Sitting Down All Day

BreathalyserIf you have ever worked in a busy office environment, or as an underling taking calls and helping phone clients, you know what it is like to sit down all day. Some people experience a cutting off of blood circulation, while others experience getting restless or feeling as if they need to move around a lot more.

Unfortunately, these jobs do not come with an immediate escape or way to get more movement. You will, instead, have to be more creative. Many employees take advantage of their smoking break to go outside and abuse drugs or alcohol. They do this because it takes the edge off and helps them not be so stressed out.

There is a way around that. Taking responsibility for your work and for making the organization or company better is part of enjoying your work and your life as a whole. It is a part of life fulfillment, and your choice is all it takes to be better at your work. This is not how many people think, though. They often make their happiness dependent upon external circumstances, which is a dangerous way to live your life. External situations will inevitably let you down, since they are not always under your control. Choosing to be happy and resilient and smart and to keep growing is a personal decision, not contingent upon anyone else.

CMM Technology provides a way for you to keep track of which employees are looking for an illicit outlet and which are conforming to company policy and bringing value to your business. We provide drug testing through our drug test kits and our personal breathalyser devices. Our recalibration service is really worth something, and we give you everything you need to recalibrate your current breathalysers, as well as ones you buy through us. Our business brings employee drug testing to the entire nation, and we are proud to serve Australia. And if you find yourself desiring to get up and move around after a long day’s work, simply take up a sport, which will regulate your heart for active and resting periods, making both times functional to your body. Call CMM Technology today: (+61) 1300 79 70 30.

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Inherent Abilities to Handle Stress: Where Are You?

There are five major classifications when it comes to the ability to handle stress. We have listed them below in order of greatest to least.Drug test equipment

Impervious. This classification allows the individual to live in the world of and interact among other people without actually letting anyone affect their being in part or as a whole. This nature is extremely adaptable to its surroundings, while also staying impervious to outside influences which would affect its basic structure and demeanor.

Adaptable. This nature is very fluid and resilient, but not on its own merit. It only adopts the nature and successes and failures of those people around it. It is very adaptable, but it cannot truly stand alone.

Weak balanced. This nature is based upon having some self sustaining identity and some adaptability, but not really enough of both to survive successfully in the world around it. There can be many people who fit this classification, and they are all living fairly normal and well rounded lives, but they are barely keeping their heads above water.

Crashing. The personality of this tends to be on a continuous downward spiral, transitioning from weak balanced to survival nature. It is almost always a transition personality and it is in constant settling motion, again toward survival and nothing else.

Survival. This classification is the level at which drug addicts and alcoholics live, along with any other major dependence which the mind or body adopts. There is no life or flourishing or growth or abundance on this level. It is merely a survival mode, where each day sees the individual scrounging for money, food, or their addiction of choice.

CMM Technology brings a business in close contact with employees of all abilities to handle stress, but it is especially important to avoid hiring people who fall into the lower weaker categories. That is why employee drug testing is used so often and so regularly. Our drug tests kits, and breathalyser recalibration service take drug testing to a whole new level. Try our saliva drug tests, like our ToxSure saliva drug test, and call us today: (+61) 1300 79 70 30.

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How to Tell Yourself the Truth

How to Tell Yourself the TruthIf you or someone you know has a drug or alcohol problem, then there is a certain amount of deception which is occurring within you. For many people, there is the denial of a problem or the susceptibility to a problem. For some, it is simply about being unable to cope with certain situations. Here are some examples.

Instead of saying, “I did nothing wrong,” say “How would the situation have been handled by a better leader than I am?” This allows you to keep away from attacking yourself, but also asks a question about improvement. It’s about self improvement.

Instead of saying, “I don’t want to cope with that,” say “Is there a small part of this that I can get started on now, or is there another time when I would feel better about handling this?” This statement takes away the pressure of getting the whole thing dealt with at once, and opens up the possibility of doing it all at once, but just incrementally.

Instead of saying, “I am unhappy,” say “I wonder what put me in this bad mood, and what steps can I take to get back to my previous peaceful and motivated mood?” This makes you more aware of yourself and your surroundings and it makes you pay attention to yourself throughout the day.

One of the best ways to improve telling yourself the truth is to implement employee drug testing in your company. This means that you have to be accountable for the health and safety of your employees and yourself. That’s a big responsibility and demands accurate information, which is why CMM Technology provides high quality LifeLoc FC10 breathalyser devices, drug test kits with adulterant tests built right into them, and we even provide breathalyser recalibration services for businesses throughout Australia. Employee drug testing is extremely important in maintaining an attitude of personal responsibility and accountability in companies. Both employees and managers need to know the consequences for irresponsible actions. Onsite drug testing is available from our sister site, while drug test equipment is sold by CMM Technology. Call us today: (+61) 1300 79 70 30.

