Alcohol Testing and On-Call Workers Present Dilemma for Employers

A number of employers with drug and alcohol testing policies have clearly drug testingoutlined the rules for workers on-duty who are in the workplace or representing the company on paid time even though not on location, like truck drivers, delivery personnel, construction workers or miners. However, some workers also work on call, meaning they are off-duty but may be called to work at any time. Typically, on call workers are service workers, emergency personnel, repair technicians, safety workers and others working for businesses offering 24-hour services.

A continuing debate in Australia has concerned drug and alcohol testing that can show positive results from several days prior to testing. The controversy concerns the fact that employees religiously protect their right to privacy during off-duty time. A recent decision by Fair Work Australia upheld a decision in which Endeavour Energy could be prohibited from conducting urine tests because they can show drug use for several prior days. However, oral swabs like the Oraline saliva test or the saliva alcohol screen are considered appropriate. Endeavour Energy remains adamant that urine testing is the ideal testing option because it could identify chronic drug users, and thus identifies those employees presenting a safety risk. The company continues to assess the impact of the ruling.1

Difficult to Resolve

The issue of off-duty time or workers on call, and drug and alcohol testing, is a difficult issue to resolve. Southern Water adopted a zero-tolerance drug and alcohol policy and a random testing program that required employees to not test positive for any drugs and to have a 0.0 blood alcohol reading. The union has objected, saying that the zero tolerance policy is stricter than the law and would mean on call workers could not have a couple of light beers on weekends or Friday night.2

The question is whether employees who are on call should be allowed to drink as long as they remain under the legal limit of a .5 blood-alcohol reading. Of course, illicit drug use would never be intentionally allowed. Employers certainly have a right and duty to protect the safety of all workers. Though off duty drinking is on personal time, on call workers have no idea when they will be asked to report to work. The unions protest any urine testing because they do not want employers knowing anything about the workers’ off duty habits, legal or not.

Attorneys have been debating this issue, as well as employers and unions. There is no definitive answer. The first time an Australian worker is injured on the job due to an employee drinking whilst on call, the issue will be brought to the forefront again. One approach might be to require urine testing if the employee is paid for the on call time. Since workers agree to adhere to the drug and alcohol testing policies when employed, paid time is clearly under the auspice of the employer’s policies.

For employees on call, but not paid until actually called to work, the issue is not so clear cut. The employer has no control until the worker is called to duty. If the employer sets conditions like ‘no alcohol’, chances are the employee will have to be paid because of restrictions placed on their activities. If the employee is not paid, it will be difficult for an employer to completely restrict alcohol consumption, unless the employer can prove a real safety hazard is created if any alcohol is involved. At some point, this issue will come before Fair Work Australia. The last two relevant cases only address a zero tolerance policy and urine versus saliva testing.

For now, the important points of the discussion are that employers do need a random alcohol and drug testing program, and workers do need to use common sense. Drinking while on call to the point where blood alcohol exceeds the legal limit is dangerous for the worker, co-workers and community members, should the on call person have to report to work. No one can protest that fact.

CMM Technology has a wide range of drug and alcohol screening tests that include both urine and saliva kits. Products meeting any needs of employers can be found at–unjust-rules-tribunal-20120814-2461u.html

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Drug Free Workplace and School Place?

Drugs test kitsChances are most Australians know by now that The Southport School (TSS) in Queensland has decided to implement drug testing of students. The school will randomly collect urine and saliva samples at the start of each semester. The worthy goals of the substance testing program include keeping children alcohol and drug free, so they are better able to learn. There is a growing problem with substance abuse and not just during the school day. Children are using drugs on weekends and holidays and then coming to school still impaired.

The uproar over the testing was a bit surprising, only because many believed this was a way to justify expulsion of some students. That really does not make sense after thought because it is an exclusive private school that relies on parents being willing to pay steep fees to keep their children in a quality school. Expelling students is not the business of TSS. The Headmaster Greg Wain made it clear that his goal was to save the students and not to find ways to expel them.

