Saving Every Last Dollar

Saving Every Last DollarEvery time you spend a dollar, it is money in your pocket which can no longer grow. It is now out in the world and you cannot build it up and grow it and reproduce it through investing activity or anything else.

Saving every last dollar can seem like unimpressive financial behavior to some. In their minds, money should be grown really fast in less than safe investments or it should be spent really fast, but either way it should move in a fast direction. Unfortunately, money may flow easily but it does not necessarily flow in the direction we want it to unless we put walls up and channel through certain streams.

Money has a way of moving toward safe locations where it can easily be retained. In the same respect, quality employees tend to move toward places where they will be valued and respected and where their skills will have the most impact on their society. Indeed, the highest quality employees can pretty much pick where they want to work, and they gravitate toward the most secure of all worlds, which includes companies which utilize drug testing. Alcohol tests and drug testing are part of the basic requirements in companies which provide a safe, secure environment for their employees, and employee drug testing is part of the culture which attracts these high quality workers. These guys are more than fit for duty. They are fit for anything.

Drug testing in Western Australia is improved by companies like CMM Technology and they offer a great deal of assurance based upon the accuracy of the drug tests kits and breathalyser devices they provide. CMM Technology only distributes our products to other companies, and our sister site, Mediscreen, actually provides onsite drug testing if it is so required.

Saving every last dollar is feasible when you can save every last high quality employee you have. Do this by creating a safe atmosphere and creative working environment through the use of drug test equipment and our breathalyser recalibration service. CMM Technology is here to help and serve. If you know anything about drug testing, you will love what you see in us: (+61) 1300 79 70 30.

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Innocuous Drugs

Illicit drugs really sound bad. Anything with the word “illicit” in it sounds pretty bad, actually. In fact, sometimes people do not fully understand justInnocuous Drugs how bad both legal and illicit drugs really are until they are addicted to them. Of course, it’s a bad situation all around, but not very many people understand how easily the knife slices through them until they are actually bleeding, so to speak.

That is how it is with drugs. You often do not understand how much you are affected by them until after you have been taking them for a while. Then, your body becomes used to the chemical change inside of it. You adapt. Your body always adapts to both positive and destructive forces within it.

After that, your positive medications are not as effective, and your illicit drugs do not bring you quite as much of a high. That is a really dangerous position for many people to be in, because they then read this as the drug not working or the problem being bigger than it actually is. Hence, they abuse more drugs, good or bad, until…of course…their body becomes used to and adapted to that as well.

Drugs, from many different viewpoints, can seem innocuous. You only really feel how powerful and influential they are after you have become addicted to them and all of a sudden don’t have them, anymore. You feel the pull so strongly that you will do anything to get it taken care of. That is when the abuse really starts on a permanent, steady basis.

When implementing drug testing, you will need good drug test equipment and a breathalyser recalibration service. Whether it is for employee drug testing or screening tests administered in a different environment, CMM Technology can deliver all of your equipment needs. For instance, our ToxSure saliva drug test is really popular and effective. All of our other products are designed to fit whatever situation you find yourself needing drug tests for. We have a great distribution service throughout Australia, and many businesses order our products to test their employees. Make sure everyone with whom you work is fit for duty. Call CMM Technology today: (+61) 1300 79 70 30.

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Grooming Yourself

Grooming YourselfYou have all heard of the phrase “so and so is being groomed for this new position in the company.” It has to do with preparing someone to fill a high quality position in a business. Well, you do not have to wait to be groomed to fill one of those positions. You do groom yourself to fill it, just in case.

First, find out if there is someone already in that position. Even if it is someone you dislike, learn from them, hang around them, copy them, and ask them questions about how they (in that position) interact with the company. After all, if you can learn from someone who already has the job you want, it will better prepare you for that role.

Next, start acting and dressing like them. It is very important that you do not neglect your current job. However, the responsibilities of doing your current job well and taking on some work or ideas for your new job is what being groomed is all about. If you cannot handle the pressure of doing both, then you may not be able to handle the pressure of the newer, more powerful position.

Lastly, understand that you must be better at the new job than anyone who currently is filling the position. This means that you may continue to have your old job status and title while you are doing extra work for the company related to or directly involved with the new position. Don’t be shy. Tell your bosses that you are vying for that position and any advice they can give to you to aid you in your progress is welcome. Then, take their advice. Be teachable. Learn well.

CMM Technology provides drug test equipment to businesses all over Australia. We know that employees sometimes downgrade, rather than upgrade. Our drug test kits and breathalyser devices are some of the best you can find in this country. We are providing it for you here, online, with all of the product information listed both on our website and by phone if you choose to call us. With us, you are upgrading to a higher quality company: (+61) 1300 79 70 30.