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High Energy Workout when Motivation is Low

Often, large companies employ the use of an exercise room so that employees can exercise and stay fit during, before, or after the work day. When motivation is low, this is one of the best ways to vamp it back up again. High energy workout is great for raising motivation for a couple of Urine drug testreasons.

First, it helps employees who are in danger of not being fit for duty. Rather than utilizing their body’s natural endorphins, they may be tempted to abuse illicit drugs during or prior to working, and this can put your company assets and your other employees and even customers at risk. Working out in a company gym is great for producing natural endorphins and hormones within the body, rather than relying upon illicit drugs to create this effect. It gives employees who are frustrated or stressed or in any way afraid a place to go to and work on their bodies and their internal chemical structure. It is more helpful than many people think, since it is not just exercise, but it is a way to chemically, even molecularly, alter both the body and the mind, making them both fit and active and strong.

Second, when motivation is low at work, it is often because of a lack of challenge or a lack of change. While work, by default, changes over time, long periods of repetition can make an individual feel unchallenged and listless. High energy workouts are perfect for these times in between challenges when someone can feel unmotivated. They force an individual to feel the challenge of the work, without needing to change jobs every two or three years. This, in turn, lowers employee turnover, which is more cost effective for the company.

CMM Technology also brings a third element to motivation. Testing for illicit drugs or alcohol in the workplace is great for detecting employees who have given up their desire to improve and hone their skills. Our oral fluid drug tests and our recalibration service are both highlights of our company. We are proud of what we do for morale. Call us today: (+61) 1300 79 70 30.

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Gearing Up in the Morning

Gearing Up in the MorningWhen a business gears up in the morning, it must go through a regimen to attach yesterday’s data with today’s goals. In large, well run companies, this regimen is systematised and employees do a daily morning routine when they come in for work. They check everything for news or updates, such as their email or Skype accounts, they work through any leftover data or tasks that were part of the previous work day, they have their morning meetings and look for everyone who they know and greet them, and they set up their work for that day.

Gearing up in the morning is part of everyone’s daily schedule and regular activities. It is a ritual and necessary preparation for the day, getting clothed, washing the body, updating the mind with morning news, looking at the day’s tasks, and so on. Now, this preparation is part of employee drug testing. When companies implement screening tests to see if their workers are fit for duty, they are employing a preparation or getting ready technique. They are preparing their office or jobsite or other type of workplace for the day’s activities, and they are doing so by making sure that all of their employees are clean and drug free. This is necessary to the survival of the business. This is necessary to the survival of your employees’ jobs. If one, even just one, of them is affected by alcohol or illicit drugs, then they are putting themselves and all of their coworkers and anyone around them in danger. They are defrauding the company as a whole, and are a loss to your assets specifically. If left untested, employees can act any way they like or do anything they like, and they do not have to answer for their actions and they do not have to take responsibility for them.

That is a dangerous situation to have.

CMM Technology provides drug test kits to businesses throughout Australia, as well as offering breathalyser devices and recalibration services to these companies as well. That is an excellent way to gear up in the morning. That is an excellent way to prepare for future success. Call CMM Technology today: (+61) 1300 79 70 30.

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Control Temperament

Temperament is a person’s inherent nature regarding themselves and the world. It is not so much their personality as their more primal nature. ItControl Temperament depicts who they are underneath their public persona and underneath the attitude which they show in their private lives.

Controlling temperament in your employees is really important for one reason. Underneath the professional veneer, there are many different types of temperaments and people are not always what they seem to be. It is this exact fact which has led many scientists to try studying humans on a bit more of a statistical basis. If humans can be broken down into a complex system of various predictable patterns, then surely behavior can be predicted and many employees can be vetted by simply having them take a test.

Of course, this is not entirely possible to do with our current technology. The vast mix of humans and behaviors and histories and patterns give this task such an impossible goal, and whoever is implementing the tests such a degree of arrogance over his or her fellow man, that simpler means are necessary.

This is why employee drug testing is so popular today. It is used over and over again by various companies to deduce who is abusing drugs and alcohol in the workplace and who is clean. This, after all, can be scientifically deduced, as opposed to the crazy personality quiz given above.

CMM Technology provides the drug test equipment and personal breathalyser devices to accomplish such lofty goals. In fact, our whole purpose is to make business in Australia more efficient and more effective. How can you do business when such specific, yet dangerous, questions about your employees are left open ended? You must have this data. You must be able to control the temperament, if not the personality, of all of your employees. To this end, we have even designed drug test kits which have built adulterant tests to check for cheating. Our oral fluid drug test is especially popular, since it does not involve going to the toilets to conduct the test. To find out more about our urine drug tests, too, call CMM Technology today: (+61) 1300 79 70 30.