Another argument against the drug testing concerns perceived violations of human and civil rights. However, what about the rights of teachers, parents paying the fees for the education, and the students who do not use illicit substances? Children on drugs not only harm themselves; they harm others around them by disrupting classes, tempting other children with substances, and forcing teachers to deal with the subsequent unruly behaviours and learning problems of the students on drugs.

Youthful Drug and Alcohol Users

Drug use is growing among Australians under 18 years old. In the brochure Alcohol, Drugs and the Law published by the Queensland Police Service, the statistics are grim. Approximately 34 percent of high school students aged 12 to 17 years old have consumed alcohol within the last week. Approximately 18 percent aged 14 to 19 years old have used marijuana in the last year. Approximately 4.3 percent of 14 to 19 year old students have used amphetamines and 4.3 percent have used MDMA in the last 12 months. Making the situation quite dire is the fact 4 percent have used prescribed medications in the last year, and they probably found the drugs in their homes.1

The fact is that it is illegal for anyone under 18 years old to consume alcohol or use illegal drugs. The opponents of drug testing present the argument that it is wrong to punish everyone for the actions of the students who do use substances. Headmaster Wain made it clear that random drug testing is necessary because nothing else has worked to keep students and the school drug free. He is open to suggestions for other methods, but it is random drug testing that has proven to be one of the most reliable methods for detecting and minimizing drug use. The Headmaster is the only one who will see the test results; parents will be notified; and counselling will be available.

Changing Times

Interestingly, in 2008 a major report prepared by the National Centre for Education and Training on Addiction was launched by the Australian National Council on Drugs. The report studied the efficacy of drug testing in the schools. A mere four years ago, most people were opposed to school drug testing; however, the same report discusses the fact that binge drinking is a serious problem for students and 4 percent of children regularly use cannabis. The report also mentions that drug testing is not reliable enough (in 2008).

Four years later, a lot has changed. Drugs test kits are highly accurate and meet exacting Australian standards. The majority of students at TSS are supportive of the program because they have nothing to hide and are acutely aware of how alcohol and drug use by others negatively impacts their learning experience. The Queensland Teachers’ Union is not convinced that drug testing in schools is justified, but readily agrees there is a growing and serious substance abuse problem among young people.2

The Australian Medical Association (AMA) plans on watching and assessing the progress of the TSS drug testing policy put into action. The AMA federal president, Steve Hambleton, points out that the Victorian traffic police and mine employers are successfully using saliva tests and being able to claim a drug-free workplace is very effective.3 The same will be true for schools. Keeping drugs and alcohol out of the schools, and discouraging their use outside the school, is important to children, their families and the Australian community at large. The many impacts of children abusing substances are not really felt until the children become adults and continue their bad habits. The same children who had difficult learning in school will have difficulty holding a job. That is a fact no matter what opinion is held about drug testing.

CMM Technology ( sells stringently tested and highly reliable drug and alcohol testing kits. The kits have been widely used in multiple industries like mining, maritime, transport and aviation and can readily be used in school settings.

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The Perspectives of Others

We all care about what others think of us. This is necessary and anThe Perspectives of Others evolutionary process within humans, because it involves drawing communities closer together, and it helps people to feel safein their community rather than threatened. Well, this process is no easy task to develop within children. Kids must be guided toward making up and building long term or permanent relationships with each other by their parents. They also learn by example that what others think of you is important and that public appearance is important, but that these things are not the entire story. Good parents teach their kids to also be happy with themselves and to take pride in what they do for their own sakes and how they feel about themselves, and not just external motivation like outside glory. Both inner and outer worlds are important. Appearances mean everything, but so does having an actual centre to your soul.

