Drug Testing with Employees Who Refuse to be Tested

Drug Testing with Employees Who Refuse to be TestedIn certain high hazard industries, employee drug and alcohol screening is a requirement and absolutely positively must be done in order for the company to abide by government guidelines. However, some companies have the option of whether or not to test their employees for drugs or alcohol, and if an employee should refuse to be tested, this can pose quite an interesting dilemma. If the individual has been employed by your company for some time and has proven themselves competent and trustworthy, do you go the extra step to convince them to submit to employee drug and alcohol testing, or do you give them a break?

At this point in time, if you are inclined to give them a break about this topic, and they may well have earned such a privilege, you still have to keep other employees in mind. If you make exceptions to the rule which other employees find out about, then this specialized treatment is likely to breed bitterness and resentment within your other staff members. It is important to discuss this with the favored and competent employees, but to also explain that they are a leader in your company, a self made leader, and that their example and attitude about employee drug testing will affect other people.

Absolutely make sure that you do not become stern and officious and tell the valued and competent employee that everyone gets tested and that’s that. It is best to always help them to understand that, while you respect them as a person and that your respect their professionalism, you have to think about the other employees and that they should, too.

If, however, you do end up giving someone an exception to the rule, make it quite clear that their free ride is based entirely upon their confidence about the matter. If they should mention the circumstances to anyone else, it will engender destruction of the teamwork mentality, and you will make sure that they are properly tested, just like everyone else.

CMM Technology provides employee drug and alcohol testing equipment to businesses all over Australia and we ship to some countries. Call us today for more information: (+61) 1300 79 70 30.





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Doubt in Your Own Abilities

Intellectually speaking, most people are the same, and they are perfectly able to accomplish whatever they put their mind to. In TheDoubt in Your Own Abilities Magic of Thinking Big, by Dr. David J. Schwartz, we find that perceptions of reality are the true blockades to progress. In fact, according to Dr. Schwartz, doubt in your own ability seems to really be the ONLY problem with regard to accomplishing that which you would like to accomplish. Unfortunately, our individual perceptions are highly fickle and based upon our memory of the past and emotional reactions, and the result can be a person who is entirely caged in by their own mind.

Doubt in your own abilities really does define how much you learn new things and incorporate those new things into your life. There is really is only one wall against perception, and that is your own beliefs about such things. When you doubt in your ability to accomplish a task, your mind really desires to make your wish come true, and therefore gives you every excuse in the book in order to get out of actually accomplishing it.

Truthfully, personal perceptions are the only reality which exists in your lifetime. Advertising agencies understand that. They comprehend how, rather than the qualifications of the product, the actual perceptions of the product make it sell. If an advertising agency is not accomplishing that job, then it is time to move on to someone who can sell something consistently and in large amounts.

In Dr. Schwartz’s book, he describes how inaction leads to further fear and that action destroys fear. What does this mean? When you are afraid of something or someone or of a situation, then take immediate action steps to addressing the problem, meeting the person, or coming in contact with the object. Face your fears head on and do it immediately, or your inaction will grow your negative perception to unreasonable heights.

One perception is that drug and alcohol screening is extremely helpful to businesses, and CMM Technology backs this perception one hundred percent. We believe in our drug testing products, and we know that you will, too. Call us today: (+61) 1300 79 70 30.


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Legitimate Workplace Industrial Chemicals Used to Make Illegal Drugs

Legitimate Workplace Industrial Chemicals Used to Make Illegal DrugsAs the use of drugs and incidences of crime in the workplace rise, employers must be vigilant. Companies may think they are safe if they have a strict drug policy in place. However, sometimes it is the legitimate workplace chemicals used to make drugs that can cause the most harm.

The Plastics and Chemicals Industries Association in Australia is supporting law enforcement in their crack down on the use of legitimate chemicals in the making of illegal substances. Some of the most widely used industrial chemicals are now included in the Code of Practice for Supply Diversion into Illicit Drug Manufacture.

