not mean that you will necessarily leave because of this. By the same token, if your work is not satisfactory, then you may find yourself dreading going to work and emotionally exhausted when you get off of work.

The truth is that commitment to your work really does make a difference. By determining, once and for all, that you will stick with this line of productivity, you are eliminating the possibilities of other lines of work entering the picture. You are committing to this job and only this job. This helps you to settle yourself down and find a way to enjoy it, no matter what. It also helps you to find better ways of thinking about your work.

Some employees find their jobs so stressful that they drink alcohol or do drugs every day right after work to calm down emotionally from their stress. However, some employees do this prior to work or during work. In these instances, they are taking away their own control over their mental status and are subjecting their fellow employees to more dangerous situations. It is therefore advisable to use employee drug testing on a fairly regular basis. We advise you to look at our drug test equipment, including our alcohol breathalyser devices, in order to begin evaluating any potential problems. CMM Technology is NATA accredited for breathalyser calibration, and we can bring you a wide array of drug test equipment, as well. Feel free to call us today: (+61) 1300 79 70 30.

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Central Heating and Air

When you breathe constantly recycled air throughout the day, the effect does different things to different people. Some people develop respiratory Central Heating and Airproblems because they are so unused to anything new or fresh being inhaled. Some people do well because of the lack of change in the air. And, some people just hate it, because they prefer fresh air and sunshine.

When an office building has central heating and air, as opposed to the far more unsightly window air conditioners, then the air is recycled and everyone is breathing air which has been filtered and then sent back through the office. There is no such thing as fresh air, because the old air is still being reused.

While there are physical dependencies and emotional reasons for drug addiction, one of the simpler, more basic reasons is lack of healthy body conditions. Many people who hate working in an office actually hate the physical toll it takes on their bodies. After being exposed to this for a long time, they may be far more likely to abuse drugs or alcohol than they were before. Of course, it makes a difference when you use your non-working time to spend time in the sunshine and fresh air and moving your body around.

CMM Technology has brought businesses all over Australia high quality drug test equipment for years now. We are NATA accredited and we are proud to bear this accreditation. It means that we can assuredly bring you professional service time and again. It means that our recalibration service is top of the line and annually audited to maintain standards. It means that our business is set up for the benefit of our customers and not our own personal gain.

When you are using urine drug tests and other screening tests on your own employees, remember to look at their working conditions, not in terms of hardship and safety, but in terms of basic human health. It might make a difference. And, on a more positive note, make sure that your employee drug testing is as accurate as possible by purchasing equipment from CMM Technology: (+61) 1300 79 70 30.

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Adult Responsibility and Judgment

Adult Responsibility and JudgmentThroughout the world, countries which use age limits on drinking do so for a very specific reason. Adults are considered to be old enough to take responsibility for their actions or lack thereof, and children under the influence of alcohol can be a very real danger to society, but may not be legally liable for their actions. This represents an inequality in responsibility. An underage person may inflict severe, perhaps fatal damage onto someone else, but they will not be held legally liable for the damage they inflicted. Therefore, no one is held fully responsible for the danger to society.

Different countries handle this problem differently.

In Germany, there is not an age limit for drinking, but it is considered to be a strict social faux pas to be drunk in public, whether or not you are of age. For this reason, alcohol and alcoholic behavior is viewed very differently in that culture, and people treat alcohol in a different way.

Employee drug testing is held together by the fact that everyone should be able to earn employment, housing and food for themselves without putting their lives in danger. There should always be a choice, and Australia supports employee drug testing in the workplace. Drug testing in Western Australia is greatly improved by the addition of CMM Technology to the marketplace. We provide drug test kits and breathalyser devices, in addition to being accredited by NATA for breathalyser calibration. CMM Technology is the solution for any drug testing problem which may arise in the workplace. Our equipment is sound and reliable.

Yes, adults bear responsibility for the fact that they now have fully developed judgment and therefore the right to take on duties to themselves and society as a whole. Yes, adults are meant to exercise self control when it comes to endangering the lives and safety of others for their own personal gain. Alcohol tests come in handy at this time, when you are sure that an employee is intoxicated and a danger to himself and others, but you still need the legal documentation of their condition. For more information about the drug test equipment provided by CMM Technology, call us today: (+61) 1300 79 70 30.

