Is Goal Setting Detrimental?

Is Goal Setting Detrimental?We are all often told to be sure to set goals and remember important milestones in our lives which we would like to meet. This is all very well and good…and a little trite…but what happens when these goals continually fall through, and nobody believes that their goals will actually be accomplished? It sure sounds as if there is a missing step in this process. There is. Goal setting involves one more factor which is necessary to both personal and professional development: believability. Believability is the amount that a given goal seems realistic or attainable to you. It does not matter how attainable it seems to someone else. It only matters what your own opinion of it is. If it does not seem to be attainable in your own mind, then you are actually pushing the goal away, both with your energy and your actions, because you do not want to invest any further in it until you believe that it can actually be accomplished.

In the workplace, believability holds just as much if not more sway. Not only do you have to set goals which seem realistic and attainable to your own mind, but if you announce them publicly, they must be goals which seem attainable to the minds of relevant peers in your life. If not, their scorn alone can cause you to lose hope and just give up. At this point in time, remember that it is not what type of goal it is that matters, but your willingness to push through all obstacles to get to it that matters. At this point in time, remember that goals are meant to be challenging, rather than easy steps up. If they were easy steps up, rather than a craggy mountain to climb, they would be items on your to-do list, rather than goals for the future. They would not bear much importance at all.

Set goals for your company policies by investing in better drug and alcohol test prices. The cost of drug and alcohol testing does not have to be high. Purchase our drug tests, our LifeLoc FC10 personal breathalyser devices, our Medix equipment, and our Oraline drug tests. Call us today: (+61) 1300 79 70 30.

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Investing in Yourself

We have all heard the phrase, “pay yourself first,” and it has to do with putting aside money for yourself before you pay your bills and deal with other Investing in Yourselfexpenses. It is not just a form of common sense and good investing, but it has to do with self respect. How can you give respect to others when you do not even have any respect for yourself? How can you bless the lives of others when you have not given yourself blessings first? All resources must come from somewhere and how you treat yourself and how you invest in yourself both have everything to do with what type of productivity you are able to put out.

Investing in yourself is not a new concept. However, it has become less and less socially acceptable to even talk about, since society in general and lower middle socioeconomic groups in particular fail to discern between investing in yourself and just plain selfishness. How does one go about investing in themselves, while at the same time avoiding the unpleasant and depressing insistence of others that they should be serving their community instead?

The key is in secrecy, privacy and isolation. When you tell other people about what you are doing for yourself, even if they show unlimited external support of your ideas, it helps to draw your focus in that direction…externally. Fortunately, this article describes the importance of being intimate with yourself and your personality and investing in things that only you like to do and that only sink blessing into your own life, without anyone else knowing anything about it.

Do all of your personal intimate and private self improvements in private, and tell no one about them afterward. This builds up your internal reserves because no one else knows your secret and can then evaluate it in any direction, and it also helps you to feel like you can tweak it without having to update the general populace around you. Your intimate conversations with yourself should be just that…intimate. This is the highest and most profitable and most permanent way to invest in yourself. On the jobsite, your reactions will be quick and to the point, and your spirit will be calm and relaxed and not affected by the disillusionment and dissatisfaction of others.

In the meantime, CMM Technology offers another, more external, way to bring calmness and responsible employees together. Our drug tests and alcohol breathalyser devices will bring a whole new state of calm and security to your jobsite, thanks to employee drug and alcohol testing. Call us today: (+61) 1300 79 70 30.

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Interview with the Roommate of an Alcoholic

This interview was obtained with permission from the interviewee.

What made you decided to have an alcoholic roommate?

Interview with the Roommate of an AlcoholicIt was not a conscious decision. I moved in with him and he was reliable concerning home repairs and money, so I stayed. It was not until later on that I found out that he is an admitted drunk. He doesn’t try to cover it up at all.

What are some of the drawbacks of having an alcohol roommate?

Well, this one is pretty reliable with money, like I said, but he keeps allowing really trashy girls into the house, who are not trustworthy or reliable, and they can just take whatever they want from my room when I’m not home. I feel like, when my roommate allows this kind of person into their own house, they’re allowing them into my room, as well. That is not acceptable to me.

