One More Time

If you have ever lived with or tried to help an addict, you have heard the phrase, “One more time.” Just one more time, they say, seeking to gain your acceptance of their abusive behavior. It is impossible to help an addict with their disease. Only they can make the change and only they can turn their lives around. Nobody else can do this work for them, even if they really want to do this. One more time, you will hear, and then they will be finished with their drug of choice forever. They say this as if their addiction will go out with a bang and a roar, with a brilliant colorful finale, and a sense of accomplishment about a job well done and an event successfully executed.

Their addiction will not go out with a bang, like they claim that it will. It will go out very quietly, silent in the decision and purpose set before them, determined to grow new and wonderful things in their future, and leave the roar of the sickness behind them.

Employee drug testing is seen by many hardcore addicts as a type of discrimination against those who are easy going and enjoy a relaxed view of life. Functioning alcoholics and drug addicts know this a little better and understand that there is some type of barrier being placed, but the author has seen that they are not always sure why this barrier has been placed. And individuals who are just starting an abusive lifestyle attempt, to the best of their ability, to balance between their abusive lifestyle and their place of employment. Fortunately, they often resist the temptation of abusing drugs if a system is already in place which draws a line in between what is best for the company and such abuse. Employees who have only just started abusive behavior are able to understand and appreciate that if they enjoy going to their jobs every day, they need to control their own urges to escape.

Workplace drug testing is in place to act as this barrier and to encourage your employees to live functional lives, instead of unsafe lives. Employee drug and alcohol screening is possible through the equipment offered by CMM Technology. Call us today: (+61) 1300 79 70 30.

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Breaking Before You Need to Break

Many people in first world countries are living paycheck to paycheck, not because they have to, but because their system of living has become so reliable that they do not need to invest any more time, effort, energy or planning into their lifestyle maintenance than necessary. In other words, they perform the minimum requirements for getting and keeping themselves on track. In the workplace environment, even level-headed people often do this, as well. And people who are working against an emotional barrier in their daily lives, they often do not take a break from successful activity until they absolutely positively need to.

Breaking before you need to take a break is one of the habits of someone with a well regulated life, and who regulates their emotions and their finances correctly and are not in deep terror or distress if the economy takes a downturn and they are laid off. In fact, many people who stay calm after losing employment are more likely to regain employment in a very short period of time, contrary to their more volatile and stress-powered counterparts. Thinking simply and living simply are successful activities because they do not carry the stress with them which many people associate with things like job loss, personal issues, family troubles and financial problems.

This self regulation allows you to keep a great deal of your personal self control, self guidance and private opinions. Individuals who do not regulate even their own break times with such clarity often find themselves indulging private information about themselves which they had not intended to divulge. This is a symptom of needing company and getting excited, even in a positive way, during conversation with other people. Often, individuals who react in this manner find themselves feeling vulnerable and defensive after disclosing their private information.

Employee drug testing is designed to help people separate their private and public personas, and to regulate their activities in order to prevent this rollercoaster behavior back and forth between high productivity and low motivation. This is a dangerous way to live, and it is unsettling for your other employees, not to mention your clients. Call CMM Technology today for more information about our drug and alcohol testing equipment: (+61) 1300 79 70 30.

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Books and Stress Management

“Wherever they burn books, they will in the end burn humans.” ~Heinrich Heine

The above quote was made during a period of time in Germany when controversial texts were being written by artists, and local governments were attempting to suppress these texts by making an example out of the works which these artists had created. The point that Herr Heine is trying to make is that all types of knowledge, even knowledge which conflicts with your personal beliefs, gives you better and better perspective on your world, and that there is nothing more valuable than that. His point is that the very lives of humans hang upon the ability to learn both supporting and conflicting belief systems and that art is a science of depth and understanding.

Research has found that reading books is directly correlated to open-mindedness and the ability to handle stress, even stress with which we are not familiar. This is a powerful asset to obtain, and some individuals do not value “book learning” to be equal to “street smarts” because they are unable to see that reading books would enable them to further engage in their life experience and not be negatively affected by it. Many people believe that experience is worth more than autobiographies and non-fiction books, and they believe that they are “getting their hands dirty and learning life in real life circumstances.” What they may fail to realize is that non-fiction and autobiographical texts give the reader types of life experience which they may be unable to obtain at their current geographical location or at their current socioeconomic status. And, this being the clincher, these texts help them to emotionally mature to the point of being able to handle stress and problems in their own lives.

While you are busy passing out books to your employees, keep in mind that workplace drug testing acts like a bookmark, keeping your employees on track in the meantime, while they are developing themselves in other ways. Employee drug and alcohol testing is a boundary which you set up to protect your company and their fellow employees. Call CMM Technology today: (+61) 1300 79 70 30.

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What I’ve Observed About Words

Words are one of the most powerful tools and forces in the universe. Through words, we can document events and thoughts which happened in the past and spread this information around to many thousands of other humans. Through words, we can communicate effectively with each, expressing both thoughts and very vague and ethereal ideas. Through words, we can give commands to physically harm someone, and we can inflict direct emotional damage onto those with whom we are having a disagreement. Clearly, words are very powerful, very forceful, and carry a ton of weight with everyone.