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Accepting Love and Respect During Recovery

When you are a recovering alcoholic or drug addict, you are told that you must first learn to love and respect yourself before you can love or respect Accepting Love and Respect During Recoveryanyone else. It also means that you are unable to receive love and respect from other people until you recognize it from yourself. This is all a part of putting your mind and your psyche back together after having been torn apart and mutilated by the addictive substances. It is so important to develop love and respect for yourself before you do anything involving another person.

During your recovery, you may be asked to make some sort of atonement for any hurt or pain that you have caused other people. During this process, you may receive mixed feelings and emotions from your friends and loved ones.

Usually, this means that they are still mad at you, relieved that you’re finally getting better, or completely overwhelmed by how much they really do accept your apology. Whichever the case, you may be given love and respect in return for your apology, and it would help if you could recognize when someone gives you these things. In your mind, they may even seem false, because you are so unused to the sincere versions of them. Whatever the case, as long as you have built up love and respect for yourself over time first, then you are far more likely to be able to see it in others when they give it to you.

In business, of course, you must be able to give and receive respect on a regular basis. Without this ability, you cannot handle clients, coworkers, your boss or your subordinates. Without this ability, you really can’t work at all.

CMM Technology provides companies with drug test kits and alcohol tests and recalibration services in order to facilitate their employee drug testing. This helps companies of all sizes and types to be able to evaluate their employees using scientific methods, rather than opinions and personal subjective views. This is a lot less emotional and a lot more accurate than any of the alternatives. CMM Technology can point you in the right direction today: (+61) 1300 79 70 30.

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The Many Types of Addiction

The Many Types of AddictionDrug addiction is a sad affliction, and unfortunately Australia’s workforce members are falling prey in growing numbers. Complicating the issue is the fact there are various types of drug addictions and varying degrees of addiction. Society does not judge the binge drinker in the same way it assesses the heroin addict. Yet many of the impacts are the same. An alcoholic and a heroin addict may show up for work but both present safety hazards. A chronic drinker and a chronic meth user are not going to be productive over the long-term compared to a substance free worker. The various types of addictions are equally problematic which is precisely why random substance abuse programs test for both.

Addiction is Addiction is Addiction

What are the types of addictions? Addiction is not limited to alcohol and drugs. Any type of addiction can become a problem for an employer, but only drugs and alcohol can be tested. For example, a worker may be addicted to gambling which eventually leads to the person committing theft. However, there is no test for gambling. The addiction with a physical component is the sickness that can be kept out of the workplace by using a random drug and alcohol testing program coupled with an education component.

The different types of substance addictions include the following:1

  • Benzodiazepines
  • Heroin
  • Cocaine
  • Amphetamines and methamphetamines
  • Cannabis
  • Ecstasy
  • LSD
  • Tobacco
  • Even that list is not complete. Employers need to be aware of the fact that employees can be addicted to:2
  • Methadone
  • Oxycodone
  • Inhalants
  • Pharmaceutical stimulants

Any type of addiction can cause problems in the workplace. Smokers who need nicotine can get jittery, short-tempered and anxious. They may have productivity problems while waiting for the next opportunity to smoke a cigarette. Eating disorders can also cause anxiety and distract a worker from job duties. The difference between a tobacco addiction and an illicit drug addiction is that drugs like cocaine affect brain functioning, thus presenting a safety hazard to the person and the co-workers.

Dependence of Any Kind is a Workplace Issue

One of the reasons employers address all the possible addictions, including tobacco, in employee education programs is that any dependence is of concern. Drug and alcohol testing operates on two basic assumptions. First, any substance use in the workplace creates a safety issue for the worker and co-workers. Second, occasional substance use can turn into a habit which can turn into an addiction.