So, their lack of personal boundaries is, to some extent, leaving you open.

Yeah. Exactly. They do not seem to realize that, when they are not watching these girls, the girls have full and easy access to my personal belongings, and some of them have already proven that they do not recognize personal boundaries with me.

Are there are any other problems which you have with your alcoholic roommate?

They’re really unsocial, unless they’re drunk, and they really only clean their house when they have a hot date coming over. They do not, however, do anything with their home in between those times, and the place looks abandoned the rest of the time. As if someone hasn’t lived there for years.

Do the two of you ever spend any time together? Socializing?

No, we do not. Often, I feel as if we are not actually friends, but simply live in the same house. I am frequently ignored or left out of the festivities, and sometimes it almost feels as if its personal. I do not even know how to get along with my roommate anymore, and will probably be moving out soon.

Will that cost them a great deal in money?

Yes, I have paid them several thousand dollars for rent in the year plus that I’ve lived here.


For more information about employee drug and alcohol testing, call CMM Technology today: (+61) 1300 79 70 30.

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High Hazard Success and Operations

High hazard industries require so many standards and regulations in order to remain safe for workers who are employed in them. Each rule and High Hazard Success and Operationsregulation is in place for a reason and any person with a lick of common sense understands this. However, one of the most basic and most widely used regulation is that of employee drug and alcohol testing. Workplace drug testing affords the business the right to have any of their employees, or all of them, tested for drugs and alcohol on a regular basis. For this, you will need alcohol breathalyser devices and drug tests, both of which are provided by CMM Technology.

Employees and workers can show up while under the influence of a substance, or they can bring it on the jobsite with them. Either way, it is extremely dangerous and endangers the lives of other employees and even non-company citizens. It becomes necessary to fully understand the circumstances under which these hazards can occur. If someone is under the influence, they can forget to read the safety gauge, use safety goggles or other protective equipment, they can forget that they cannot light their cigarettes around flammable materials or hazardous gases. They can forget to give someone a message about changes which have been made to digging, mining or building plans. They can become obstreperous and violent with their coworkers or with their managers. They can accidentally leave a valve open which should be closed, and vice versa. They can cause an explosion by their lack of safety protocols.

High hazard industries are notorious for occasionally having fatalities or mass injuries which must be investigated. It would be worth it to know for sure that drug and alcohol testing protocols were followed to the letter, in these instances. Please consider how the reputation of your company is affected by the community around it.

For employee drug testing and alcohol testing, CMM Technology provides saliva drug tests, urine drug tests, and alcohol breathalyser devices for all of your business and testing needs. We are free to answer any questions that you may have. Call us today: (+61) 1300 79 70 30.

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Having Confidence in Your Planned Work

Having Confidence in Your Planned WorkTasks seem can sometimes add up over the course of a day and, if you are looking at your to-do list at the start of the day, they can seem to add up and may appear to be overwhelming. However, this is not quite the case. In reality, your life is made of up tasks or things that you do every day, and it is the mental illusion of separation from these tasks which can confuse some people. Some people believe that their lives are separate from the little (or large) things throughout the day that they have planned. In truth, this planned work IS your life. Even if you plan to do nothing during the course of your day, that is very much a part of your life. That peace, tranquility and relaxation is a segment of your life. This is the reason why companies schedule work days for their employees, and subsequently fill that work time up with individual set tasks.

The truth, however, resides in the fact that whatever you plan throughout the day, that is your life. That is who you are, and those decisions make up very real segments of your life. Tasks are not super imposed over real life. They ARE real life. There is a certain amount of confidence that is required, in order to take on planned work. You should have a minimum amount of confidence in the planned tasks themselves. After all, one presumes that these plans are meant to make your life easier and run more smoothly. You should therefore have more confidence in these building blocks of your life, since that is precisely what they are. One of these all-important, life building and company building planned tasks is none other than employee drug and alcohol testing.