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Forever Nineteen

When you find someone who acts childishly, you can compare with them a four year old or a two year old, depending upon which you are more likely to Forever Nineteenchoose to denote immaturity, and you can speak as if the other person is really not acting as if they ever really grew up.

Forever nineteen refers to the way in which people who used to deal in business sometimes deal today. The age of the teenager has been extended from one or two years to a whopping six to eight years time. Now, we see the age of adolescence extending far into someone’s twenties, lasting sometimes up to twenty years in total. There are many thirty four year olds who act as if they were sixteen, and so on.

The age of adolescence extends within a person when their emotional age does not equal their external age. If this is the case, internally someone may be twelve, but externally they may be forty-two. As they grow older, you will find that this person cannot function at their external age, and often reverts back to behavior which mimics their internal age. This is what drug addiction and alcoholism can do.

Do you see how dangerous that is?

Avoid such precarious situations in your business place by utilizing good old fashioned drug testing with the screening tests provided by CMM Technology. We give you great value for your purchase, and we recommend our ToxSure saliva drug test, which is very popular among businesses throughout Australia. For your alcohol tests, we recommend purchasing Lifeloc FC10 breathalysers and using our breathalyser recalibration service. Try our drug test equipment and make sure you identify employees who are forever nineteen. You want your workplace to be reliable and safe, don’t you? This is definitely the place to start.

Help your workers to not be exposed to immature, incompetent, and less than worthy coworkers and increase our business production by using our service. For more information on all of the products we supply, we recommend that you visit our website or that you give us a call today: (+61) 1300 79 70 30.

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Easy Steps in Your Job

Urine drug testSometimes, your job is one big conglomerated mess of expenses, forms, letters, applications, and client meetings. This, however, is not the best thing about your work. It is that you can put your ultra complex mind to work. You see, since humans are able to come up with such great complexities, they often fund their simple lives with very complex ideas, thoughts, and often a lot more drama than they should be using.

Whatever the case, it is essential that you only use complicated thought in complex situations, rather than bringing more detail and complexity to a simple scenario.

Now, at CMM Technology, we share your need to get a lot done in a small amount of time. We know all about getting all of the little details taken care of, and that they are all very different. We know that your life would be simpler if you didn’t have these issues to deal with, but we also know how much humans crave to use the creativity and complexity of their own brains.

Without this sense of using more capacity in our thoughts, we are often not happy or fully satisfied with our lives. In nature, it is our primal instinct to use every bit of abundant function which we can get out of an object or a relationship with a person.

When you are finally ready to begin using simple thought, then a nice, streamlined, simple life is the best choice you have. In order to have one, though, you still need activity and thought processes available for your naturally complicated thinking.

Breathalyser devices are not only sold by us, but we also provide a top quality breathalyser recalibration service. Alcohol consumption is death to a career, as is drug abuse. Our quality urine drug tests and our highly innovative saliva drug tests are both examples of how we can help your jobsite become simpler, not more complicated. There are enough complex things about business to tend to without going overboard on where you get your drug test equipment. Just call CMM Technology today: (+61) 1300 79 70 30.

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Building Your Repertoire

When it comes to your professional repertoire of skills and maintenance experience, you may have to have a lot on your list before you appear a Building Your Repertoireformidable team player in the potential employer.

Sometimes, it is more than just technical experience. Many organizations are looking for a combination of technical skills and experience working with and above people. After all, only half of your job will be technical. The other half will be working as a team player, as a leader, and as a follower. If you are a professional people person in addition to being a professional computer analyst, say, then you are far more valuable than your nonsocial competitor.

Part of having people skills is the ability to manage others in a way that they do not feel truly manipulated and that gives you the reputation of being solid and trustworthy with them. Obviously, if you cannot accomplish this, then why would anyone have reason to hire you, unless of course your job entails being stuck in a back office away from all the other humans in the office building. However, you would still have to receive instruction and you would perhaps be over other people, so that would definitely be a factor in determining your true job qualifications.

At CMM Technology, we understand that people who abuse substances while or around the workplace probably lack these skills and probably are more likely to be stressed out by other people than the more socially adept. For this reason, we know how important drug testing can be to a valuable employer. Screening tests determining whether a worker is fit for duty are very important, and you should be able to rely upon them as you would your most trusted personnel. Our ToxSure saliva drug test is top rate, and we would also recommend our Lifeloc FC10 alcohol breathalyser devices when you are searching for proper drug test equipment and alcohol tests.

Build your repertoire as a boss by using tools like drug testing to show what matters to you: things like safety and employee reliability and the valuation of everyone’s job. To order from our warehouse, call CMM Technology today: (+61) 1300 79 70 30.