A workplace can be filled with legitimate chemicals that can be diverted to illegal use. Here are a few of the top industrial chemicals that have been used in illegal drug production.


Phosphorus is an industrial chemical compound that is found in fertilizers, detergents, pesticides, and even matches. It is also used in the making of methamphetamine.


Nitroethane is a common chemical solvent and fuel additive. This industrial chemical has no colour and a fruit-like smell. It can be used methamphetamine production.


Formamide is a chemical used in the making of certain prescription drugs. It can show up in the workplace as a softener for materials such as fiber and paper. In addition, it is used as a solvent. This industrial chemical can be utilized to make MDMA or Ecstasy.


Ammonia is used in numerous companies and homes as a cleaning agent. The chemical ammonia is a colorless gas and has a strong odor. It is widely used in fertilizers. Anhydrous ammonia is used in meth production and can be used by people who freebase cocaine and crack.


Diethylamine is an alkaline liquid that is very flammable. It has no color but has a strong odor. It is most commonly used in the production of resins and rubber. It can also be used in making dyes. Employers may be more familiar with the common name of this chemical – lysergic acid – or a form of LSD.


Magnesium is a common industrial chemical found in fertilizers. It is sometimes used to treat depression. However, it can be used illegally. Magnesium sulfate is marketed as ‘bath salts’ and is quickly becoming the biggest new designer drug. The fact that this chemical can be inhaled, snorted, injected, or smoked in the bath salt form makes it easy prey to drug abusers in the workplace.

Potassium Dichromate

Potassium dichromate is a widespread industrial chemical. It is bright red or orange in colour. This chemical is used for cleaning solutions, in the making of cement, and in photography among other things. It is extremely dangerous to handle and can cause severe burns. Potassium dichromate is a central ingredient in the processing of cocoa leaves into cocaine and in making of other illegal drugs.

Hydrochloric Acid

Hydrochloric acid is another commonly used industrial chemical. It is a corrosive chemical that is used in cleaning, gelatin production, and leather processing. Hydrochloric acid is used in methamphetamine production.

These are only a few of the legitimate workplace industrial chemicals used to make illegal drugs. Employers should know what chemicals are used within their company and monitor them at all times.

The National Occupational Health and Safety Commission has created standards for industrial chemicals and their use and safety in the workplace. Many chemicals are now being categorized as Schedule 1 and Schedule 2. This will allow the government to aid employers in monitoring their use.

Employers need to institute procedures to closely monitor workplace chemicals to ensure they are not used for illegal drug making. In addition, it’s important to test employees on a random basis to verify workers are drug and alcohol free. Mediscreen at http://mediscreen.net.au/index.php?mod=services offers drug and alcohol screening services on a 24/7 basis so that all shifts can be covered.


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Crime and Drugs – Partners in the Workplace

Employers must be more aware than ever of drugs in the workplace. The workplace is quickly becoming a safe and easy place to buy, Crime and Drugs – Partners in the Workplacesell, and use illegal drugs because drug use has become so prolific. When this occurs companies tend to suffer from productivity losses, increased overhead output, theft and embezzlement by workers.

It is often difficult for the employer to deal with crimes that occur in the workplace as a result of illegal drugs. Employers may not be familiar with all of the laws governing criminal investigations and may fear reprisals from employees in the form of legal issues.

To put a stop to drug related crimes in the workplace employers must work with law officials and create strict company policies that are enforced.

Negative Effects of Illegal Drug Use in the Workplace

Where do most working men and women who abuse drugs buy illegal drugs? Experts report that the majority of workers using illegal drugs today do not buy from dealers on the street – they are able to procure their drugs from their fellow employees and around the workplace. Plus, up to six percent of Australians report consuming alcohol on a regular basis at work.

