Cycles of Cities and Companies

Cities and companies operate differently, and this is fair, considering that businesses do not allow wasteful employees in their midst but Cycles of Cities and Companiescompanies allow every citizen imaginable in their midst. The cycles of these two entities are very different and yet very interesting once you understand them. Did you know that every business fails? Well, what about cities? Unless it was a small town founded upon gold mining or some other type of “rush” to the area, very few small town turn into ghost towns, and cities fail only when bombed and then not even all the time.

What makes cities so resilient and companies so fallible?

The answer lies in what is allowed to go to waste. Businesses, by their very nature, must produce and only have abundance, but if up to forty percent of the staff was wasting time and being a drag on the company, then it would go under very quickly.

On the other hand, cities survive because they are filled up to forty percent with crime, starvation, and other drags on the system. This means that, contrary to popular opinion, cities survive because they contain both waste and surplus. This means that the two entities are so inherently different that to run one like the other would be folly.

In the business world, it is often thought that small businesses should not be run like large companies and that if you know all of your employees, it would not be wise to try to subject them to employee drug testing. This is precisely the reason why you SHOULD subject them to drug testing, though. When someone is able to get by with fraud, if they have a fraudulent nature, then they will take advantage of a small intimate setting to get away with whatever they can. Lack of drug testing and alcohol screening is part of this. Everyone should be screened, no matter who they are. This protects the entire organization. Take a look at the drug test equipment that we have available for your perusal. Make sure your employees are fit for duty when they come in to work. Call CMM Technology today: (+61) 1300 79 70 30.

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Confidence in Compounding

Confidence in CompoundingPeople who are always trying to innovate rather than just duplicate a good system tend to also be people who live in the moment all the time and who do not understand the timelines and planning of intuitive people. Because they live in the moment, these individuals really do not see how repeating a certain action over and over again will help them down the line. They fail to grasp the power of compounding because, in their minds, timelines are not very solid or reliable and it is always best to count on what the present holds and not rely too much upon the future.

Those who have confidence in compounding, however, make great business strategists. They work on plans and projections, they can reliably intuit when something may happen to affect their plans, and they act accordingly. They’re great planners and they are great doers.

Well, in the business world, very few people are this way and even fewer use all of the talents that they are given on a regular basis. Very few people understand or leverage their strengths or acknowledge and plan for their weaknesses. Wouldn’t it be nice if all of your employees were like this?

Rapid STAT saliva drug test and our other drug test kits help only to identify which of your employees may be engaged in substance abuse while on the jobsite. They cannot determine if coworkers have matched personalities or are employed in the most leveraged way possible. What they can, however, detect is what level of emotional stress a worker must be under in order to be engaged in that type of behavior. This is not directly, of course, but you can make certain educated guesses based upon their behavior when they are sober. While you may not be able to help them, through employee drug testing you are able to identify potential or current problems in your business and help your company itself. That’s plenty good enough to be worth the effort, time and money involved in implementing screening tests. To find out if your employees are fit for duty, order from us today: (+61) 1300 79 70 30.

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CMM Technology and the Well Crafted Test

What makes a well crafted product? Well, here at CMM Technology, we think that all products, whether they are toys or air conditioners, shouldCMM Technology and the Well Crafted Test be crafted with an emphasis on three aspects: simplicity, function, and aesthetic design.

Simplicity is first and foremost. If you cannot have an effective drug test kit without complexity, then it is not a good one. Simplicity is natural to humans and it is aesthetically appealing to humans. We must always remember this, for we are prone to making things more complex than they need to be. This is due to our capacity to handle and understand complex patterns, but it can also be our downfall if we do not have perspective, as well.

Function is next, though it could very well be first. Function means that the product must do exactly what it claims to do, and it must do it well. There should not be any doubt as to whether or not that product can perform that function. People must be used to the standard performance of the equipment, and it must be reliably solid. Drug test equipment, including alcohol tests, requires very fine tuning, but a well built test can last for a while before needing to be used. A well built breathalyser device can be recalibrated over and over without losing its accuracy.