I’ve observed that drug addiction and alcoholism does not just take its toll upon the individual himself. It also takes its toll upon all of the relationships which touch that individual, starting first with the words. From the words, all sorts of things can arise but the words come first. Even after physical abuse and verbal abuse and property damage and emotional havoc have been wreaked upon loved ones, the sign that the relationship is over is marked heavily by the lack of words. Where there are no words, there is no relationship…of any kind.

Children who are not able to use the spoken word are often marked as autistic or some level of mental deficiency. While this may or may not be true, the level of competency is determined by their ability to use words. In many cases, autistic and mentally incompetent children are segregated from their classmates and taught in a private school area of their own, where their teachers have been taught first aid and how to “manage” them. To a small degree, children who cannot use words are almost considered not to be human, or at least not fully human.

Drug testing in the workplace neither judges nor discriminates based upon word usage. The test is performed based upon company policy and likelihood of abuse of substances by the individual. Employee drug testing is scientific and does not offer an opinion upon humanity or any other living being. It is about numbers and data and clean, clear-cut information. Call CMM Technology today:(+61) 1300 79 70 30

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The Mind behind an Ordered House

You can tell a great deal about a person by how they keep up their house. For example, hoarding is a classic example of a cluttered mind, whereas bare, abandoned looking and cold temperature homes are typically the possession of a thrifty if meager mind. But these are not the only signs of how someone thinks. For example, different parts of the home are neglected when different parts of a home or social life are neglected. Alcoholics typically abandon their dining rooms and use them for storage or at the very most as a show room, but never use them since their social life is not refined and many alcoholics do not wish to be that physically close to others. Scatterbrained housewives may have every part of their home clean except for the kitchen, where most of their planning takes place. Men who dislike working on cars may not even allow enough room in their garage to park their car, and men who do enjoy working on cars rarely allow anything in the garage except for their tools and equipment for doing so. The home is, in effect, a larger more general reflection of the individual themselves.

Alcoholics and drug addicts sometimes have very telling homes. In cases where public opinion is not a concern, many addicts unashamedly keep their homes in ruined conditions, almost daring guests to either not have a problem with it or get out. Many long-term addicts can become quite proud of their own particular variety of decay. This is just another version of accepting the psychological disease within themselves and offering it further accommodations. Addiction is a disease which spreads from the individual to their surroundings, even further to their relationships and career, and finally ends with taking everything they hold dear, sometimes including their lives. Workplace drug testing is meant to keep your business clean, efficient, warm and friendly, not a place where coworkers are not sure what they will encounter from day to day. Work is meant to be challenging, not fearful. Call CMM Technology today:(+61) 1300 79 70 30

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Hope for the Future

Hope is a beautiful sentiment, often expressed in poetry and art and religion. However, in practical life, not many individuals have made a crafted art out of hope. In fact, in many cultures, hope is considered to be unrealistic or not quite living in the real world. It has ethereal and vague connotations, much like a cloud which can be seen from afar, but cannot ever actually be touched.

Interestingly enough, psychology has found that the case for hope is much larger than you might expect. Humans cannot live without hope, and when all hope seems to be gone and distant hope no longer seems to be feasible, many people exercise what little control they believe they possess over their lives and commit suicide. Obviously, this ethereal little wisp of cloud does indeed count for something.

When an individual has not achieved the emotional growth to handle adult lifestyles and responsibilities, they often revert back to an emotional age with which they have a connection, such as eight or twelve or sixteen. This tends to be the age at which they developed emotionally, before they stopped growing in this area. The reason why many alcoholics and drug addicts are from a generational line of addicts is that if one parent cannot grow past a certain age, then their children cannot hope to do so, either. Alcoholics and drug addicts often feel hopeless, but they feel in temporary control of their lives and like they are adults when they abuse their substance of choice. For this reason, many addicts only feel hope when they are feeling the effects of their drug.

Hope for the future is about anticipating what will reproduce and create more hope, and what will kill off and diminish hope. Drug and alcohol testing in the workplace allows you to anticipate both sides of this scenario with regard to each of your employees. It is about creating an environment of new growth, fresh scenery, delight and anticipation for what tomorrow may bring, and of course, fostering more and more hope. Call CMM Technology today:(+61) 1300 79 70 30

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The Beauty of Perfect Timing

We have all experienced, at one time or another, the beauty of perfect timing. Exactly what you wanted happens at exactly the perfect time, and when it doesn’t, something even better shows up and perfectly and exactly fills up that space of time, and you walk away from the entire situation feeling well rested and at peace and even a little confident. Many people attempt to create perfect timing, but people who feel it several times a month understand that it is not necessarily something which can be created. Individuals who frequently come in contact with perfect timing seem to know that plans can be made, and if they are broken it is for the best, and if they turn out exactly as planned it is for the best. In fact, one seems to need to have a belief in a continuously working Higher Power in order to encounter and understand and recognize perfect timing when it occurs in their own lives, simply because it seems obvious that timing is not necessarily controlled by humans.

