Fatal Flaws in the Chain of Custody

Fatal Flaws in the Chain of CustodyThe term “fatal” is not used all that often and for good reason. It implies something that is non-correctable or leads to an irreversible error. In the drug testing world, a fatal flaw refers to a non-correctable procedural error that leads to a canceled test or unacceptable results. Fatal flaws are rare in high quality laboratories with state-of-the-art testing equipment and carefully controlled procedures. However, fatal flaws are much more likely to occur in the workplace and are usually related to careless handling and improper documentation of the specimens. Collection and testing must be carried out in accordance with the Australian Standard, which includes fulfilling the chain of custody requirements.

The chain of custody in drug testing refers to the paper trail that documents each step of the collection, control, transfer, and analysis of a specimen. A correct process will document the process from the moment the specimen is collected to the final reporting. Everyone involved in the process has a vested interest in its accuracy. The employee wants assurances that the specimen is properly handled so there is no doubt about who supplied it and that the testing results reflect the truth. In the case of urine testing, employees are highly sensitive to the issues of invasion of privacy and feelings the employer is operating from a position of doubt and suspicion rather than trust. It is critical that the drug testing results be accurate and reliable.1

The employer makes critical decisions about human resources based on drug and alcohol testing results; therefore, accuracy is of the utmost importance to avoid false accusations and legal ramifications. Even the testing laboratory reputation is partially dependent on knowing the samples provided are accurately marked and the documentation is correct. Finally, the employer’s ability to maintain a substance free workplace depends on the accuracy of the chain of custody because workers cannot respect a faulty system, meaning it does not serve as a deterrent to workplace substance use.

Paying Attention to Details

A quality chain of custody relies on the collection site submitting accurate documentation and specimens that have been controlled at all points to remove the possibility of events like specimen contamination or a simple mix-up of names. Fatal flaws cannot be corrected and laboratory testing either cannot be completed or the results are not reliable, meaning the employer has wasted time and money. Even worse, the employee has been subjected to testing that cannot be used, creating ill will between the employee and employer.

Fatal flaws include:

Broken security seals on specimen bottles

Missing security seals on specimen bottles

Specimen bottle seal shows evidence of tampering

Specimen ID number on the seal does not match the chain of custody form

Indications of a time period during which the specimen was left unattended

Printed name and signature of collector are missing on the form

There is not enough urine collected (at least 30 mL) for accurate testing

Paperwork is incomplete and has missing information

Written statement by collector cannot be obtained to remedy a non-fatal flaw

A Best Practice

Attention to detail is important to avoid wasted effort, obtain accurate results, preserve the integrity of the drug and alcohol testing procedures, and maintain good employer-employee relations. The saliva and urine chain of custody forms play an important role in ensuring that the specimen collected is valid and documented and that the results can be used for making good decisions concerning human resources. They represent a best practice in a workplace drug testing program as long as the Australian Standard’s AS/NZA 4308 chain of custody is followed.2

CMM Technology at http://cmm.com.au/ offers saliva and drug chain of custody forms that help employers protect the integrity of the drug and alcohol testing program. Employers can also find professional consulting services in areas of policy development and program recommendations.

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Are Senior Executives and Managers Taking Drugs?

The Australian Government Department of Defence sets a workable standard for drug and alcohol policies and procedures that companies can Are Senior Executives and Managers Taking Drugs?Are Senior Executives and Managers Taking Drugs?emulate. Given the importance of the work the national defence teams manage, it should not be surprising that there is a zero tolerance standard for drug and alcohol use. The policy states that, “ADF has a zero tolerance to the use of prohibited substances (illicit drugs)… Consequently, all ADF members are expected to adhere to this zero tolerance policy, including the misuse of prescription or over the counter drugs and medicines.”1 The key word is ”all” because workplace safety requires that every organizational member, without exception, be free of the influence of drugs and alcohol.

It is tempting to think of random drug and alcohol testing programs as applicable to everyone except the managers and supervisors administering and monitoring the program. It is human nature to think that people responsible for enforcing the alcohol and drug program would not be using the same substances they are testing others for in the workplace. However, such assumptions threaten workplace safety because those assumptions shield people who may very well be under the influence of illegal or prescription substances and feel free to continue using them since they are excluded from random testing.

All The Way Through

The councillors of the Sunshine Coast understand this issue and have set a standard for other employers to follow. In April 2013, the council instituted a policy of compulsory staff testing using oral swabs and breath-testing. Though the Services Union said the policy would not be supported, the “Daily’s online bloggers favoured the testing as long as it was introduced ‘all the way through.’”2 In other words, people do not have an issue with compulsory drug and alcohol testing, as long as it is required for everyone.