Illegal drug use by employees has numerous detrimental effects on a company. Alcohol and illegal drug use in the workplace can result in physical harm to the employee and productivity losses to the company. A worker using illegal drugs has a:

• Higher chance of filing a workman’s compensation claim

• Higher chance of being involved in serious accidents while on the job

• Higher rate of reporting to late work and taking extended sick leave

Crime and drugs in the workplace lead to other loss problems for employers. Workers abusing illegal drugs have impaired judgment, do not work up to company standards, and bring down company morale.

Is Drug Abuse Occurring in Your Workplace?

When an employer fears that drug abuse and crime is occurring within his or her company it is time to take immediate action. The first step is to look internally and discover the extent of the problem. This normally involves a review of company policies. As an employer it’s important to ensure that you have an up-to-date drug policy in place and all employees are aware of the policy.

The next step is to assess the issue. This may involve asking if theft has taken place, if the employee has a high rate of absenteeism or lateness, if the employee’s drug use has resulted in accidents, and/or if production has slowed down. It is also important to determine what illegal substances are being used and to what extent.

After assessing the issue the employer will need to seek legal advice. It is important to protect the company and other employees from litigation even if a strict drug policy is in place.

Finally, the employer will work with law enforcement to bring the problem to a successful end. Law enforcement agencies will work with the company to determine what measures will best resolve the problem.

Every company must take a strong stand against drugs in the workplace. The best action an employer can take is to uphold a strict drug policy. Crime and drugs do not have to be partners in the workplace.

Ensuring workers are not using drugs or alcohol is important. CMM Technology (http://www.cmm.com.au/) has a wide range of high quality drug and alcohol testing kits for both saliva and urine drug tests.


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Alcohol Hangover Dangers in the Workplace

Alcohol Hangover Dangers in the WorkplaceIn today’s workplace an alarming number of employees show up to work under the influence of alcohol. An alcohol hangover can cause significant risks to the employee and other workers as well as slow down productivity, and raise injury claims.

The facts are startling. Alcohol is a contributing factor in 3 to 11 percent of all work related injuries in Australia. In addition, alcohol and other illegal substances are the reason for a total of $2.9 million in productivity losses and absenteeism.

When we look at the number of Australians who go to work with a hangover, the statistics are just as numbing. According to the Drug and Alcohol Services in South Australia, an estimated 4 percent of Australians go to work hung-over.

Work Performance

Employees who come to work with a hangover are more accident prone than other workers. They are at a higher risk for making mistakes and their judgment is likely to be impaired. A hangover can lead to a lack of concentration. In many cases this is a contributing factor to on-the-job accidents.

Increased dependence of alcohol can lead to severe mental and health problems. These problems are often seen as contributing factors to poor work performance. Plus, they are sometimes linked to on-the-job drinking.

Sick Days

Heavy drinkers and casual drinkers are known to have more sick days. This can cost a company millions of dollars in the long run. Moreover, employees who have a history of coming to work with a hangover due to alcohol abuse normally change jobs frequently. Employee turnover cost a company money in terms of rehiring and retraining fees.

Do Employers Have Legal Obligations?

As an employer you have legal obligations under the Health and Safety in Employment Act 1992 (HSE Act) to make sure all employees in your company are provided a safe workplace. There are steps you can take to make sure your workers are safe.

• Put a strict drug and alcohol policy into place at your company

• Enforce discipline

• Recognize problems and offer help such as counselling and treatment to employees who have alcohol and drug related problems

• Implement alcohol and drug education and training

In most cases the employee who comes to work with a hangover will eventually be discovered due to poor performance, missed days, or another work-related problem. Naturally, it’s better to discover the alcohol abuse before safety is compromised. If you have a monitoring system in place as a part of your overall substance abuse policy you can step into action and work with the employee to discuss treatment options.

If many cases, the employee may eventually return to work after counselling and treatment. You will want, for the safety of other employees and your company, to follow up with screenings and monitoring. The returning employee will also be included in the company-wide random drug and alcohol testing program.