Aesthetic design is one of the most influential out of the three things. Design or beauty is necessary in order for humans to think of their products as being worth using. Beauty is inherent in the world, and we have always admired it, even before we were said to be attacked by the advertising industry. Beauty is the main ingredient in all things which we love.

At CMM Technology, we believe that we have products which fit all three categories, and fit them well. The well crafted test is a hard thing to find, but drug test equipment is more and more accurate these days, allowing technology to be bent to our will. Be sure to check out our Rapid Stat saliva drug test and to take a look at our NATA accredited recalibration service: (+61) 1300 79 70 30.

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Calm and Controlled Energy

Calm and Controlled EnergyWhen you are calm, your managers and employees are able to be calmer than otherwise. When your temper and thoughts and feelings are under control, your subordinates are given a direct example of how to be professional. When you channel this control into charm and grace, they learn how to be engaging, not just with customers, but with you and other people with whom they work. There is a direct correlation between high-end/low-end spectra and the level of respect and professionalism that employees should show each other and their customers.

Calm and controlled energy is the cornerstone of professional energy everywhere, no matter what country or culture you are from. In this day and age, it is necessary then to use employee drug testing to evaluate your staff effectively. CMM Technology provides a NATA accredited breathalyser recalibration service, along with all kinds of drug test equipment and alcohol breathalyser devices. We carry a wide array of supplies for your employee drug testing program.

If your employees cannot keep their temper or just go ahead and abuse substances anyway, they can be helped through Employee Assistance Programs, if your company happens to offer one. This is a popular option in big companies, where such programs are very likely to occur. In the meantime, see to it that your staff keeps accurate records of everyone’s drug testing results as operations continue over time. Perhaps your company has a multiple offense policy, and perhaps it may even be the number of offenses allowed in a year. Whether or not your company is in a high hazard industry can affect these policies, both legally and practically.

Calm and controlled demeanors also help in stressful situations, particularly in high hazard industries, so it is necessary to keep your employees regularly evaluated so that no one potentially dangerous gets through the cracks. Now, for more information about CMM Technology and the products we offer, visit our website. We distribute high quality drug test kits and other supplies all over Australia. We can definitely help you with your business, no matter what size it is. Call us today to order our drug test equipment: (+61) 1300 79 70 30.

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More Work for Less Pay: How to Arrange It

Naturally, the work versus pay ratio is important to both employers and workers. However, not everyone feels as if the truly More Work for Less More Work for Less Pay: How to Arrange ItPay: How to Arrange Itaverage middle ground has been achieved, and there will always be one or two workers and managers who feel as if the work versus pay ratio should be switched around.

Necessarily, there is a lot more trouble in keeping the quality of work high, the employees’ wallets satisfied, while also keeping business expenses low when running your company. All three must be achieved, and usually this is not done by averaging what everyone else gets paid in competing companies. Rather, it is far better to understand the demographic of your ideal customer or your ideal clientele before figuring out the wages which must be earned by your employees, and how many of your employees should be hired or fired to make this number the most profitable.

This is where high quality drug test equipment, like our Medix integrated pro-split cup 6+6, come in. There is a lot of argument which can be made about how much money should be spent on something like onsite drug testing, but drug test kits and breathalyser devices, like our Lifeloc FC10, should be of the utmost quality and administered by the best trained professionals. While our sister site handles the onsite screening, CMM Technology delivers the drug test equipment, alcohol breathalyser devices, and even provides a breathalyser recalibration services for our products and any equipment which you may already have.

This is how you can arrange more work from your employees for less pay: Begin by providing them with a much safer working environment. Help them to achieve a high quality sense of job satisfaction by not being afraid that they will lose their job to someone else all of the time. If your employees are to be fit for duty, then you must make sure that they are regularly behaving in a professional and safety conscious manner, while also regularly passing their drug tests. This is the kind of thing which can bring out the best in workers, thus lowering your need to compensate them, and making them feel more secure in their working environment: (+61) 1300 79 70 30.