The difference between a habit and an addictions is a matter of control. A habit is thoughtless or rote behaviour but there is no long-term physical dependency that cannot be overcome simply by changing thoughts and behaviours. An addiction represents a physical dependence that drives a person to act in a certain way. Addicts do not believe they have control over their actions and view satisfying the substance craving as a solution to problem. The real problem is the very fact the body craves the substance and there is likely a physiological change that has taken place which creates the permanent craving. A habit is controllable. An addiction is often not controllable because of the physical craving coupled with the psychological dependence.

Employers have many addiction issues to deal with today but they must be careful to adhere to the law and protect employee privacy. However, it is important to recognize that workers may be dealing with complex issues that impact work.

Employers rely on drug and alcohol testing that does not differentiate between dependency and habit. A worker who tests positive for any type of illicit substance or alcohol is considered a safety threat. CMM Technology (cmm.com.au) provides high quality testing supplies to ensure the tests return accurate results.


Inspire Foundation. (n.d.). The Facts About Drug Addiction. Retrieved from ReachOut.com: http://au.reachout.com/The-facts-about-drug-addiction

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Social Identity in Workgroups Reinforces Substance Free Workplace

A study was conducted in to determine the impact of workplace social support by supervisors and co-workers on successful training programSocial Identity in Workgroups Reinforces Substance Free Workplace transfer. In this particular study by Ken Pidd, it was a drug and alcohol training program, and the focus was on the influence of social support and the factors that need to be considered in order to design effective programs.1 In the workplace, drug and alcohol policies are only a first step because the policy must be transmitted and then supported by effective testing procedures. As workers move from workplace to workplace, they take what was learned with them and can have enormous influence on the new workforce and either makes an employer’s job easier or more difficult.

There are many factors to consider in regards to worker training being effective and a catalyst for change. The transfer climate refers to the workplace conditions that inhibit or assist with training effectiveness and transfer. An employee coming from a business where a drug-free environment was strictly enforced is not likely to be vocal at a new job where drug and alcohol policies and procedures are not enforced and co-workers have a laissez-faire approach to compliance. It should be noted though that the supervisor has enormous influence in both workplace settings.

Socially Acceptable in the Workplace

Social support for a substance free workplace is critical to success. Supervisors and co-workers must buy-in to the importance of not using drugs or alcohol for safety and health reasons. Social groups can reward or punish people who do not comply with the behavioural norms. For example, a group may give social cues that membership requires a willingness to either adhere or not adhere to policies. People who are unwilling to cooperate can be ostracized, creating a host of problems.

One of the areas the Pidd study considered was the importance of social cues. Supervisors may present one set of cues while co-workers present another. Supervisors have a lot of control over how seriously workers accept and support the substance free policy. If they do not enforce the policy, the cues clearly send the message that the use of drugs and alcohol is not a serious offence. In some cases, workers simply refuse to cooperate or are drug addicts and need help. Workers coming into a new organisation with training and a positive attitude about working in a drug free workplace may become a strong advocate for the drug and alcohol policy and often will be the person who lets a substance abuser know it is okay to ask for help.

Another interesting aspect of the study was the exploration of the social identity theory. A person’s self-concept plays a big role in the particular social groups joined. Applying the theory to the drug and alcohol program, a worker who sees him or herself as staunchly substance free is not going to participate in a group that is using drugs or alcohol in the workplace and has members covering up for each other. It is really apparent at work events like holiday parties or after-work social occasions. There always seem to be one group that drinks too much and one group that drinks very little or not at all. The drinking subculture is at play and leads to segregation of workers. Non-drinkers often have little interest in socializing with heavy drinkers. Studies have shown that workers who drank at work were 1.4 times more likely to over drink, indicating social pressure to act in a certain way.2

Unequivocal Message

The social aspect of drug and alcohol training and of social group participation is complex. It explains why some employers have difficulty keeping substances out of their workplaces despite all efforts. It also supports the importance of random drug and alcohol testing. The fact is that testing is the one sure way of sending the message that there is zero tolerance for substance use in the workplace.