With the prevalence of employees attending work with an alcohol hangover and the dangers it can cause, it is important to take a proactive approach to alcohol testing. It is critical for all employers to implement a drug and alcohol policy now for worker safety and to educate employees on the dangers of substance abuse in the workplace.

CMM Technology (http://cmm.com.au/index.php) has quality alcohol testing equipment that gives reliable results. From the breathalyser to the Lion Alcoblow, the equipment can be relied on for accuracy and dependability.


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Marijuana and Compounded Relaxation

Some of the most productive people in the world engage in what is known as “relaxed alertness.” They are able to take Marijuana and Compounded Relaxationfull and total pride in their work and even their rest periods are spent physically resting their bodies while psychologically and mentally they are ready to get up and ready for the off at a moment’s notice. It is this relaxed state of alertness which allows them to go from rest to work to rest again without having to boost and then subdue their own energy. They become appreciatively both awake and rested at all times of the day. This is a powerful gift to have, one that is subsequently destroyed by repeated marijuana use. Why? The reason is that of compounded relaxation.

We have all heard of how you can compound your money if you save it in your local bank or money market fund. However, lots of things can be compounded over time, especially in ways that they were never meant to be compounded. One of these is relaxation. If you compound relaxation, you end up in a sort of daze or dead state or overtly self satisfied form of laziness. This is not a normal human state to be in, at least not when you are healthy. This state is caused by multiple marijuana abuse.

What makes a difference between marijuana and the decision to just be lazy? First of all, if you are outright deciding to be lazy, there is not a lot of difference. When you subject yourself to drug abuse, you are essentially allowing the world to take responsibility for your life for you, and you do not care about the outcome. It is a sense of wanting or needing to let go and not be in charge anymore. While that may be a temporary feeling of relief, it soon becomes what it is: a way to let go of responsibility over your own life. At that point, you really do not have a right to complain about what the world then does with your life. You already gave it up.

CMM Technology supports employee drug and alcohol testing, and our drug tests and alcohol breathalyser tests show this support. Call us today: (+61) 1300 79 70 30.



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Disease of Starvation?

Disease of Starvation?Alcoholism and drug abuse are incredibly hard diseases to kill off, and they tend to spread from generation to generation, both through genetics and through behavior. In addition to this, addiction of any kind is inherent in dependent personalities and in hardcore control freaks. Addiction is based entirely upon fear. This means that, to some extent, addiction is based upon the mentality of starvation. Fear can exist anywhere, but it is a reactionary science, not one based upon carefully thought out logic. Fear brings out reactions of fear, and one of those is addiction.

Unfortunately, this disease of starvation feeds upon our most primal urges and sentiments. It feeds into what we believe that we will lose and it feeds upon how we will gain it back, even if we would never act that way under ordinary, non-fear-based circumstances. Fear can be transferred from individual to individual, especially if the first individual is highly influential in the mind of the second. The disease of starvation can rapidly spread from person to person, from idea to idea, until it taints and distorts everything around it. It is useful at this point to focus on preserving one’s own resources, and not to focus on someone else’s resources, intentions, or lack thereof.

Starvation excites high needs for survival within a human being. It builds hunger and weakens the ability fight or run away from danger. It pretty much puts a person at attention at all times, which is an unnatural state of being. If stress hormones are being activated at every moment of every day, then someone can find it very difficult to have or maintain peace. It is important to notice if you are involuntarily clenching any of your muscles, and why you are doing so. Diseases like drug abuse and alcoholism can build involuntary fear reactions in someone, to the point to where they often feel at risk, even when they are not. This can drive away perspective-enhancing relationships in their lives, and make them more susceptible to further paranoia and the inability recognize real danger when it arises.

Call CMM Technology for information about our awesome drug and alcohol testing products for your business: (+61) 1300 79 70 30.