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Better People Skills

Better People SkillsAccording to Daniel Goleman, a renowned author on emotional intelligence in the workplace, businesses are starting to hire more and more on the basis of people skills than on hardly any other qualification. There is something to this, since the ability to manage and work with people is by far of more monetary value to the company as a whole than the technical skills alone.

Better people skills in today’s world mean not only getting along with everyone and encouraging employees when necessary, but it also means being able to mediate between people, knowing when and how to lead, and knowing when and how to take cues from other people. Temper control and actual dedication to bringing value to the company play large parts, as well.

At CMM Technology, we want to bring you the best employees through the use of regularly implemented employee drug testing. The workers who are fit for duty are the ones who take their job, and the people at their workplace, seriously. Therefore you must be able to go purchase drug test equipment and that is where we come in. Our alcohol tests and our drug test kits are available for purchase from our website or over the phone. We ship all over Australia and to select countries. We are particularly proud of our Medix integrated pro-split cup 6+6, and we would like to invite you to order and try it out. Some of our drug test kits come specialised with adulterant tests so that you can get an even better reading of your employee drug testing results. This clues you in on the possibility of an employee attempting to cheat the system. Drug testing is a great way to learn how to make an impact in your employees’ people skills. Without it, you would be unable to see who is pretending to be well behaved when the boss is around, and who is actually fit for duty at all times of the working day. After all, such information is necessary to run a proper business. Call us today for more information regarding our drug test kits: (+61) 1300 79 70 30.

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Working Successfully into the Night

When working into the night, your defenses are naturally lowered from theDrug testing in Western Australia stresses of the day, your tolerance is also a little lower, and your desire to take shortcuts can increase exponentially with every hour.

It is important to remember that working successfully into the night requires self discipline, proper care of self at other times of the day, and a clear mind. This clearheaded requirement is not one which can be taken lightly. If an employee seeks to numb the effects of a hard day’s work, they can hardly do better than a nice glass of alcohol. However, if they are still on the job, this “break” can easily take them away from their duties and put them in a more festive state of mind.

Even when implementing drug tests, it is important to remember that adulterants are often added to these tests which negate or effectively displace the results. Our urine drug tests have adulterant test built in, so they automatically protect against most adulterants. This is a safety which can save lives, since many employees who are under the influence and do not get caught easily are also cocky enough to believe that they are untouchable and may choose to lower their reservations even further.

To work successfully into the night, it is necessary for your employees to have total control over their senses so that their reflexes and reasoning is not affected any more than it may be from the lack of recreation or rest. Drug testing in Western Australia is taking off due to the high quality drug test equipment and breathalyser devices distributed by CMM Technology. You will know if your staff is fit for duty through regular screening tests, and will be able to stay on top of your recalibration needs through our breathalyser recalibration service. Employee drug testing is necessary for the safety of your staff, your customers and clientele, and even for you! Drug testing is one of the most steadying aspects of doing business, especially when you have several hundred employees, which is a lot of responsibility. Call CMM Technology today: (+61) 1300 79 70 30.

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Well Organized Managerial Systems

Drug test equipmentManagerial systems are structures which uphold the company. They are able to organize managers in an productive workflow, and these managers are able to work over their employees in an effective manner. A good manager is a hard thing to find and a whole system of good managers almost can make a company untouchable.

Let me tell you about a good manager I know. This guy knew high quality work when he saw it, and he was so adept at handling people and helping to manage their work that his employees and contractors were more loyal to him than they were to his company as a whole. This is a good manager, and his people skills and organizational behavior and high quality of workmanship were well known and well sought after.

So, you do not have to be a top executive or a master tradesman to be well sought after.

A well organized managerial system will help you with your drug testing efforts. It will support the employees AND support your desire to keep your workplace safe. Alcohol tests and urine drug tests and saliva drug tests can all be administered in an effective manner, because the employees look to their manager to set a behavioral and mindset precedent for them. A good leader will always lead his troops to better health and a better rounded life. Make sure that your employees are fit for duty, and that your employee drug testing program has the right equipment. Drug test equipment, the really good kind, can be expensive, but CMM Technology offers it for a very reasonable price.

We are a business to business operation, and we supply many businesses through Australia, especially in the Perth region, where we are based. Our recalibration service is high quality, and we can recalibrate all your current breathalyser devices. Drug testing has never been so simple and easy to do, and our well organized managerial system will make it enjoyable, or at least favorably tolerated, by your other employees. For more information about drug testing in Western Australia, give us a call and find out more today:(+61) 1300 79 70 30.

