The Starving Mentality of Alcoholics

Alcoholics possess a certain level of self starvation or self neglect which overflows over into every single part of theirThe Starving Mentality of Alcoholics lives. They neglect their homes, they neglect their yards, they starve themselves of good food on a continual basis, they do not recognize nor employ appropriate personal boundaries, and if they do, these boundaries only encircle part of their personalities, they are unreliable with themselves and they are unreliable with other people. What is the reason for being an alcoholic? Well, it is the wonderful and intoxicating sensations of not having control or responsibility over your own life and of not really having to deal with anything around you.

This lack of accountability is extremely seductive.

Who wouldn’t want to be a part of it?

However, alcoholics bring this starvation and death and destruction and complete abandonment into the lives of everyone around them, including people they live with, people they are related to, people they are friends with, and people who are their support system. They neglect themselves and their personal solitude to such an extent that their neglect affects their personal appearance, their property values, the property values of adjacent houses, their food intake, and it really affects how they spend their money.

To invite yourself into the world of an alcohol or to allow yourself to be drawn into it is about as effective as giving up a table full of good and interesting and tasty food for a gray, greasy fast food meal to eat in a hurry on the way to work. It is a dangerous way to live, since they do not possess nor do they enforce personal boundaries, and the result is that their presence is neither safe nor protective and they easily and freely allow other, far more dangerous, people into your life.

CMM Technology is committed to making your workplace as safe as it can possibly be, and that includes employee drug and alcohol testing on a regular basis, to define and enforce boundaries, and to evaluate the reliability of your employees. This is how business is conducted these days, and this is one of the most effective ways of doing it. Call CMM Technology today: (+61) 1300 79 70 30.

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Treating Yourself Better Than Anyone Else

Treating Yourself Better Than Anyone ElseSelfishness has a bad rap among the general public, because it denotes a situation in which one person has more by someone else having less. In reality, of course, that is only the case in abusive parent child situations, and even then the process is tempered by the child growing up and achieving strength and self determination on their own. Treating yourself better than you treat anyone else cannot, by any stretch of the imagination, even be termed as selfish, since it is self maintenance and is a part of daily living. Unfortunately, many people who live in or nearby alcoholism and drug abuse do not understand this as a basic fact of life. Somehow, the us-versus-them mentality takes hold on them, and they often believe that even satisfying basic human needs is selfish and not in the best interest of the group, commune, or family.

If you are hungry, do you consider it selfish to eat food? Humans are not living plants, which only need food, water and sunshine to survive. Humans need intellectual stimulation and knowledge and growth and recreation and personal bonding and love and commitment to one another and to our individual interests and desires. Humans are not just made out of plant material, and it would literally be an advanced form of self deprivation to only give ourselves the requirements of such. We need books, and travel, and sex, and love, and nurturing, and beauty both in ourselves and in other things. We need comfort and safety and luxury, as well as wildness and freedom and new things.

Treating your business better than any other business applies the same way. Henry Ford gave his employees the highest wages that he could afford and that they could earn, so that in time they would be able to buy the products which their company produced, advertise the business, stimulate the economy and demonstrate the growing demand for the product. If he only ever paid them a small salary, they would not have even been able to afford a car, not to mention how demoralizing that would have been to work for Henry Ford. By the same token, part of taking care of your business is to use high quality drug and alcohol testing equipment, drug tests, and alcohol breathalyser devices. Call CMM Technology today for your drug testing equipment:(+61) 1300 79 70 30.

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Truth as a Life, Not as a Virtue

Truth, by itself, means nothing. The sum of all human truth is basically subjective opinions trying our darnedest to beTruth as a Life, Not as a Virtue objective opinions. The average of all truth is a collection of widespread perspectives, none of which fits in perfectly with any other perspective. Forgiveness, as a virtue, can be understood by all humanity. Love, as a virtue, can be understood by all humanity. Truth, in any form, seems to be heavily based upon what each individual believes it to be based upon. Truth cannot, in essence, be called a virtue, and not just because few understand it. It is a lifestyle. Truth is what you tell yourself every day.