In the case of substance abusers, all they think of is how others see them, and they are constantly judging themselves by the standards that they BELIEVE that other people see them with. It is not true, of course, because people are rarely that judgmental and rarely for that long, but this perception is one of the key reasons why addicts feel justified in abusing themselves and then their families by association. In their minds, the perceptions of others is the “be all end all” of life.

They give outsiders way too much credit and they make themselves the centre of someone else’s world. The truth, of course, is that people rarely spend time thinking about you or obsessing over you. Consequently, your perceptions of how they think about you are far more grandiose than they are in real life. They do not sit around and judge you for hours on end. Even if they wanted to do that, they couldn’t, because they have lives and jobs and people to talk to. At CMM Technology, we find it important to keep perspective about these things, which is why we are one of the leading alcohol and drug testing equipment suppliers in Australia. We would like to introduce you to our extensive range of breathalysers such as the robust and excellent Lifeloc FC10, the police issue SD400 or the industry favourite the economical Lion Alcoblow, not to mention our trusted and Australian standard validated,Medix Integrated Pro-Split urine drug tests. Call us today for more information: (+61) 1300 79 70 30.

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Reinvesting Your Personal Profits

Reinvesting Your Personal ProfitsIn companies where employees enjoy their job, there can even be investor contribution from inside the company. This is similar to the upfront money which partners initially have to put up in order to start the company in the first place. Only this time, employees are investing their own assets, expecting the company to grow and return them dividends on their investment. This is a great way to bring in extra income from the business and for the business, which is excellent investing, since it double uses the money which your company makes. This is how to get more bang for your buck, so to speak.

Companies which are unsafe working places, which are mismanaged, and which find themselves constantly bucking against the red line always are considered hazardous investments by their employees. After all, their employees live there, and they of all people know just exactly how safe their money really is in that operation. This is a case where employee investment is an excellent indicator of what the business can really do with their assets, and exactly how far your dollar will go if you invest in them.

That is why CMM Technology puts such emphasis on employee safety and regulating employee turnover within a business. More staff who are abusing, the higher the employee turnover and the more unsafe the working environment is. Our Medixurine drug tests and our Oralinesaliva drug tests are great for making sure that you are aware of everything that is going on in your place of business. Try our LifeLoc FC10 workplace breathalyser devices, as well. We really want you to experience what our products can do for you, and how the cost of drug and alcohol testing can be simple and well watched.

Drug tests are a form of reinvesting your personal profits. It means that you are confident in the success of your company, and would like to take some of those profits and put them back into the business to, in the end, generate far greater revenue. For more information on drug and alcohol test prices, call CMM Technology today:(+61) 1300 79 70 30.

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Drifting in a Sea of Fog

If you have ever driven in fog, then you know how much fear that it can Drifting in a Sea of Foginduce in someone. The fear is not so much in getting lost or a fear of the hazy gray smokiness of the air around you. It is a fear of blindly being led off of the road which you are on…a road which ensures your safety and wellbeing. Without this path ahead of you, you could drive into oncoming traffic, fall into a ditch or over a cliff, and you can get your vehicle stuck in areas which you would need a tow truck to pull you out of. This slipping off the road business is a dangerous thing to encounter.

Drifting in a sea of fog is a phrase that is also used to describe being without motivation, goals or direction. When people use it in this manner, they intend to convey a feeling of almost not being human anymore, since most of their humanity is based upon clear cut feelings and memories and visual impressions of people and objects and life experiences.

When you indulge in drug abuse or alcohol abuse, your mind is drifting in a sea of fog. This is no directionless phase, since most people on this path slip toward a very definite end of broken relationships, lowered standards of living, and repeated and chronic self abuse. In order to understand why businesses implement employee drug testing, you may wish to consider that a company is like a living organism which must grow and thrive in order to stay healthy. When the organism is dysfunctional, money leaves rather than coming in.

Money is very good about going where it is safe.