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Time Crunches and the Availability of Personal Calming

Personal calming can really come in handy when the pressure is on and you Alcohol testfeel like you may not be able to hold out much longer for a break or some stress relief. Personal calming is where you calm yourself and take care of yourself through self praise and self talking. There is a wonderful approach to dealing with stress, and that is talking to yourself as if you were encouraging and calming a child or a loved one. Use your name and be specific. It may sound funny, but that is because talking to yourself is kind of the stereotype applied to crazy people. In reality, it is a very soothing and very real technique to calm yourself down and to give you the ability to organize your thoughts effectively.

Some techniques for personal calming not only include talking to yourself encouragingly (in private, of course), but also watching inspirational and uplifting videos which motivate you. You can even create your own inspirational movies fairly easily with five extra hours. Some people call these Mind Movies, because of the software brand which specifically creates movies for just that purpose and really helps people make them all by themselves.

Time crunches easily raise stress levels and can target the emotionally weak. We are not saying that anyone is mentally or physically weak. The emotionally weak are people who are unable to handle the lives which they have, even if they are easy and safe lives. This has to do with internal growth and how much life they were taught how to manage before there were on their own as adults.

Make sure that your team is strong by identifying any members which may use drugs or alcohol to calm themselves. Use urine drug tests from CMM Technology, which have adulterant tests built right in to catch anyone who is trying to get away with a dishonest urine sample. Our breathalysers and our breathalyser recalibration service are awesome. We love the work that we do, because it makes businesses safer. Try our Medix integrated pro-split cup 6+6. Call us today: (+61) 1300 79 70 30.

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The Importance of Communication

Drug test kitsCommunication is so important that it cannot be understated. Communication allows people to stop assuming what is going on in the other person’s mind, often making up things which may or may not be there, and actually find out how the other person feels and what they are thinking and what is going on with them. Communication allows people who have brilliant ideas to bring them out in the open so that a team of other people can start working on bringing them into reality!

In business, communication is the cornerstone to making and keeping money. Unfortunately, some employees are less than avid with communication, and this could be for several reasons. They could have poorly developed social skills. They could be shy and withdrawn. They could simply have a quiet spirit and do not usually do most of the talking, but instead listen and allow other people to talk. However, one of the reason can be that someone continually takes things personally because they have low emotional maturity, and they are abusing drugs or alcohol at the same time. At any point, tempers can flare up, and there is never a good way to know if someone is going to be fit for duty, as you may say it.

At CMM Technology, our drug test equipment is top quality. We provide breathalysers and urine drug tests, not to mention the oral fluid drug tests which we give out. Screening tests are necessary in order to keep employees in a healthy state, communication-wise. If they are allowed to abuse substance unchecked, their workplace environment will only become poorer and poorer quality over time. We recommend our LifeLoc series, like our LifeLoc FC10. Communication would help to keep employees from stressing so much, but often the damage is too late when they begin exhibiting this abusive behavior at work. Use drug testing to determine who is able to handle the pressures of daily responsibilities, and who is not. CMM Technology provides high quality results and we even have a recalibration service. Call CMM Technology today for more information about drug testing: (+61) 1300 79 70 30.

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The Background Music of Your Brain

Everyone has some background music playing in their brain, whether it isDrug test equipment destructive or constructive. It really is impossible to eliminate all internal dialogues altogether. You must have something inside of you which is playing constructive tunes, rather than a destructive internal song.

Unfortunately, many employees find that their jobs are so stressful and so above their emotional competency that they begin abusing drugs or alcohol. Now, taking preventative action against their stress would not be a problem in other circumstances, but this is actually one of the more self annihilating things that they can do! When they begin abusing drugs or alcohol, their emotional intelligence drops…further and further…until even their everyday home life is out of their control. And, they are aware of this.

Something must be wrong with them, they think. Get yourself together, you’re being weak. This does not sound like very harsh internal thoughts, but when they do not work, the language and the level of attack becomes harsher. It degenerates to some pretty nasty stuff while the abuser spirals out of control, seeking to numb their pain more and more with drugs and alcohol.

At CMM Technology, we provide drug test equipment for businesses all over Australia, and we are based in Perth, WA. Drug testing is especially effective for people who find that their employees are off the wall or behaving in an erratic or careless manner, or whose behavior is inconsistent.

Try our urine drug tests, which have adulterant tests built right in. Very few urine drug tests have that feature, and we carry high quality alcohol tests, such as our LifeLoc FC10 breathalyser device. We also have a breathalyser recalibration service if you already have equipment which you need to have recalibrated. At CMM Technology, you get the whole package. Make sure that your employees are fit for duty. Make sure that the people you hire have a fairly tolerable internal song running through their brains. Anything less is just not professional, and can become too obvious for business practices. Call CMM Technology today for more information about drug testing in Western Australia: (+61) 1300 79 70 30.

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