Mayor Mark Jamieson and the 13 councillors who voted for the policy say, in essence, “bring it on.” The councillors made it clear they have nothing to hide, no problem being included in the testing program, and believe they must set a standard for the 2,433 workers that will participate in the program. The initial reaction is, “Shouldn’t it always be that way?” Why would supervisors, managers, and executives exclude themselves from random drug and alcohol testing programs, if they have nothing to hide and want to send a clear message throughout the workforce that substance use will not be tolerated?

No Special Status

A drug and alcohol policy cannot apply to certain people and exclude others. Adopting that kind of policy sends a message that some people have special status in terms of substance use. However, does any company want managers making important decisions while under the influence of substances? In fact, managers or supervisors using drugs or alcohol can seriously jeopardise workplace safety by having more tolerance for employees who use substances, ‘playing favourites” out of a misguided sense of loyalty, or making poor decisions.

There should never be any exceptions in a zero tolerance policy. ‘Zero” means none, any way it is read. The Sunshine Coast Mayor and councillors and the Defence of Department understand this and so should employers. Employers can have plans in place for helping those who test positive for drugs and alcohol, but first the substance abuse must be detected.

Drug and alcohol testing policies and procedures need to apply to everyone without exception, and that includes senior management and their managers and supervisors. There is simply no other way to say it. CMM Technology at http://cmm.com.au/ can provide expert policy development guidance. Employers need to follow the lead of companies and organisations that know any substance use at any level in the business presents threats to safety.

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Is Honesty the Best Policy?

Is Honesty the Best Policy?Honesty is so subjective. What was an accident to one person would be considered blatantly deliberate to someone else. What was so clear cut and simple to one individual seems fraught with complexities by their partner. There is never an answer to the honesty question on which we can all agree.

So, is honesty really the best policy?

Well, the truth is, we lie to each other all the time. During a short conversation, we can tell up to thirty lies, and that is just on a good day. So, most likely, honesty would be too shocking to our human experience to be anything but disastrous, anyway.

Honesty often gets us into more trouble with more suspicion attached to our names than if we had just told a lie.

Well, whatever your situation, you do not have to worry about honesty with your workers anymore. CMM Technology and our drug test equipment are here to save the day. We guarantee the safety and accuracy of our drug test kits, our breathalyser devices, and even our breathalyser recalibration service. We know that people lie. It’s not a problem to us. With us by your side, you have the answers given by science. You have the truth, no matter what.

Of course your department manager didn’t fly to Hawaii with his mistress while his wife was sick in the hospital. Naturally, your coworker didn’t cheat on her diet, her resolution to work out every day, and her commitment to lactose free foods all at the same time. Of course not. You don’t smell a thing. And you know that your brother didn’t give away your ticket to your favorite baseball team because he wanted to take a hot date, instead. Naturally. And nobody REALLY cheats on their drug testing when given it.

Just in case, however, any of those aren’t true, CMM Technology has you covered. Your employees will be tested for being fit for duty just as accurately as if they were hooked up to a lie detector…one that could actually read lies, that is. Oral fluid drug tests, urine drug tests, and anything else you want to order. We’re here for you, just like your best friend. Call CMM Technology: (+61) 1300 79 70 30.

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Hope: Looking for the Sunshine

Hope is a fickle thing. It evades us and eludes us and gives us a little bit of itself before flickering away again.Hope: Looking for the Sunshin. A Hope: Looking for the Sunshinelot of people believe in finding a stable part of their lives over which they have total control and from which they expect to receive a great deal of peace. The truth is that peace is obtained through a steady and consistent slow rise of growth within the individual. It really cannot be some “level” which you reach and then plateau on. Peace is achieved through consistency and consistency can only be achieved through slow growth, rather than quick growth or none at all.

Drug testing became a primary source of income to companies specializing in drug test equipment and adulterant tests quite a while back. Breathalyser recalibration services are a bit more recent, but it is still part of a plan for stability, and thus steady growth and peace within the business. My finances are safe and secure. Businesses rely upon the asset protection capabilities of drug testing in Western Australia in order to stabilize themselves. There must be order and there must be a certain amount of reliability in your workers. Without everyone being fit for duty, the company cannot and will not progress and continue bringing in revenue for its lifetime.