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Mixing Customers and Drug Abusing Employees

Mixing Customers and Drug Abusing EmployeesOne of the employer’s greatest fears is the mixing of his customers and any employees who might be abusing drugs or alcohol. This can be a volatile situation. If he loses customers because of unprofessional behavior or obviously high or drunken actions, if he loses confidence in his staff, or if his staff is generally unreliable, then all of his hard work in setting up and maintaining his company can be wasted. That is a terrible thing and waste is not a valid asset to have in a business.

If such a thing does indeed occur between one of your employees and a customer, remember to apologize, repair any damages which have been inflicted, and to consider firing that employee right away. If you have set up a two strike or three strike business policy, then your employee will have used up one of their strikes.

When dealing with either choice, they will need to be reprimanded and notes will need to be made in their file. There must be responsibility taken for their actions, and you might want to make a bit more of a personal connection with your staff member before giving up on them entirely. The ultimate choice is yours and you will have to use your gut instinct along with your drug testing data to make a decision in any direction at all.

At CMM Technology, we provided drug test kits, like our Medix integrated pro-split cup 6+6. We pride ourselves on our ability to begin with a product concept and distribute high quality breathalyser devices and drug testing supplies all over Australia. You do not have to worry about your testing equipment failing on you or being faulty. Our supplies work and they work well. If your customers mix with drug abusing employees, then this could very well cause problems. If, however, they mix with workers who have tested well and maintain a professional demeanor, then this can strengthen and ensure your reputation, both as a businessman or woman and as a business owner. To find out more about our products, visit our site or call us today: (+61) 1300 79 70 30.

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Permaculture in Today’s Eco System

Permaculture can be both short for “permanent agriculture” and “permanent culture” because it both creates sustainable harvesting Permaculture in Today’s Eco Systemand planting techniques for indefinite growth, as well as defining the multi-generational growth and maintenance of family land.

There is desertification of land all over the world and this loss of soil, water and vegetation is rather alarming. This is not due to climate change, but it can certainly bring out climate change, since the carbon in soil is not kept in the ground and used by the plants, but rather released into the atmosphere.

The purpose of “permaculture” is to establish a permanent agricultural setting where plants are kept green and all rainfall is retained and there is permanent sustainability which is self sustaining, rather than needing constant reinforcement or reinvestment in order to keep growing.

ToxSure saliva drug tests and Lifeloc FC10 breathalyser devices by CMM Technology are meant to be used as tools to evaluate your business and give you information on how fit for duty your employees are. This is meant to sustain the culture of your business, bringing people in and keeping them in who are competent, worthy of your business, and independently minded.

An independent employee is one of the most valuable assets you have, because they stay for the job itself, and not just for the paycheck. Employee drug testing is a step in success, and business who use CMM Technology screening tests are working on becoming more sustainable and on increasing their company life expectancy. That is a valuable attribute to bring into your company.

Workers come and go, and low quality employees tend to have a higher turnover rate than high quality employees, so it is in your best interest to really feel out what your staff can and cannot handle, and this is where screening tests come in. Make sure your workers can handle the job of being full time, long term, high quality employees. It takes responsibility, both to themselves and to you, as their boss.

Evaluation is always a part of the sustainability process, and this type of evaluation is based upon science and the efficacy of our products. Call CMM Technology today: (+61) 1300 79 70 30.

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Perhaps Next Time

Perhaps Next TimeThere is a lot of advice thrown back and forth between employees about how best to run a business. Unless any of them has actual experience in running a company, however, much of that advice is incomplete. We are not saying it is inaccurate…just incomplete. There must be a great deal of business experience, objective and subjective reasoning, professional self discipline, and many other aspects of running a company in mind in order to actually dispense advice which is worth anything in this context.

Of course, employees are allowed to openly complain about their working conditions if they deem them unsatisfactory, but some misguided people can take these complaints to heart…to the extreme. One of the primary complaints is about how workers are being treated by upper management, but usually the problem is not what is being spoken of. Usually, the problem is more encompassing and provides far greater negativity than the immediate complaint can cover.