Each workplace has its own social system. As people enter a particular workforce, they bring training, attitudes and experiences. The social groups they participate in reflect their prior history, and these groups influence the ability of supervisors to maintain a drug free workplace.CMM Technology (cmm.com.au) has everything the employer needs to administer workplace drug and alcohol testing.


1. Ken Pidd, (2004). The impact of workplace support and identity on training transfer: a case study of drug and alcohol safety training in Australia. International Journal of Training and Development. V8:4, 274-288.

2. Pidd, Ken. (2005). Workplace Culture and Alcohol Use. Of Substance , 3 (1), 18-21.

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How Fit is Fit? – Reintegrating Employees into the Workplace

How Fit is Fit? - Reintegrating Employees into the WorkplaceThere is plenty of discussion about detecting substance abuse in the workplace via drug and alcohol testing. There is also plenty of discussion on using an Employee Assistance Program (EAP) as an important strategy for rehabilitating workers with drug or alcohol problems. However, once the EAP is completed and the right people say the employee is ready to return to work, what then? Should the employer just let the worker return without any guidance or oversight? After all, the person just completed an intensive counselling program, so does the employer really need to take any additional steps?

Assuming a Frontline Position

Reintegrating employees into the workplace is an important step in helping workers avoid relapse. Work offers much more than financial value. It also provides emotional and psychological value. Ideally, the work reintegration plan is incorporated into the worker’s EAP plan so that he or she gets professional counselling before, during and after returning to work. However, the worker’s supervisors always play a frontline role in the success of the reintegration process. They must be cognisant of the requirements of duty of care, potential issues concerning disability discrimination, and employee privacy needs.1 Without proper training, it is easy for well-intentioned supervisors to unintentionally contribute to a worker’s failure to successfully integrate.

  • Following are some of the issues that an employer needs to consider:
  • Are there conditions outlined by health professionals concerning the type and amount of work an employee can undertake?
  • Do the conditions governing the return to work impact the ability of the worker to return to a safety sensitive position?
  • If duties are restricted, who will be responsible for ensuring the worker follows the rules?
  • Does the employer need to make workplace changes to accommodate the worker’s needs or restrictions?
  • What will be the frequency of drug and alcohol testing?
  • How long will the special arrangements be required, and how do they impact co-workers?
  • Is the employee required to continue in aftercare in order to keep his or her job. If so, how will compliance be verified?

WorkSafe recommends employers appoint a Return to Work Coordinator to ensure all the return-to-work obligations are met. The coordinator is responsible for implementing the return to work plan, monitoring the worker to ensure the person has the capacity to complete job duties, managing the progressive return of workers to full pre-treatment job status, serving as a resource point of contact should the worker need assistance, and liaisons between the worker and the health professionals.2

It’s Not Just About Me

Clearly, the success of an employee reintegration plan relies on effective communication and regular drug and alcohol testing. However, the supervisors also will discover they need to take other factors and situations into consideration. For example, how will routine business social events affect a recovering employee? Are supervisors trained to recognise work conditions that may contribute to relapse, like a department functioning under severe pressure or stress? In addition, the supervisor needs to give the co-workers information that enables them to respond to the returning worker correctly. For example, they need to know the reintegrating worker is expected to carry the assigned workload and how to offer encouragement without delving into counselling or invading the worker’s privacy.

It is always important to continue drug and alcohol testing. Sometimes small businesses are hesitant to test returning workers because they do not want to offend the person or send a message that the person is no longer a trusted employee. Drug and alcohol testing is about workplace safety for all workers. The special needs of a returning worker are considered in terms of helping the person succeed and avoid relapse. The substance testing program ensures that everyone’s safety needs are considered. Employees fit to return to duty after substance abuse treatment can succeed with the right support system in place, and that begins with the supervisors.

CMM Technology (cmm.com.au) has a range of products that make it easy for employers to administer drug and alcohol testing. Options include technology and resources like saliva drug tests, urine tests and alcohol breathalysers.


1. Dr. Rob McCartney. (n.d.). Fitness for Duty. Retrieved from Australian Drilling Industry Association: http://adia.com.au/wp-content/pdf/FitnessForDuty.pdf

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