So how do you incorporate truthfulness into your company? After all, there are so many different kinds of people who work for you and they are not likely to all agree on everything or even on very much at all. In this instance, subjective opinions can be the determining factor, and that means that communication of everyone is the most important trait. This means that hardcore, constant and continuous communication of every single person in your business is the most important thing. Now the trick is just finding out how to make that happen.

One of the ways is to see to it that everyone believes themselves to be in a safe and warm environment. It becomes necessary to assure people that they and their coworkers are safe from outsides, as well as from each other. Workplace drug testing is an excellent way to accomplish that. Workers find themselves in little tiffs or arguments on a fairly regular basis, and this means that dangerous people, people who are most likely to make this small disagreements something unhealthy, should be identified. Employee drug and alcohol testing is just the ticket to doing this. If they know that you will not allow employees who are under the influence of drugs or alcohol to even be on the premises, then they are more likely to encourage each other and communicate effectively. Belief in you leads to belief and faith in each other. CMM Technology specializes in providing drug tests and alcohol breathalyser devices for your employee drug and alcohol screening program. Call us today: (+61) 1300 79 70 30.

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Understanding Continuous Workflow

Understanding Continuous WorkflowContinuous workflow has a very powerful pull for anyone who correctly uses it. It almost creates itself and it practically pulls you along with it when it is going successfully. Continuous workflow happens when an individual finds themselves good at their job, with enough challenge for learning, and enough confidence that they will be able to perform their tasks without too much struggle. It is considered the best part of working for a good company. Continuous workflow is an attitude and a set of supporting circumstances which work together to create the ideal job continuity for a specific individual.

Continuous workflow is extremely supported by employee drug and alcohol screening. Workplace drug testing helps to identify insecure and unstable conditions in the workplace which would affect continuity or which would affect ones confidence in the progress of the continuity. When these problems or potential problems are identified, they can be completely eliminated by managers and executives, without the workflow to the technicians being affected at all. This is how teamwork can best influence the productivity and quality of everyone in the workplace. Maintaining and protecting continuous workflow so that everyone feels happy and fulfilled in their jobs is essential to the success of an organization, especially a large organization.

Fortunately, many managers and executives know this, and they are knowledgeable on how these problems start to arise, and they take preliminary steps to prevent them. Workplace drug testing is one of the more effective ways that they have found to prevent the breaking and starting of workflow for many other employees. They are able to identify potential problems in the future and current problems today by using employee drug and alcohol screening as part of their company policy. Fortunately, many employees understand how useful this is and bear no ill will for being testing on the jobsite.

CMM Technology provides high quality drug and alcohol testing equipment for businesses all over Australia and select countries outside our borders. We wish to help you help yourself by giving you the finest quality of drug and alcohol testing products. Call us today: (+61) 1300 79 70 30.

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Why We Are Fat

In Covert Bailey’s The Ultimate Fit or Fat, he discusses why people are fat, and this is pretty much due to a lack ofWhy We Are Fat movement on our parts. Bailey discusses how fat first develops in unused muscle and tissue, and then finally overflows into all that extraneous fat that is so visible and so irritating. In other words, kids tend to be less fat because they are always moving around and bending and flexing and running and climbing and getting up and down off the floor. Their muscles are being used and they quickly develop immunity to gaining fat. However, some people are less likely to move around than others. Why is this?

Workplace drug testing exists to help companies keep their operations smooth and fluid running. However, hiccups in the process occur when someone is incompetent, unwise, causes accidents or stirs up trouble among their coworkers. Drug and alcohol testing is available for these people and is necessary because they are quite possibly acting under the influence of either substance.

Fatness, lack of movement, muscle atrophy and intense dissatisfaction with one’s life are all heavily related, no pun intended. This dissatisfaction can lead to drug abuse or alcohol abuse, and it can also be the cause of substance abuse. Therefore, movement (and lots of it) is the key factor here.