While hope is so fickle, the truth is that it is one of our primary motivations in life. Without hope, we have no motivation to move forward, to increase our revenue, to succeed in life, or to even protect the companies we own and run. Medix integrate pro-split cup 6+6 is part of our line of products which incorporate adulterant tests and high quality reliability. We help to bring you hope because we change the way you see your employees. Rather than subjective opinions and personal likes and dislikes, someone’s actual substance abuse can be confirmed or denied based upon scientific results.

And, hope that is not founded on the truth is not hope. CMM Technology has the drug test equipment you’re looking for. We have the answers and we have the equipment to bring those answers straight to you: (+61) 1300 79 70 30.

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Higher Standards

Higher StandardsWhat qualifies as a standard? Is it a law or a regulation? Is it necessary or just a guideline? What makes a standard? And what do higher standards mean? Aren’t we all just trying our best to get along and do the best with what we have?

The answer to the last question is not necessarily. You see, an individual does not necessarily attempt to make themselves better as they grow up. For one thing, their treatment of themselves really makes a difference here. I am not afraid of the past. They must have some distinctive edge of self control and self respect in order to always treat their bodies, their minds, and their spirits better, or even well at all, over the years. For many of us, there is some progress forward and some progress backward in other areas.

In businesses, higher standards mean levels of professionalism, employee treatment and care, client relations, and income generation. The better the business, the higher levels of quality they possess in each of these areas. Does that mean that your company is not up to par? True, everyone could use some more growth, but the fact is that your company may be doing just fine as it is.

The trick is to not allow your current standards to sink lower than they current stand.

Preventative measures include worker screening tests, which screen for drug or alcohol abuse while on the worksite. Adulterant tests are often built right in to drug test kits, such as our Medix integrated pro-split cup 6+6. That means that you have an additional layer of cheat detection for workers who are trying to get away with their abuse. Fit for duty means being fit for your job, in both mind and body. Drugs and alcohol tamper with this fitness, and lower the standards of your own individual quality of workmanship.

Saliva drug tests are often used, though urine drug tests are still popular. There are many ways in which you can incorporate higher standards into your business, among them being products from CMM Technology. Of course, you can always order from us at any time, either over our website or over the phone. Call us today: (+61) 1300 79 70 30.

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Good Looks Count

Good looks count. There is no other way to put this. When people see good looking people, they want to help them out. They want Good Looks Good Looks CountCountto make them feel special, and they want to aid them in any endeavor. Good looks signify health, agility, fertility/virility, friendliness, and any other good thing you can think of when you look at a handsome or beautiful individual.

Oh yes, good looks count.

Beautiful people make twenty to forty percent more than other people who are in the same job at the same level of employment with the exact same responsibilities. Beautiful people are paid more because they give off a better impression. It does not really matter how accurate this impression is, as long as it’s not marred by being too arrogant or obnoxiously rude. Outside of that, the impression that good looks give off make these beautiful people highly employable and marketable.

So, what does this have to do with drug test equipment? It’s because you never what kind of person someone unless you live with them, spend a lot of time with them, and even then you may not know them as well as you thought. We all have secrets, after all. Drug testing in Western Australia would not even be needed if everyone told the truth. However, humans tell an average of ten lies per three minutes of casual conversation, and that is without even being under stress, pressure or fear. In those circumstances, the numbers can increase exponentially.

Expect lies out of any people. Use employee drug testing.

Adulterant tests are built right in to our Medix integrated pro-split cup 6+6 because even when being tested, people still lie. It’s not a problem. CMM Technology and our high quality drug test equipment has you covered. Our products give you the best accuracy possible, and we are so proud of our reputation in the drug testing field.

Yes, good looks count. But, science still wins in the end.

Use our products any time you want to schedule a drug testing, and use our alcohol tests, or breathalyser devices as they are often called, any time at all. Call CMM Technology today: (+61) 1300 79 70 30.

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Get Better, Get Faster

Get Better, Get FasterGetting better at your job involves only a few steps, but they have to be repeated over and over again. It cannot be accomplished by simply doing a couple of things and then, voila, you’re better. Job improvement requires steady, concentrated repetition of a few key steps. What are some examples of just a few steps which can accomplish this?

To begin, we start with dedication. Without dedication, you have no reason to invest further into your job and the quality of your job. You must have dedication to pull the whole thing off. You must be committed to the idea of making it better and of pulling off job quality increase.

Secondly, the quality of your job is similar to the quality of life you are able to sustain. Unless you are willing to leave your comfort zone where you are currently are, your ability to grow and change and handle risks when they arise is almost nonexistent.

Thirdly, you must be willing to be more efficient, but not at the expense of your soul. Men and women who receive soul enriching benefits from doing things the harder, and sometimes the longer, way should be assigned to these tasks. There pretty much isn’t anyone who doesn’t fit into that category, by the way.