Adulterant tests and all types of breathalyser devices and drug testing reveal the inner workings of employee behavior toward themselves. If they engage in rampant self abuse, it shows. To have workers who are fit for duty is to have a healthy organism which produces products and services for your community. Order your drug test equipment from CMM Technology today. Drug testing in Western Australia has never been so easy: (+61) 1300 79 70 30.

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Disengaging from Abusive Coworkers

Disengaging from Abusive CoworkersLet us say that you love your job, or are at least satisfied with it, and that you have abusive coworkers with whom you do not wish to associate and about whom you frequently have negative thoughts. This is a dual-sided situation. Not only can someone make themselves obnoxious, but others can choose to see them as obnoxious. Both sides of this situation must occur in order for a worksite to be plagued with abusive coworkers. There must be a bully, and there must be a recognition of the bully.

For you to achieve some measure of clarity and therefore rid yourself of the energy of this person, you must take one of those two factors under your control. You cannot change and really can in no way alter the behavior of a person without their consent. The alternative, then, is to manage and control to what extent they are able to affect you.

This all sounds very simple on paper, doesn’t it?

As we all know, though, principles are great until you encounter an emotional situation where the individual in question is directly attacking you or someone with whom you associate. Then it becomes an all out war in your mind, where you are willing to fight dirty and take them down systematically, if just to gain control over your world again.

And the only thing which can make an emotional situation worse is if one or both of you have low emotional intelligence. At that point, you are subject to reactions, which are entirely out of your control, rather than your straightforward logical thinking. This is why we distribute employee drug testing equipment.

Though the systematic and cool universe of drug testing in Western Australia, you can make sure that everyone is keeping themselves under control. After all, you are liable for injuries on the jobsite resulting from an inebriated or high employee. You bear, by law, some of the burden of such workplace liabilities.

Protect yourself and your assets by checking out and reviewing our Lifeloc FC10 personal breathalyser devices and our Medix integrated pro-split cup 6+6. And while you’re at it, call us today: (+61) 1300 79 70 30.

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Dimethylamylamine (DMAA)

Dimethylamylamine (DMAA)GNC Holdings and Vitamin Shoppe are both organic supplement companies which have carried DMAA (dimethylamylamine), a component said to come from geraniums. Previous statistical reports and journal articles, which are not considered outdated and defunct, attributed this diet enhancer as coming from the geranium flower. Later on, data showed that this is in fact not true, thus negating the fact that this substance comes from an organic source. In fact, the U.S. Food and Drug Administration are looking into reports which say either it is a part of the geranium plant or it is not. Obviously, further research and development is needed in order to truly determine where this supposedly organic weight and diet enhancer comes from. Fortunately, the publicity received by this article published in the Wall Street Journal back in July has brought about various current attempts to prove this decision in one way or another. At this point, it is good to point out how important it is to understand how substances can affect the human body, and how non-organically grown substances can be treated as pharmaceuticals or as actual, regular illicit drugs. Either way, it poses a problem for anyone who is uninformed and who may be hiding their head in the sand about what they do and do not distribute.

CMM Technology possesses no such qualms.

Our company is based in Perth, WA, and we distribute drug tests and industry level breathalysers throughout Australia, and New Zealand, for the sake of businesses and companies which need to use in-house employee drug and alcohol screening. The cost of drug and alcohol testing is negligible when you consider the benefits reaped from the results. Each employee can be evaluated in an unbiased and professional manner, without feeling like the results of their tests are dependent upon personal opinion or public appearance. Competent or not, this is a truly non-judgmental form of evaluation for employers, and it is a highly effective one. Many businesses consider that drug and alcohol test prices are cheap compared with the cost of employee turnover or of paying overtime to a smaller than necessary staff. For more information about drug testing in Australia, call CMM Technology today:(+61) 1300 79 70 30.

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Different Varieties of Emotional Investment

Drug And Alcohol TestingWhen dealing with anything from casual dating to long term company mergers, there are cues which you must be able to read. If your date keeps checking their watch, or if the head of merging company is suddenly arrested on fraud charges, then these cues indicate that your time may be wasted with them. However, consistency and strength are always considered to be positive attributes of emotional cues.