Unfortunately, those who abuse drugs and alcohol are not even able to handle the slightest amount of responsibility over their own lives so, even though they may understand that they need to physically move around, it may simply be something which they cannot bring themselves to do and it may be really emotionally taxing when they do.

It is really important to keep your company in good shape, and that includes making sure that low emotional intelligence and drug abuse and alcohol abuse do not penetrate your walls. Try out drug testing in Western Australia by ordering our drug and alcohol testing products. We at CMM Technology offer Medix, Oraline saliva drug tests, and other drug tests, as well as Lifeloc FC10Plus personal breathalyser devices. Call CMM Technology today:(+61) 1300 79 70 30.

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Is Manipulation Bad?

The word “manipulation” has a fairly bad reputation. Through it, we often express the loss of power or of individual freedom or of personal choice. That, in many cultures, is an inherently negative thing. However, manipulation occurs all around us. Unless you are living the life prescribed the author of “Radical Honesty,” it is fairly impossible to not manipulate all of those around you. It has been a necessary part of humans interacting with one another for a very long time, perhaps since the first existence of mankind on this earth. Manipulation is the way in which we exercise control over our own worlds, even with other people around us.

The question arises: Is manipulation bad? This is a good question to ask, since without manipulation, many of us leave ourselves open to undesired results or unwanted change. Even if change is simply not planned, many people do not feel comfortable with even that much flexibility in their lives, and they seek to cement down their plans, and the people around them, no matter what. Others, who operate more independently, find this type of external control to be intrusive, and may even think of the so-called perpetrators in a bad way, but the truth is that their behavior is probably based more upon fear than malice.

When fear takes hold of someone, they are more likely to attempt to control the things around them that they can, even becoming quite obnoxious when doing so. If they only control a very small amount of people and circumstances, then whenever they feel helpless, they may become extremely controlling of those things. Since their circle of influence does not widen, their influence becomes that much more poignant.

In the workplace, manipulation has its advantages. Sometimes, it helps to foster healthy competition, and sometimes it helps to keep erstwhile enemies civil to each other. Of course, there is always the down side of manipulation, when it becomes a barrier to communication or production, but at that point, it is so obvious that corrective initiatives are almost unanimously supported. Although drug and alcohol testing has been considered manipulative a couple of decades ago, it is actually a tool which enables business owners to effectively manage and evaluate their employees. Call CMM Technology today: (+61) 1300 79 70 30.

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Home and Well Balanced Personalities

Did you know that you can determine a great deal about a person’s mentality and well-roundedness by how they keep their home? This is a somewhat touchy subject for some people, because of the personal nature of this problem, but your home describes a great deal about how you think and what parts of your life are actively used. So, what do we mean by this?

For example, if someone’s dining room is extremely under furnished, dusty, neglected looking and even cold in temperature, they probably do not do a great deal of entertaining. If their personal care stations, such as their bathrooms and their vanity dressers, are unkempt and cluttered and dirty, then they are probably not as well-groomed as they could be. And, if their kitchens are dirty, under used, messy, and especially if the floors are particularly dirty, there is a good chance that they are undernourished and do not feed themselves as well as they should. A home is, in essence, a larger organism which reflects the physical and emotional properties of the individual. On television, we may see stereotyped versions of housewives and home-keepers who are dysfunctional, but with incredibly clean and tidy homes, but this is not a very accurate representation of reality. In real life, people live how they are. People live in situations which reflect who they are as people.

This is one of the reasons why many people hate for outsiders to see their dirty house. And this is also one of the main reasons why alcoholics and drug addicts have a problem with even close friends and family coming into their homes. On some sub-conscious level, they are aware of the correlation between the two. On some deeper level, they understand that it is not just about how other people perceive the way they run a house or a household. They understand that, if they were as healthy as they would like to be, their homes would look a lot different on both the inside and the outside. Stereotypes and perceptions exist for a reason. They tend to stem from reality.