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Direct Attacks

Most people consider direct attacks to come in a variety of forms, physically, emotionally, spiritually, orDirect Attacks psychologically. However, a direct attack on your person can only be physical. Now, this point can be argued by others, since insults, and other forms of emotional hurtfulness can feel like attacks, but these are not direct. They cannot physically harm you. Think of it as a current of water or a river stream which is gushing around you. It cannot stop where you are and thus cannot be a blunt force on your physical body. It smoothly and silkily glides past you, aiming for you, but never hitting you.

Direct attacks, unless we are talking about direct hitting from physical abuse, only occur in the mind, and it is an insult to abuse victims to make verbal and emotional abuse into anything equivalent to physical abuse. Attacks of any kind are rarely directed at the person to whom they are given. Most individuals are, in fact, battling the past, which has a funny way of showing up and making us feel helpless and unwanted and out of control of our lives. In fact, even physical abuse does not have this power, except what we have given to it. This means that even victims are responsible for how much physical abuse actually affects them or is carried with them or emerges from their psyche years later. This has even happened to the author of this article, so there is not a pitiless regard of this matter. There is, instead, a clear understanding of human nature and underlying motives which cause us to do things which we later cannot fathom the reasoning thereof.

Direct attacks do not, in essence, exist except in the way that it exists in our minds. Even perpetrators of physical abuse rarely violently attack their victims for the purpose of physically maiming them, but of emotionally or psychologically dismembering them. Even their seemingly direct attacks have indirect motivation and indirect consequences. Victims of physical abuse are far more likely to be controlled by the threat of violence, than by the violence itself.

Workplace drug and alcohol testing is designed to keep this intimidation from occurring on the jobsite. For more information about employee drug and alcohol screening, call CMM Technology today: (+61) 1300 79 70 30.


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Different Reactions to Trouble

Different Reactions to TroubleTrouble comes in many forms, but different personality types and different environments of origin determine how different people respond to it. For example, when one young adult messes up, they tend to try to correct the fault and face the music, while another may believe that all is lost and that they have to get out while the getting’ s good. In other words, some interpret the information correctly and some distort the information, engaging in overkill. Some take the problem in stride, while others way overreact.

You cannot choose, or even know about, different backgrounds from which your employees have come. They will all react to trouble in completely different ways, some more helpful or constructive than others. In times like these, your employees need a leader. They need someone who will set an example and guide them on the straight and narrow path toward acceptable reactions. This is the time for things like drug and alcohol screening. Drug tests and alcohol breathalyser devices set a precedent for what is expected from all of your hard working employees. They now have a solid concept of what is expected and what will not be tolerated.

Reactions to trouble are not the only reactions which will cause problems for your business. Many employees will react to the drug testing program itself, looking for a way out, refusing to take drug tests, and looking for a way to be an exception to the rule. It is important to be able to discern between an emotional reaction based upon their individual past, and a con game or manipulation which they may try to use to get out of something. If all else fails, and there seems to be a problem in the workplace or on the job site, drug and alcohol testing is the solution. Try out Lion SD 400, our Oraline drug tests, and our Medix equipment for your employee drug test and alcohol breathalyser tests. CMM Technology exists to provide this equipment to drug testing operations, and workplaces, and onsite testing services. Also, try out Alert J5 Personal Breathalyser devices. Call us today: (+61) 1300 79 70 30.

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Determination and Strength of Stability

As with cigarette lighters, very few of us take determination seriously. We use what we need and then we throw the restDetermination and Strength of Stability away. It is no big deal. However, determination used to be considered a virtue and it was written about in books of character not sixty years ago. What changed and why is determination no longer concentrated on as a basis of strength and stability?

At some point, the lifestyle of first world countries became so transparent and easy to navigate that, without using any perseverance, determination, or internal strength, one can live a fairly comfortable life without being subjected to too many bad or unsavory characters. While the quality of living has increased enormously, the effort taken to increase that quality of living has become almost zero.