Any business must be able to operate effectively, and that requires communication. Without the ability to openly correct or question directions from above, the environment can be filled with fear and dependent upon a tightly organized system of help among the underlings. This situation was outlined in the book, “The Power of Habit,” by Charles DuHigg, when a hospital fostered a spirit of intolerance from suggestions and reminders from the nursing staff, resulting in a long series of highly mismanaged surgeries and treatment. In the book, a nurse described a little boy whose leg needed to be operated on. Even the eight-year-old child knew the reputation of this hospital and urgently asked the nurse to make sure that they did surgery on the correct leg.

Emotional investment can either be too high or too low. There can be different types of emotional investment, such as thinking a situation is non-romantic when it is, or believing in your child, even though their DNA is tied to the crime. Humans screw up on emotional investment all the time, due to differences in perception. Something like drug or alcohol abuse among employees can make the difference between an injured coworker and a safe working environment.

We are one of the finest alcohol and drug testing equipment suppliers in Australia, and we urge you to consider our products in your workplace testing. Our drug tests are accurate, and our standards are high. Try our Lifeloc range of breathalysers or our Oralinesaliva drug test. Come and visit our site, and check out onsite services to have the testing delivered directly to your business. Call CMM Technology today for more information on the cost of drug and alcohol testing:(+61) 1300 79 70 30. and-sell-low/

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Dealing with Employee Testing in Small Businesses

Small businesses, generally businesses of one hundred employees or less, areDrug test equipment part of the local economy and they keep everything from prices to inflation from rising. Small companies also take care of their customers on a more personal basis, and they are more likely to develop long term positive relationships with their clients.

This is a big deal, since most or all the business that a small company receives can come from repeat loyal customers. In other words, you may be serving most of the target demographic of customers in your area.

For this reason, it is especially important that you hire really high quality employees who are trained in how to act and how to respond to difficult customers. If they help to keep your reputation strong, then business never leaves. However, if they continue to be awkward and to drive clients away, then you are looking at a very real and very documentable liability…not only that, but they are a liability which you are paying to be employed at your company every day.

That sounds like a lot of money going down the drain.

When you deal with customer service, you must be willing to vet your employees up and down main street before hiring them. If you know them and they have a solid reputation both with you and with your community, then hiring them would be even more beneficial than the average high quality employee. One of their assets is that they bring these desired customers into your business through their local reputation. It strengthens your business foundation.

At CMM Technology, we distribute drug test equipment and breathalysers to companies throughout Australia, and we also provide breathalyser recalibration service to many businesses in Western Australia. Our goal is to bring you high quality customers by helping you improve the quality of employees which you have with you. Scientific reading from employee drug testing is about as objective as it can get. For more information, visit our website and check out our products. We would love to know what you think of our recalibration services, and we would love to provide you with your next batch of equipment. Call CMM Technology today: (+61) 1300 79 70 30.

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CMM’s Products

CMM’s ProductsAt CMM Technology, we like to think of ourselves as enablers…of workplace safety. We dedicate our company to providing the finest employee drug testing equipment, the best drug test kits, and the best breathalysers in Western Australia. In our workplace, employee safety is number one, number two, number three, and so on. So we decided to make our whole company about employee safety.

In Working with Emotional Intelligence, by Daniel Goleman, the author describes how employees’ stress level rises as their feelings of insecurity and instability in their job increase. This can be due to unsafe working conditions, or abusive managers or bosses, and it can be due to employee drug abuse or alcohol abuse on or near the worksite. This is a situation where employee safety determines the productivity of a company. If the workers do not feel as if their jobs are safe or as if their working conditions are humane, then they will produce less, work at a much slower pace, and there are far more likely to be emotional uprisings among coworkers. This can lead to volatile emotional situations, or it can lead to physical danger, and even drug abuse on the jobsite out of a sense of necessity.