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Going Through Your To-Do List

If you are in a large position of power within your company, you probably achieved this status by creating and managing effective to-do lists. It is this successful mentality and the confidence in your modus operandi which developed you into the success you are today. However, if you see improvement to be made, then it may be something as simple and clean as mismanaging your to-do list. Solutions to problems are rarely complicated and, in fact, problems are rarely complicated. As humans, we often blow things out of proportion when we lack perspective, and we often lack perspective. In this case, it is necessary to be a little subjective and introverted about the process, and block all other distractions out of your mind. What you have to do today is not complicated and if it seems to be, then break it down into smaller, simpler steps. It really is a game of numbers. When the numbers seem overwhelming, the problem becomes overwhelming. However, all it takes is a simple breakdown of the steps into doable accomplishments. At that point, the numbers game is easily won.

In the world of drug testing, the idea of collecting all of your employees or sending them off and getting them tested for drugs or alcohol may seem to be too much, when in fact it does not have to take up very much time or very many resources at all. This is all very well and good, but how do you breakdown what may seem like an overly complicated process into something manageable? The trick is in having experience with it. The more you do it, the more the process will be understandable and can be simplified more and more. One of the best ways to keep things accurately evaluated is to use high quality drug and alcohol testing equipment, like CMM Technology distributes. This is a great way to get started and, if your business is in Australia, you can even sign up for onsite testing services from our sister company. Call CMM Technology today for more information: (+61) 1300 79 70 30.

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Focus and Singleness of Purpose

Kevin Trudeau, the network marketing entrepreneur, lists focus and singleness of purpose as the two greatest attributes which will build your work ethic, while keeping you from being distracted by other opportunities and outside ideas, which are always floating around and can appear very tempting. Trudeau describes this single-minded focus as the reason for his success, since it made sure that he was not pulled in many different directions, even mentally. So, is mental focus that crucial, or can you let your mind wander while you are sticking to the task at hand? Does it really matter?

According to Trudeau, a billionaire in his own right, it very much does matter. According to his widely published success principles, this single-mindedness is extremely necessary in achieving the goals which you wish to achieve, both in your private life and in your professional life. Trudeau states that, since your thoughts automatically become actions, and your actions tend to be the offshoot of habits, mental habits are extremely important, and you must not have the mental habit of being wishy washy and following every trend and pursuing every idea, just because it happens to be there.

Another important fact about this mentality is that it appears in the lives of over-achievers by manifesting as multiple income streams and multiple marketing ideas. Kevin Trudeau also emphasizes how this is just another form of allowing your mind to wander, so to speak. If you sink your time and efforts and energy into five different ventures, rather than just one venture, you are very likely to accomplish very little with all of them and become discourage easily, because it probably will not feel right in your gut. It is this commitment of time and energy and focus that allows individuals to actually accomplish something in their lives. It is this willingness to do whatever it takes, for as long as it takes, and then to keep doing it that defines the future billionaire from the future thousand-aire.

At CMM Technology, we have a burning desire to deliver the best and the highest quality drug and alcohol testing equipment for your workplace drug testing needs. Visit our website in more depth or call our offices today to find out more about our drug tests and alcohol breathalyser devices today: (+61) 1300 79 70 30.

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Fighting Back Against Helplessness

Helplessness is one of the hardest emotions to overcome. Unless you are internally a masochist or a submissive, just about all forms of helplessness are seen as negative. In fact, many people prefer to be seen as wrong or over-the-top wrong, rather than be seen as helpless. There are two types of overwhelming reactions against helplessness.

First, there is the Bambi effect. This is where the individual freezes, like a deer caught in headlights, out of fear and cannot move, even to make a decision, and cannot be in any way affected for the better. Their helplessness freezes them in a stiff mold of terror, where they dare not move, lest the predator spot them or take notice of them and move in for the kill.

Secondly, there is the Fight-or-flight response. This is where the individual tries to remove themselves from the vicinity of the predator, and if not, they attempt to fight back and overpower the predator, or at least harm them enough to escape. Since helplessness does not tend to happen in predators, many individuals who feel helpless do not feel the urge to go ahead and “take their captor out.” They typically opt for maiming to the point of being able to effectively escape.