Employees are given drug tests and alcohol breathalyser devices in order to determine if they have recently been under the influence of drugs or alcohol. For this, CMM Technology recommends our Medix equipment, our Oraline drug tests, and our Alert J5 personal breathalyser devices. You do not have to be swamped by the cost of drug and alcohol testing. Call CMM Technology today: (+61) 1300 79 70 30.

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Gaining Momentum in Personal Finance

Personal finance is hard to discuss because money and emotions are so easily and so closely tied together. When one person feels financially pressured or Gaining Momentum in Personal Financemanipulated by another, the level of perceived disrespect is many times higher than other forms of disrespect. When someone seeks to be in a professional or personal relationship with you and you bribe them with money to keep them in the relationship, they are likely to leave more than at any other time. When you do your work only for the money it produces, you neither do a quality job nor do you enjoy your work that much. It becomes a source of stress in your life.

Personal finance becomes even more personal when debts and bills and job loss are piled onto them. It makes you feel as if there is no way out and that there is nothing you can do to drill yourself a hole and escape from a cave of doom. However, when personal finance goes well, it tends to go really well and continue to go well for a long period of time. Is this what they are talking about when they say that “like attracts like and good energy brings on good things”? Well, to some extent, yes, that is what they were talking about. However, personal finance, being so closely tied to your emotions, is also extremely closely tied to your emotional intelligence.

Does that mean that your use of your own income is tied to how well you handle life?

Yes, that is exactly what we are saying that it means. Do you not see it around you? Are not the people who are least in control of their lives and the most affected by outside influences the most likely to keep spending and losing their money until they have none left? While we cannot directly affect how much emotional intelligence other people have, and we can only work on ourselves, there are certain things which you can implement that relieve your business from the worst cases. These things include employee drug and alcohol screening, which is possible through our high quality drug tests and alcohol breathalyser devices. Call CMM Technology today: (+61) 1300 79 70 30.

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Function Creates Affection

Function Creates AffectionFunctionality is the basis upon which many individuals put their affection. After all, if someone is doing something for you, do you not temporarily at the very least feel indebted to them? In small cases, this indebtedness is part of a larger and more powerful feeling of resentment, but as long as the function or service was performed with a good attitude, the feeling in the other person is likely to be that of gratitude and this temporary affection. However, this is not just said about humans. We value animals which perform daily functions for us, we value functional and clean households, we value functional lifestyles, where resources are not wasted and where we are able to express our creativity in new and better ways. Let’s face, function breeds affection.

In your company, superfluous additions to your business plan and extraneous areas and spaces of your office complex are considered wasted money, time and energy. We value function so much that wasted function is directly associated with loss of money or wasted money. Clearly, function is valuable in our world! Even art is more valued and considered more interesting if it serves a functional purpose and does not exist purely for aesthetic appeal, though many people believe aesthetics to be a separate function all on its own.

In the business world, function is key to operating a good business. If your clients or customers are not being appropriately served, then what is the point of your company? It cannot be to bring in money, for anyone can do that performing any task. The purpose must be of service, and this service must bear very real results. Without it, you are a joke to the business community, and your services will begin to be seen that, on and on until you cannot even bring in enough money to stay afloat. Reputation serves a function and in the business world, reputation can be everything.

Employee drug and alcohol screening serves a function by increasing reputation, delineating set goals and priorities for employees who do not know better, and by showing problems which must be eradicated. It is a cleansing function. Call CMM Technology today: (+61) 1300 79 70 30.

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Foundations of Support

Support is something which we all need to some extent or another. However, not all of us receive the foundations of this support, namely from ourFoundations of Support family, friends, and parents during our younger years. By evolutionary standards, we are meant to be successful within a group environment, and the lack of this success can lead to insecurity about whether or not we can individually handle community involvement. It is plain and simple, and it involves lots of love and support, of course. If someone does not have this support while growing up, they are much more likely to engage in drug abuse, alcoholism, and they are far more likely to have trouble blending into the social environment on the jobsite due to their lack of security and confidence.