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Big Game Hunting

Big Game HuntingLet us say that you and your business are looking to acquire a large account. You meet with the impressive client, you try to appear smart and well educated, you hope your credentials and experience are enough, and you savour the taste of the new revenue even before you get it.

Who says that big game hunters only exist in the wild?

When impressing a new client, of course a great deal matters as to appearance, spirit of the business, your own nature, and what you will be doing with their money once you get it. When thinking about the big chunks of business, remember to never forget the tiny little details. All it takes is one drunken secretary or one high associate to blow the deal. You really need employee drug testing, and you need it now.

To make sure everyone is fit for duty, we recommend both drug tests kits and alcohol tests. Without one or the other, you can really find yourself in some hot water if a lower level…or even an executive…shows up to the meeting a trifle sloshed or not quite in their right mind.

These clients are important and they deserve your respect, not some accidental, unintentional disrespect from an unruly employee. This is where the rubber meets the road, as they say. There must be a clear chain of consequences for workers who are abusing drugs or alcohol while on or near the jobsite. There must be a chance for those who want to do well. There must be hope for your company, without sabotage from workers who cannot keep themselves together.

And these consequences we mentioned above: they must be real. Use your drug test kits from us here at CMM Technology to understand what is going on with your employees. You have the upper hand, not them. You are in control of the situation, not random people who are under the influence of substance abuse. We recommend our line of Lifeloc FC10 alcohol breathalyser devices, too coupled with our high quality breathalyser recalibration service.

Do the effective thing, use employee drug testing, and take down the big game. We’ll help you with your hunt: (+61) 1300 79 70 30.

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Being A Leader Over Tempers

When you are working over people, you not only have a responsibility to yourself, you also have a responsibility to easily and quickly guide others into Drug test equipmenttheir places and functions in the business. This must be done in a timely manner, using your intuition, and not allowing your emotions to govern you thoughts or actions. As with any other tool, emotions really need to be used as a measuring device, and not as a weapon.

Of course, your subordinates are far more likely to be trouble for you if they are under the influence of drugs or alcohol. Now, this may not really be a problem for you if they do not show their full tempers, but being a leader over bad tempers is not the easiest job in the world, and they can, in the end, wear you down emotionally. So, of course, it is much nicer to have workers who have professional focus, and not ones who are there to be watched over like a parent watching a child at play.

There must be drive. There must be ambition. And, there must be tons of focus.

All of these are killed off by substance abuse. It is one of the top reasons why dreams never become fulfilled in your lifetime. Drugs and alcohol distort perception and the ability to cope with problems so much that they begin creating problems everywhere.

In essence, it is this ability to cope which makes you a leader and their inability to cope which brings out their tempers. Being a leader over bad tempers is a responsibility not to be taken lightly, because the work must be done by someone. It is just as much their right to a job as it is your right to lead them. However, watch out for those who fail their alcohol or drug tests. It is obviously not just a matter of the quality of the drug test kits. It is also a matter of whether they are fit for duty or not. You must test for AOD and you must correctly prescribe actions to take if the screening tests reveal something unsavory.

Call CMM Technology today to request more information: (+61) 1300 79 70 30.

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Before That Big Raise

Before That Big RaiseWhen you are edging closer to that big raise, often you will find yourself slacking off just a tad. This is not because you are jumping to conclusions, nor because the raise would never be based upon your most recent work contributions. This is because you are anticipating what you will be doing with your new money, and often this simply means a decrease in your workload. Your anticipation is better at this time and your expectations are higher.

Isn’t it great to know that something like a raise, which will seem small and meaningless within six months time as you adjust to your new salary, causes you such anticipation and joy beforehand?

In order to keep the benefits of receiving your raise and to make this feeling last longer, be sure to plan to NOT increase your standard of living when you get it. Think of yourself as a secret agent man who is getting a hefty salary but who no one else knows is rich. That can really make you see the mentality that you can have about this which will be far more helpful than you may realize. Not expecting too much from yourself or those around you is a great way to set realistic goals and actually accomplish them.

Breathalyser recalibration services test and recalibrate alcohol breathalyser devices for you to continue using your drug test kits and alcohol tests at your place of business. It is really important to keep focused on building up the security of your business, as well. It is not good enough to simply work below your means when it comes to running a business. You must build up a larger and larger cushion from which to draw if there is an emergency or a need to spread out the company more.

When you are protecting your saved company assets, there may be nothing more important than the trustworthiness of your employees. You must be able to count on them and they must be fit for duty. For this reason, we here at CMM Technology highly recommend ordering your drug test equipment from us and no one else: (+61) 1300 79 70 30.