While many helpless individuals are victims of drug abuse or alcoholism, many people are predators themselves in some way, who feel helpless, and then choose to fight back or run or freeze. This is unfortunate, because many actual predators go after prey, and not other predators. This is an illustration of how a mentality or a perception can lead a person wrong and have them act out in strange and illogical ways.

Helplessness is one of the things which many individuals feel to some extent about certain situations. However, the people who are most dangerously affected by this are actual predators. When a predator feels helpless, they are so unused to this and feel so disrespected by this, that they will do anything to get their feeling of power and control back. They will steal, kill, abuse, maim and threaten to get that feeling of control back.

To make sure that these events do not take place in your workplace, it is a good idea to know whether or not your employees are abusing drugs and alcohol. For high quality drug and alcohol testing, call CMM Technology today: (+61) 1300 79 70 30.

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Exploiting Other People’s Talent

Before we begin, we would like to state that exploiting other people’s talent is a good thing. Often, the word “exploit” carries a bit of negative connotation, but it does not have to do that. We have found that every employee, every individual, carries unbelievable talent which they may or may not display to their full advantage and which you may or may not exploit to the best of your ability. Talent is talent and it is what brings you and your clients more value for your money. Talent is what creates better business, better revenue, and better prices for your customers. Systems can be set in place and investments can be filled and wishes can be granted, but talent should be exploited to the fullest extent possible, because it does two things which create a lot of money for everyone.

First, it makes employees bring their best to the table. Often, employees dislike their jobs because they are not challenged and they do not find it fulfilling, either through service or through learning. However, it changes when they feel that they are needed, that their expertise or service is required, and that they are valued as a member of your business rather than someone else’s. Employees become intrinsically motivated to do their best for your company because that is what they can contribute. That is what they can make better through their presence. They are not just another face or just another name. They are valued and respected for their own individuality.

Secondly, exploiting other people’s talent is great because it creates an investment which yields high returns. Many people feel that the number of hours or the number of projects completed is what counts and is what brings in the bucks. However, this is not always the case. In many situations, simple innovative thinking would create greater return on your employment investment. And for that, you need for your employees to be thinking their best, planning their best, and thinking outside the box and feeling comfortable enough to come to you and list their ideas.

Exploit CMM Technology’s talent by creating a drug and alcohol testing program for your workplace and inviting us in. Our drug testing products are high quality and designed for your jobsite. Call us today: (+61) 1300 79 70 30.

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Demanding Power

There is a point at which demanding power is good and proper.

Many individuals feel that “power” is a corrupting thing, which in itself corrupts humans, as if it is some sort of devilish spirit which enters into humans and does irreparable damage. Unfortunately, it is seen this way, but the truth is that many humans have done great good with power, because they are able to handle it. In fact, many humans are able to handle and utilize power quite effectively. They are not seen as powerful. They are seen as great leaders.

Unfortunately, just as many humans earn power, but are not given it. This is because they have not yet learned how to demand it. Demanding power is a useful tool to possess, because it means that you are demanding the respect and proper treatment which you have already earned. Usually, individuals who have earned power and do not possess it are people who have lived with alcoholics or drug addicts and have been starved of this commodity for too long. They often learn how to abuse it, even though they also know how to utilize it, and sometimes show this abuse through violent or public reactions. It is a way of fighting back after all their years of being weak and helpless.

Demanding power requires taking it by will, but not by force. Many individuals who take it by force are seen as not having a life and not being able to control themselves. Taking power by will means that you demand that other people treat you with respect and when they do not, you are able to appropriately show their behavior to be unreasonable and out-of-control. If you are not able to show their behavior as such, then you may be taking it by force, rather than by will.

Demanding power is a concentrated and powerful form of demanding lasting and continuous respect. While you are exercising these skills, demand knowledge of how seriously your employees take their job by implementing employee drug and alcohol testing in your workplace. Call CMM Technology: (+61) 1300 79 70 30.

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