Stability, while almost inherit in most parts of our society, filling up the spaces in between the buildings, is no longer valued or concentrated upon in private lives by individual forethought. Stability is not valued, much as determination is not valued. The result is an undefined amount of leisure and relative safety, without personal stability or effort being put into increase or betterment of lifestyle. In fact, one can almost appreciate the peasant classes and rich, well educated, and well to do classes of less than a century ago, because at least then one had something to strive for. At this point in time, our comfortable and luxurious society in general has created starvation and danger in individual choices.

To return to a life of seeking value and increasing one’s own resources dramatically, it is necessary to value and properly take care of and maintain the resources we already have. After all, the habit must be rebuilt. Workplace drug testing and alcohol testing is valuable in the stability and the increase of net worth of your business. Employee drug and alcohol testing is a purposeful effort in maintaining and growing our resources. That is why CMM Technology is in business today. We want to regain the growth of yore. Call us today for more information concerning drug testing: (+61) 1300 79 70 30.



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Deny Yourself Nothing

Deny Yourself NothingThere is a myth perpetuated in today’s media, and it is one that causes a lot of damage when it comes to personal decisions. The myth is that everyone is inherently selfish and that this is a vice and that everyone should try their hardest to fight against this selfishness and denounce it at every turn. Research has shown that humans are actually not that selfish, and that we are very self interested, which is not the same thing, at all. Self interest means that you recognize that your own needs and concerns must take priority over those of others if you are to even have any resources to give. Unfortunately, selfishness and the hatred thereof has so permeated our society that often individuals are taught to give whatever they have, even if it is not enough for themselves.

This is a problem because, in order for society to grow and survive, the differentiation between selfishness and self interest must be recognized.

Often, someone who is living in the slums or on the edge of a slum society will vehemently describe how what they are doing is best because they are not going to take any problems from anyone. The fact that they even have the need to validate their own basic self interest shows us just how far the disease of selfishness-condemnation has really gone.

We cannot function as a society if we do not first recognize that our own needs must be met before we can begin to help others with their needs. In order to forgive others, we must first actively and consciously forgive ourselves. In order to love another, we must first learn how to love ourselves and actively and consciously show ourselves this love on a daily basis. In order to employ responsible safe employees, we must first learn how to make our business safe on its own, through the steady and applied use of employee drug and alcohol screening.

CMM Technology believes in taking care of our own company, and then taking care of yours. Our drug tests and alcohol breathalyser devices are top of the line and available for your purchase and use at any time. Call us today for more information:(+61) 1300 79 70 30.



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Defining Friends for this Stage of Your Life

At any stage in your life, you need good food, good shelter, and good friends. However, you will find as you grow olderDefining Friends for this Stage of Your Life that you change your friends, seemingly accidentally, but in fact this happens on purpose. As you grow and change and add onto your previous self, you change your companions to match and support and compliment your new self. At any point in your life, simply changing your friends that you see and visit with on a regular basis will change your attitudes about various things and your regular habits. However, the change in your tends to happen first, because changing your friends first can really be painful and stressful.

Wealth studies indicate that the average income of your five closest friends determines your income pretty closely. Wealth acquisition and maintenance seminars urge you to change your friends to a higher income, because then you will begin to think like them and behave like them, mimicking their wealth creating habits. While this process can be extremely effective and life changing, it also requires identifying and addressing habits within yourself with which you may have become very comfortable.

A middle ground can perhaps be found for those who do not crave turning their life upside down and embarking on all new adventures. In this scenario, perhaps it would be best to instead shoot for friends in a category slightly above yours, gradually making your life, lifestyle and income equal to theirs. After this, you can become comfortable (in other words, well habituated) with this income, before moving on to friends in a slightly higher category. This takes a lot more time, and it slows down the required adjustment time to a level that is perhaps easier to maintain for those who are not adept at taking on whole new changes in a drastic fashion. It also solidifies habits a great deal.

CMM Technology provides drug tests and alcohol breathalyser devices for those of you who require it in your businesses. Employee drug and alcohol testing is a further way to maintain newly settled habits, and to protect your company assets. Call us today: (+61) 1300 79 70 30.


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