In the workplace, individual employees are like little children. They should never be attacked, but they should be guided gently but firmly in the right direction, shown respect and deference, and instructed in both the habits of your company and the spirit of your business. This is a type of learning that should be carefully fostered over time. Employees sometimes consider their bosses and managers with an “us against them” mentality. This is destructive, and it breeds contempt for their authority figures. In the same manner, positive role modeling, gentle breeding, and careful guidance can be the ticket toward respect and loyalty within your staff members.

If employees already have one strike against them in the drug or alcohol abuse department, then you might want to consider ways to help them feel more supported. Support can make all the different in how someone interprets a situation, and in how difficult they consider a task to be. This is a crucial time to instigate proper employer-employee boundaries and terms of respect in both directions. In the meantime, continue your monitoring with proper drug and alcohol screening.

CMM Technology provides Oraline drug tests, Lion SD 400 and Lion SD 500 breathalyser devices, and Alert J5 personal breathalysers, not to mention our Medix kits. The cost of drug and alcohol testing does not have to be large. You can receive these services quickly and simply, by calling us today: (+61) 1300 79 70 30.

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Following Protocol, No Matter What

Following Protocol, No Matter WhatA good business has a carefully planned out and implemented protocol for every situation regarding sales, safety, client relations, lawsuits, and so on. Every good company has detailed situations planned out ahead of time and they modify their strategies as they progress, so that more carefully fit solutions exist to replace the old, out-of-date protocols. A good business is a living organism which anticipates future needs and potential problems and finds ways to improve past situations.

Employees who follow protocol no matter what can either be making a good decision or making a mistake, depending upon the circumstance which has arisen. Almost always, it is best to have an experience mentor to question no matter what the situation is, because they will have a better idea about whether or not you should follow the rules exactly as written. In the workplace, drug testing rules and protocol should definitely be followed by strict guidelines, for many of those protocols have to do with legal matters.

CMM Technology provides drug and alcohol testing equipment, such as Oraline saliva tests, and Medix tests, and LifeLoc FC10 personal breathalyser devices. Our goal is to deliver the finest drug tests to your business, but you must also have a business to administer these tests. Often, people use onsite testing services such as those offered by our sister company, Mediscreen. And when it comes to drug testing, following protocol reaches whole new level of importance. If it is not done correctly, then your business can be liable for injuries to employees or equipment or even to outside people. This is a scientific art, which requires strict adherence to any protocol which is laid down. Without this protocol, trouble can quickly enter the workplace.

As you see, adherence to protocol, no matter what, is entirely based upon the circumstances, which protocol it is, external influences, and subjective opinions of authority figures. This means that virtues like common sense and practical application are very important in the business world, whether you are a janitor or a top executive. For more information about our drug tests or breathalyser devices, call CMM Technology today: (+61) 1300 79 70 30.

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Five Reasons to Always Tell the Truth

Telling the truth always seems inconvenient when you are in a tight spot or when you really feel judgment from another personFive Reasons to Always Tell the Truth coming on. However, telling the truth is always better in the end, for it saves reputation and it saves humiliation in the long run. Need some additional motivation?

#1: The truth always comes out in the end, anyway. No matter what, the truth always comes out in the end, anyway, and there is just no way around it. The harder you try to keep a secret, the more likely you are to spill. However, the less you seemingly care about telling the truth, the less stressful it will be to the hearer and to you.

#2: To reiterate…even if it takes years to come out…the truth always comes out in the end. We would like to repeat the above reason with even more clarity and discernment. After many years, even if you have been lynched by the mob and raked over the coals, the truth will come out. It is much better to endure that now, and come out with a clean reputation, than to be lynched by the mob and raked over the coals AFTER the truth comes out later on, when your reputation will also be in jeopardy.

#3: It is better to be accused of something that is true, than to be accused of something that is false. We have all endured false accusation, and it is no picnic. You want to control how others see you, but your reputation is in shambles, and you feel that you have no baseline upon which to build a new one. On the other hand, if you are accused of something which you have already confessed to, the power behind the accusation loses all momentum. It is not satisfying to your accuser to threaten someone who has already come clean and who has already told everyone what they did.