Fourth, you should be able to cut out the dead waste in your company, including employees who are dragging the system down, instead of lifting it back up. That is where employee drug testing arrives to save the day! To make sure everyone is fit for duty, regularly implement drug testing using our ToxSure saliva drug test or any of our other drug testing equipment, as well as using alcohol breathalyser testing and using our breathalyser recalibration service. This is all part of making sure that your company has as much healthy tissue as possible in it.

In conclusion, improving your job performance means getting better and getting faster, but it means getting better first. You have to be good at what you are doing before you can speed it up. Call CMM Technology today to order your drug test equipment: (+61) 1300 79 70 30.

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From Tasks to Projects and Ideas

We all have a slight aversion to the word “work,” and we understand that “working” is something which may be necessary, but From Tasks to From Tasks to Projects and IdeasProjects and Ideaswill not necessarily be enjoyable. We look at our days and we see a series of tasks and problems to be solved. Well, the successful people in the world enjoy working, and the words associated with it don’t have a negative connotation. We understand that working is fulfillment of abundant plans and plans for abundance, growth and greater fulfillment. There is an inherent need in every human to get it right and to get it better every time. We want to improve on our old ideas. However, if we are encouraged to do the same old job over and over again and are not allowed to see the fruits of our labors, it takes something away from the job. It hurts us in our depths of accomplishment somewhere.

The worst part is when we are asked to do something in which we have no belief and which we do not think any good can come from. That is a depressing thought, indeed, and yet it is often the war cry of employees who are under the influence of drugs and alcohol while on or near the worksite. They are miserable in their own lives and this is not enough for them. They cannot contain this misery, and therefore it is inevitably spread to their coworkers and to people above and below them in the company structure.

Help your workers through the use of screening tests, thus identifying drug or alcohol abusing employees. Then, you can eliminate them or change their work status how you choose, but the first step is in identifying them. If you know an employee who is under the influence of illicit substances, they will most likely not even try to do a good job, but try to get away with as much as possible. Your business is not being helped by them, but rather it is dragged down by these people. Make sure all of your people are fit for duty. Use saliva drug tests and alcohol breathalyser devices from CMM Technology to assess their status: (+61) 1300 79 70 30.

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Freezing the Fears that Freeze You

Freezing the Fears that Freeze YouFear grips you with a tight hold, and the little punk does not let go easily. Fear is such a pest when it comes to dealing with complex problems or any interaction with other humans whatsoever that it frequently makes bad problems worse and unnecessarily destroys relationships between spouses, parents and children, coworkers, and employers and employees.

You must learn how to freeze the fears that freeze you.

The first step is in realizing and openly acknowledging that you are afraid. You can do this in private, but it must be done. Pretending that you are not afraid of something will not make it go away, but acknowledging your fear will at least morph it into a rational problem which can, theoretically, be fixed by rational solutions.

Secondly, understand that fear will not go away right away, but that the right mindset will disintegrate it. However, the right mindset involves a decision about the situation. You will no longer dread meeting your in-laws because you have decided that their opinion is not worth as much as you formerly thought, after all. You will not fear your piano recital because if you did not end up practicing well enough to avoid mistakes then you will make a mistake anyway, and you might as well expect it and get through your performance and enjoy the rest of the show. You will not be afraid that your son or daughter is about to die in the hospital because you have prayed about it and understand that the doctors and nurses are doing all in their power, anyway. The best thing you can do at this point is to visit them, remain quiet and nurturing, and allow them to rest soon. There is nothing more you can do for the situation.

Employee drug testing is often thought by druggies as “fear that the nation will be overtaken by people who have peace…man.” It’s not really about that. In order to effectively run an operation, there must be workers who understand and are willing to work within the system. That’s all there is to it. There is no conspiracy. There are no company bureaucracies seeking to overthrow the little guy. It’s about efficiency and teamwork, and nothing else.

The solution is to just use high quality drug test equipment, like the drug test kits and breathalyser alcohol tests which come from CMM Technology. Feel free to give us a call: (+61) 1300 79 70 30.

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Focus on Today’s Tasks

Our brains can multi-task all the time, so it becomes easy to plan for tomorrow and forget about today’s work. But how can you Focus on Today’s Focus on Today’s TasksTasksplan for tomorrow’s work when you have not guaranteed that today’s work is finished?! This becomes a question which many procrastinators find themselves asking on a fairly regular basis. Fortunately, not everything has to be this complicated. The process is simple: focus on today’s tasks. Let tomorrow worry about itself.