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Dangerous Roads Off the Path Laid Before You

Sometimes, life throws you curveballs to see if you’re going to step out of the way or catch them or allow them to knock you over.Saliva drug test

When life does things like this, it is important to remind yourself of your current goals and objectives in the first place, and then to remind yourself of the reason for these goals. Sometimes, new pathways open up to our real goals, instead of just the road we thought we had to take to get there.

Unfortunately, there are also roads off the path laid before you. There are choices which will take you further from you end goal, and which look interesting and promising, because they appear to be easy accomplishments, but easy wins are not necessarily in the best interest of your long term goals and solutions.

At CMM Technology, our drug test equipment is essential to maintaining an atmosphere of safety and calm in your workplace. Not everyone is as motivated to make your business a success as you are, but everyone does need to be pulling in the same direction. When this is done successfully, it is a clean operation…one which shows any flaws which arise. It is paramount that you enlist the aid of employee drug testing, since this can really be the difference between a clean operation and a tainted one. The best thing to do is to really solidify your type of drug test kits and your alcohol breathalyser devices.

For example, drug testing in Western Australia is made easier by drug testing which involves built in adulterant tests, like our Medix integrated pro-split cup 6+6. In order to be fit for duty, your employees have to not go off on any dangerous paths, as well. This is both for the sake of your company and the sake of themselves. When you are looking at the roads which your company can take in the future, remember that CMM Technology and our breathalyser recalibration service are on the main road. We are a part of your solution and your end goals. For more information about our products, call CMM Technology today: (+61) 1300 79 70 30.

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Conforming to Your Own Beliefs

BreathalyserIsn’t it interesting that we often say one thing and do another? This is because society and our views of how we are seen by others often influence us outside of our own belief system about what is a good idea and what isn’t. Truth be told, there are many people who are influenced by each other more than they are influenced by their own opinions, and this can be a dangerous game to participate in. After all, how can you be a competent employee if you are unable to make and follow through on your own decisions and perspectives?

Conforming to your own decisions means that you decide what sort of person you are, and then you follow through with the appropriate behavior for your internal mental picture. Of course, how you see yourself may differ from how others stereotype you. Also, you may choose a different mental picture than how you currently are. That makes things more difficult, since your own habits have already made you the person you are now. In addition to that, your current view of yourself is pretty ingrained, so it may be more difficult than you think to keep focusing on the new picture of what you want to become.

Drug test equipment, of course, only evaluates what you have been up until now. It does not matter if you have quit an addictive habit in the last five minutes. If drugs are still in your system, then you will be held accountable. Everything that you are becoming today is what will manifest itself completely and solidly as habits five years from now. It is so important to allow for time for things to change and grow, and that means keeping your current habits as long as the future result will serve you.

Oral fluid drug tests and urine drug tests are both provided by CMM Technology, as well as alcohol tests like breathalyser devices, and even our breathalyser recalibration service for devices you are already using. Drug testing should be a part of your beliefs for your company, so that your business can conform to it. Call CMM Technology today to act now: (+61) 1300 79 70 30.

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Choosing Sides in a Disagreement

If you have ever been manager in a company, then you know how important it is to not necessarily choose sides between two subordinates if they are in a Choosing Sides in a Disagreementdisagreement. In fact, one of the most important things you can do is continuously put out the energy of how things are supposed to be, i.e. act in a manner perfectly in sync with a well running office, whether or not the office is being well run at that particular moment or not.

One of the worst things on a worksite is a manager who is easily swayed side to side by various disputes or office politics.

Isn’t it interesting how addicts are so easily swayed from one opinion to another, even by their own process of thoughts? They are not able to simply make a decision, in the face of all other options, and stick with it….in the face of all other options. That is an important quality to possess in a leader, which is why only the top ranking executives really possess this quality on multiple levels and in many different situations.

This is also why lower ranking employees, on average, are more likely to abuse drugs or alcohol on the jobsite or before coming to work than other workers in your company.

You want your workers to be fit for duty. You want to get the most out of your employee drug testing. The only thing that could go wrong in this instance is if your drug test equipment failed you. This is why CMM Technology distributes our high quality, perfectly functioning drug test kits and breathalyser devices all over Australia. We are especially proud of our Medix integrated pro-split cup 6+6, which handles all kinds of problems, including having a built in adulterant test in case someone is attempting to fool the system. Fortunately, you do not have to choose sides in a disagreement when it comes to CMM Technology and our urine drug tests. Our reputation keeps the scientific data in your hands with all of the accuracy of the best equipment in the world. Call us today: (+61) 1300 79 70 30.

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