If an employee, who needs to keep their job, feels as if their workplace will never be safe, they may resort to drug abuse or alcohol abuse in order to get through the day. This often results from a feeling of being trapped.

It is important that employees do not encourage this fear in each other by engaging in abusive behavior while at work. CMM Technology provides adulterant tests for just such an analysis. After all, you do want your staff to be fit for duty, right? Drug testing is definitely the way to go. Your employees deserve to feel safe, and you deserve to get the highest quality speed and productivity out of your workers. Safety on the jobsite is the way to get this done. Help everyone to feel safe and bold and encouraged to lift your company higher. While you’re at it, check out our oral fluid drug tests when you check out our website. Give us a call today: (+61) 1300 79 70 30.

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Clenching Your Energy

Different images pop in your head when you think of the word “clenching,”CMM Technology there is a valid reason why we are using it in our article. When people have trouble achieving and maintaining healthy relationships with other people, it is generally due to low emotional intelligence. This means the ability to handle and successfully interact with yourself and your environment at any given point in your life. When someone does run across a situation where they feel especially incompetent to handle with ease and grace, they take whatever energy and force of will that they do have, and they twist and morph it until it seems to them like something to defend themselves with. For example, if an outgoing charmer runs across a tense situation which he feels he has no competence in, the first thing he will try to do is put everyone at ease with the situation (because that is a talent he feels competent in), even if the situation calls for a different line of action.

This clenching and distorting of your own energy into various things in order to make you feel back in control of your own life is quite common. It manifests itself in many different forms. For example, one woman may engage in self masochism, while a man may spend his evening bawling into the phone, begging an ex to come back. These are typical scenarios among people who are not able to handle or deal effectively with their own lives. Unfortunately, the end result can often be tragic, if not just for themselves, but also for their children, roommates, friendly and close family members who are affected by their inability to deal with reality or life. Drug abuse and alcohol abuse only serve to increase this incompetency in these individuals. It is far better to keep searching and looking for very real answers, rather than only looking to escape an unpleasant or suffering situation. CMM Technology recommends employee drug and alcohol testing in order to help maintain a positive, growing atmosphere in the workplace. Check out our Oraline saliva drug tests, our Medix urine drug tests, and how low the cost of drug and alcohol testing really can be. We would love to hear from you. Call CMM Technology today:(+61) 1300 79 70 30.

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Changing Habits Without Rewards

Changing Habits Without RewardsHabits are fickle creatures and, if not treated just precisely right, they can up and leave you in a minute or enforce themselves on you when you are feeling the least in control. The truth is, habits can make or break someone, and the stronger the habit, the more it can make or break you. This is why good habits are so important and why bad habits are so fatal.

Rewards are necessary in order to turn a bad habit to a good one, or in order to develop a good habit from scratch. It is a psychological process. First, there is a cue, then there is the habit itself or the process, and lastly there is the reward. All habits have this ability to be created on purpose, but many people either have them ingrained by parents or they allow themselves to be taken over by habits, good or bad, without thought or consideration for monitoring their progress.

In employee drug testing, you have to be able to make it familiar to your employees. Doing it regularly enough will help them to see it as just a normal part of their workplace environment. Being apologetic about it or only doing it once or twice a year will make them feel very uncomfortable when they have to do it, and they will have to do it during times when they can predict it, and plan their abuse accordingly when they are abusing substances. This is an important fact to remember. Doing drug testing more will make it seem less intrusive, but doing it less will make it seem more intrusive. So there is really no reason to put it off or to feel guilty about complaints which can initially come from all the employee levels within your business.

Drug and alcohol test prices are economical at CMM Technology. We believe in keeping your business, so we keep things pretty straightforward. Try out our Oralineoral fluid drug test or our Lifeloc FC10 breathalysers. After all, drug testing in Australia really can be a useful tool. Call us today:(+61) 1300 79 70 30.

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