Of course, when your ability to function at life on basic level is compromised, you may find yourself wishing that you could even do that. The problem, however, is a lack of commitment to performing one function at a time. When an employee engages in drug abuse or alcoholism, they are already decreasing their ability to concentrate on the job at hand and to emotionally handle daily tasks. When they bring this abuse to the worksite, they are spreading this disease and endangering the lives and safety of their coworkers. This cannot be ignored. It must be dealt with appropriately.

Urine drug tests and oral fluid drug tests are both components in a regularly schedule employee drug testing program. Whichever type of drug test equipment that you use, you can rest assured that your drug test kits come from CMM Technology. Rather than dealing with both their emotional problems and today’s tasks, your employees have the support of drug testing to motivate them into staying clean while on or near the jobsite. This is a great factor in keeping employees active and productive, especially when they are prone to falling back into their old abusive habits.

Concentration and focus are necessary in order to make sure that your company receives its money’s worth out of your workers. There must be a standard of work ethic, and drug testing is a part of establishing and retaining this standard. CMM Technology provides the equipment which you will be using throughout your testing operations, and our products are high quality and reliable. After all, being reliable is not just a job for your workers. It is something we take seriously in our own products, as well. For more information call CMM Technology today: (+61) 1300 79 70 30.

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Feedback and the Money Maker

Feedback and the Money MakerFailing companies which made famous turnarounds and became huge successes claim that their success came from one important factor: feedback. When you stop listening to what your customers want, you can quickly go out of business. Some of these companies were unsafe to work in, but feedback from the employees quickly handled these problems by addressing the factors which were the most unsafe. As much as none of us wishes to be criticized about our products or services or company or employees or anything else, feedback really is the money maker.

We will repeat that.

Feedback really is the money maker.

It gives you insights into what your clients or customers want and they will help guide your future company actions so that you can eventually become better and stronger and more influential. However, as influential as you become, there is still a necessity to receive feedback.

Feedback is your bread and butter. Feedback is what puts food on your table and on the tables of all of your employees. If you don’t like receiving feedback, then you may not be a good fit for being in business at all. If you cannot take criticism or critique or insights without taking it personally, then you have a problem that cannot be fixed easily.

Fortunately, most people in business have received several lifetimes worth of criticism and are so used to it that they barely notice it, if at all. Unfortunately, employees who abuse alcohol and drugs are far more likely to take things personally and affect the reputation of your business in a negative fashion.

Allow your employees to openly criticize your business policies, but still maintain effective evaluation techniques, like employee drug testing, in order to properly determine who is remaining sober while on the job. It’s great that this is reduced down to an exact science, because that eliminates the necessity for opinions and subjective perspectives. Let our drug test equipment do all the work for you. Buy our Lifeloc FC10 personal breathalyser device or any of our other screening tests as part of your company policies. At CMM Technology, we believe in helping you protect your reputation: (+61) 1300 79 70 30.

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Fail Harder, Fail Better

When someone calls something an “epic fail,” it means that the failure was on more than one level, that it had far reaching Fail Harder, Fail Fail Harder, Fail BetterBetterconsequences, and that it probably was quite humorous, as well. Of course, some people have a highly pessimistic view of things. They believe that “the higher you climb, the further you have to fall.”

This is not true. Achieving great heights in your life involves gradually, over time, reprocessing your brain cells and neural pathways until your thinking itself becomes changed. Yes, the way your brain functions can be altered. It is done by consistently and repeatedly thinking the same thing in the same way over and over again. As you succeed or “climb higher,” your brain’s neural pathways begin to form new channels and new habits, thus helping you to succeed in more ways and better in the future.

In short, even if you climb really high in your lifetime and achieve a great deal, you are looking at only a short distance to fall, if you fall at all. You see, your experience and wisdom and attention keep you very near the level of success you are at now. It all ties together and it forms a sort of secure mountain upon which to climb to new heights.

People who do not fail better, but fail worse are those who abuse substances, like drug or alcohol and other forms of self abuse. They are self destructing. They are giving up on themselves and feeding on their own flesh.

Employee drug testing is important to keep this energy out of your company. If someone is abusing drugs or drink while on the worksite, they are putting the lives and the livelihoods of their coworkers in danger. They are holding the safety and peace of mind of other people in their unsteady hands. This is a dangerous situation and must be eliminated. Drug testing in Western Australia is significantly improved by the drug test equipment available through CMM Technology. We find that drug testing is extremely valuable if you have the right equipment. Also, try our recalibration service. For more information, or to order our products, call CMM Technology today: (+61) 1300 79 70 30.

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