#4: You have nothing to hide…and that is worth more than you think. When someone keeps a secret, they have to change their behavior to mask what they know to be true. If someone is blissfully ignorant of something, their behavior does not change, and they do not act any different than anyone else. If you always tell the truth, your actions and seeming sincerity are true and unblemished.

#5: You sleep better at night. This has been tested and is very true. When you must constantly keep tabs of everything that you are doing during the day and who you told what, you have a lot to rehash at night in order to keep all of your stories straight. When everything is out in the open and nice and clean, all you have time for at night is sleep.

CMM Technology provides drug and alcohol testing equipment to businesses, and we always promote honesty and the development of honesty within the workplace. For more information about drug and alcohol testing in your line of work, call us today: (+61) 1300 79 70 30.

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FearlessnessFear does strange things to people and, if they do not admit to their fears at least some of the time, can result in strange coping mechanisms, from drinking to sleepiness to severe depression. Even if someone has a great deal of self awareness, their fear can be ignored or given incomplete attention, and this results in the need to suppress their fear. Sometimes, they may become sleepy all of a sudden. Sometimes, they may suddenly lose their motivation and hope for their day. And sometimes, they are not aware of their fear because they are busy suppressing it with drugs or alcohol. In fact, alcohol especially has the ability to suppress fear and make you feel invincible, which can lead you to using alcohol on a regular basis just to cope with life in the most basic of ways. This is not a bad thing. It is, however, something which needs to be heavily accounted for in the workplace…where injuries and fatalities can occur due to irresponsible actions.

Accountability is rarely thought of in tandem with fearlessness, but the two are actually very related. Natural, non alcohol induced fearlessness grows from a greater feeling of accountability than other people may have. However, drug and alcohol induced fearlessness avoids and shies away from accountability as much as possible. One does not wish to take responsibility for one’s actions when all cares and worries are seemingly wiped away. One does not actually wish to think of themselves as the problem. This can be a very unnatural, and yet a very common, way of believing. This is why drug and alcohol screening on the jobsite is so popular. At work, you and your employees must be held accountable for both your positive and your negative actions or lack thereof. This is where drug tests and alcohol tests come in play. Check out CMM Technology’s wide array of drug tests and personal breathalyser devices, including our Lion SD 500 and our Medix equipment. The cost of drug and alcohol testing does not have to be a factor in your drug testing decisions. Call CMM Technology today for more information or to order our products: (+61) 1300 79 70 30.

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Expectations and Their Consequences

Expectations, just like habits, can make or break a man. In fact, most expectations already are habits. They are just habitual beliefsExpectations and Their Consequences about circumstances and people and places and situations which have been cultivated over time into expectations. Well, we cannot do much about it someone else has low expectations of us, and it is not in our best interests to try to dissuade them from this ideal, because that would allow their opinion to control our actions. We can, however, control how we perceive the world around us, and deal with life in a more proactive manner. For example, perpetual worriers often feel that it is normal to have some stress or concern in their minds at all times, or else they feel that they are being irresponsible. Conversely, those who never concern themselves even with basic responsibilities find everyone else to be too uptight and not as mellow as they are. Of course, in either case, their surrounding or external circumstances have not changed at all, but their private worlds are different depending upon how they perceive themselves and the world immediately around them.

In advertising, this motto is frequently touted: perception IS reality.

Unfortunately, negative expectations not only change your own energy, but they change how you behave and how your react to others, bringing about and increasing the likelihood that others will act in the manner which you expect. This is a commonplace phenomenon, which describes how perceptions affect the perceiver FIRST, and then the perceiver’s behavior and attitude affects others to the point where they begin delivering what is expected of them, good or bad. Often, drug addicts and alcoholics are so far gone that they do not even need to see the expected behavior in someone else before they accuse them and expect evil from them.

Fortunately, not all expectations have to be continually fed, especially in a worthwhile marketplace like the professional business world. CMM Technology provides employee drug testing equipment to help reduce these negative expectations due to abuse. Check out our drug tests and alcohol breathalyser devices, especially our Medix drug testing kits and our Lion SD 500 breathalyser devices. We would love to hear from you: (+61) 1300 79 70 30.

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