Safety is a big problem in some working conditions, and it can cause a lot of smaller problems which pile on top of each other. Regular drug testing is essential, and employee drug testing is much easier thanks to Lifeloc FC10, ToxSure saliva drug test, and Medix integrated pro-split cup 6+6, all of which are provided by CMM Technology, a company specializing in drug testing in Western Australia for some time now. Our goal is to help you fix the much larger problems, thus in turn creating solutions for all of the many smaller problems which may have arisen later on. We believe that it is possible for a business to control its assets more effectively by providing safer and more stable working conditions for its employees.

At CMM Technology, we know how easy it is to say, “Perhaps next time,” when solutions are proposed by workers as to improving safety conditions. We know that some employees simply do not have experience running a company, like you do. However, we also know that these employees are the life’s blood of your business, and therefore their working conditions are of utmost importance. Their opinion, in this instance, carries a lot of validity. Call CMM Technology to order your drug test kits today: (+61) 1300 79 70 30.

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People in the Fourth Dimension

Technically, we all live in the fourth dimension, but because we live in it, we are not actually able to see it at all. Let’s consider how this works. If People in the Fourth Dimensionyou People in the Fourth Dimensionlived in the second dimension, you could only see flat things. You would not be able to comprehend objects and people with depth at all. You would be able to see three dimensional objects one slice at a time.

Remember, that was “one slice at a time.”

Now, we move around in and understand the third dimension. There is height, length and depth to everything, no matter what it is.

Now, picture the fourth dimension, and picture what a person in this dimension would look like. They would be a whole person, but we are only able to see slices of them at a time, which means that we can only view ourselves and other people one second at a time, and….this is the really cool part…we are able to create ourselves one slice at a time.

So, that means that we have control of what we become in the fourth dimension. Pretty cool, huh?

In drug testing, we are attempting to do the same thing with your business. Our drug test equipment and alcohol breathalyser devices are meant to help you turn your company into a living organism which you can control and whose growth you can control. You can help along its growth one slice at a time. Our Medix integrated pro-split cup 6+6 is part of a drug test kit which also has an adulterant test. All of our tools are especially useful and they are part of these slices of your business’s life which is changed and strengthened over time. Our ToxSure saliva drug test and Lifeloc FC10 are other examples of products we carry.

Make sure that your company is taken care of in all dimensions by utilizing employee drug testing on a regular basis. There is nothing more satisfying than reaching your business goals, knowing and understanding your employee workforce. This is the place to start. Order drug test equipment from us today and receive a consultation over the phone: (+61) 1300 79 70 30.

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Opium and Opiates

Opium and OpiatesOpium is a hallucinogen, which means that it is used to create psychedelic experiences and to induce hallucinations. Opium in its rawest form, that is in its pitch form, is very potent and many former opium houses in London were the beginning and end of the a lot of lives spent under the influence of opium. The dreamer inhales the smoke from the house or room and visits very vivid, and seemingly very real, experiences, some of which are memories and some of which are just randomized hallucinations related to memories, desires, or anything else the dreamer wishes to indulge in.

Opiates are compounds with opium based drugs in them. Many of these can be pharmaceuticals, while many more can just illegal refined compounds bought and sold on the street. Both opium and the lesser opiates are extremely addictive and can bring on a longing desire to escape from the real world into the fantasy world created by the drug.

In the workplace environment, your employees must be aware and alert at all times. This is necessary to anticipate problems with clients, machinery and other business operations, and it’s also necessary in order to maintain control of a situation if such a problem arises. Drug test equipment from CMM Technology can identify if any of your employees are using opium or opiates on or near the worksite. Drug test kits and breathalyser alcohol tests are available, and we provide a breathalyser recalibration service. Our ToxSure saliva drug test is considered especially popular, but you must purchase what you feel is the best product for your own company needs. Your business resides in the real world. Make sure your employees are conscious in the real world as long as they are working for you.

Opium itself is highly addictive, but the lesser opiates can turn out to be just as powerfully addictive if they are used over a long period of time. The need for more fantasy life can become more and more overwhelming until it matches the powerfully addictive force of pure opium resin itself. Use drug testing in Western Australia. Call CMM Technology about this today: (+61) 1300 79 70 30.

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Nostalgia and the Start of Alcohol Addiction

Alcohol addiction is blamed on many different things, not the least of which includes bad childhood, abusive parents, violent or Nostalgia and Nostalgia and the Start of Alcohol Addictionthe Start of Alcohol Addictionabusive teen years, and high stress. However, it is not very many scientific studies which have done on something as psychologically relevant but scientifically mundane as nostalgia.

Nostalgia is Greek for “old pain” or the “pain you feel from an old wound.” This is, of course, very relevant because it refers to how your heart feels when you view your old childhood playground. It refers to the pain you feel when you look at your old wedding photos, or unpack your child’s toy from a box which has been stored in the attic for twenty years.

Alcoholism originating in nostalgia typically begins as a form of coping after losing a loved one, be it through death or a romantic break up or a family feud. Whatever the case may be, you are still confined to the past and your heart feels that “old pain” from yesterday.

Thus, to remember better, you drink some alcohol. If this feels good enough, you may even get drunk in the same evening. If the pleasure from this experience is high enough, you may indulge in a little reminiscing a second time this week.

Over time, the process becomes more and more involved, where you recount stories to anyone who will listen and generally make a fool of yourself. Rinse and repeat. You have begun your journey into alcoholism.

Workers can reminisce all they want, but they shouldn’t be doing this with any alcohol while at work or before arriving at work. CMM Technology provides you with the alcohol tests which you utilize to monitor your employees. Your breathalyser devices should be recalibrated, and that is what our recalibration service is for. Also, we provide really high quality breathalyser devices, including our popular Lifeloc FC10. These are all part of a regular, healthy employee testing program. Screening programs are part of normal company policies and procedures. You must be able to control what happens with your business walls. Nostalgia can be good, but it can also encourage reminiscing in an inebriated state, which is inappropriate for business professionalism. Call CMM Technology today to order from us: (+61) 1300 79 70 30.

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Needle Infection and HIV

Needle infection are caused by unsanitary injections of various substances, unclean or used needles, and HIV infection can easily Needle Infection and HIVbe transmitted by using

someone else’s needle to inject drugs into your bloodstream. HIV and AIDS go hand in hand, and the two diseases together make a highly lethal combination. In the United States, anyone who has HIV is legally required to inform his or her sexual partners of their infection, so that anyone who is having sex with them can make an informed decision about their own health.

Also in the U.S., if someone fails to inform his or her sexual partners of their infection, they can end up infecting a large number of people, as the disease travels from partner to partner without anyone knowing about it. In this case, the person who started the viral transfer at the beginning of the spread can be prosecuted for murder, sometimes multiple accounts of murder, since their negligence was what caused many other people to die.

Needle infections can occur in any situation where drugs are being transmitted through them, and risk of infection increases with the number of people who use the needles together. It is really a very dangerous situation, and it bodes extremely ill for anyone who is still healthy and does not yet have one of these life threatening diseases.

Sexually transmitted and needle transmitted diseases are some of the most easily spread viruses on earth. It is not so much a matter of breathing the same air as the infected person, but that you have the same unsanitary habits as them.

To test for alcohol and drugs in your employees, be sure to use drug test equipment and alcohol tests provided by CMM Technology. Very few companies equal our standard of excellence in their products and their customer service, and we really receive great joy at being able to bring stability and reliability to Australia companies. Sometimes, people at work share cups of coffee or drink from another’s cup when at work. This can bring a great deal trouble to you if you unknowingly and without the other person knowing it either took a drink from the cup of someone with HIV. Sharing bodily fluids is all it takes. Most infected people, however, are overly cautious and particular about people drinking from their water bottles and so on, so this is rarely a problem.

Keep the rest of the problems out of your company with employee drug testing: (+61) 1300 79 70 30.

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