People who are under the influence of drugs or alcohol, especially alcohol, seek to control their environment and to control it to such an extent that they must not have anything unpredictable in their environment. Alcoholics and certain types of drug addicts especially have a need to only encounter even, steady predictability within their environment, and anything outside of that is seen as unnatural and dangerous to their personal control over their own lives.

Workplace drug testing is meant to facilitate an environment where people can go about their daily business, create their work, fulfill their duties, and clash with each other to the smallest extent possible. Clashing is inevitable, however, and employees who are under the influence of intoxicants are likely to blow the entire situation completely out of proportion. It is also likely to take days or even weeks and months longer to resolve than necessary. Clearly, drug testing would benefit this situation by adding a note of stability and personal accountability to the workplace. For drug and alcohol testing equipment, call CMM Technology today:(+61) 1300 79 70 30

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Passive Income versus Active Income

Most of us, and by us I mean the working class, live off of an active income. This means that whatever money you earn you earn through time and/or labour, and there is a direct exchange of cash for labour produced or time spent on a project. Passive income, on the other hand, is produced through stock investments, portfolio returns, and continuous payments from rental properties that you own. In other words, passive income is generated in the background, while you do something else in the foreground, and not all of it is directly tied to your time or your energy, save for the initial time you spent researching the stocks or picking out the property.

Many people believe that passive income is a luxury afforded to the rich who have money to spend upon stock and real estate. Unfortunately, this is a widely believed myth which has in some ways been perpetuated from generation to generation, becoming somewhat of a self fulfilling prophecy. As people are told by their elders and peers that you cannot break the barrier between the rich and poor, they soon begin to despair of ever doing so themselves, never experiencing and then realising the truth that no such barrier exists.

In truth, stock investments brokered by a bank can be started with as little as one thousand dollars, foreign exchange accounts can be set up with reasonable margins for as little as two to five thousand dollars. Some reasonably nice pieces of real estate can be bought for as little as a fourteen hundred dollar down payment, and then rent can be sold higher than your mortgage payments, giving you a steady income every month. All of these transactions can be found online or through local agents, and such deals simply require a little research and careful planning and follow-through. Both types of income are important.

In the workplace, drug testing affords you a certain amount of leverage in two directions. In one direction, employee drug and alcohol testing acts as a sort of reminder to your employees to not behave irresponsibly, and in the other direction, it can be used as evidence in dismissing an employee who does not obey company policy. Both types of leverage are important.

Call CMM Technology today:(+61) 1300 79 70 30

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Guilt versus Shame

TED talks are public speeches given by experts and innovators in their field to an auditorium to gifted experts in other fields. In a TED talk, Brene Brown, who studies shame, guilt and vulnerability, discusses how hard it is for people to be vulnerable and how this is easily tied in with shame. In fact, vulnerability is not weakness, but many people use it together with shame in order to not accomplish the things in life they want to accomplish and in order to not live dangerously and take risks. Brene Brown discusses how many people are able to utilize taking risks in their lives conversely with shame, and counter-conversely with guilt. What exactly does that mean?

Guilt and shame are not the same thing. Guilt is feeling bad for a certain action, and wanting to take responsibility for it. Shame is feeling bad for being a certain person, and leads to steadfast avoidance of vulnerability. According to Brown, vulnerability and taking risks is the only way to get what we want out of life, and this after she studied the subjects for eight years. If we cannot embrace our vulnerability, learn to take responsibility for our actions, and avoid judging ourselves as people and subjecting ourselves to shame, then we can do anything in our lives.

In fact, people who are good at being vulnerable and taking risks are more likely to feel guilt and take responsibility for their actions, without turning this pain inward and feeling shame instead. Brown talks about how shame is counterproductive, but taking risks and taking responsibility for your actions are both highly productive. How does this apply to drug testing?

Many people who are addicts of either drugs or alcohol constantly turn this inward and judge themselves as people. Conversely, they also find it extremely difficult to take responsibility for their own actions. The solution to the problem, should you be prone to addictive behavior or an addictive mindset? Take a little risk, be a little vulnerable, and take responsibility for your actions. The shame will be unlearned as you go.

In the business world, drug and alcohol screening is still the fool proof method of eliminating this disease from your workplace. Call CMM Technology today:(+61) 1300 79 70 30

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Religion and Science

Whether or not you practice or believe in a specific religion, you may agree that, higher power or not, religion itself is typically man-made. In fact, religion is one of the best ways in which humans can feel as if they exercise control over their lives. This is already the case, of course, but many people feel as if they do not have enough control over their own lives and often misdirect this and attempt to help others with their lives. This is, of course, not possible because as much as you think you may know about someone, they are a completely different person and are living a completely different life from yours. Even friendly well-meaning advice is often given but rarely taken for this reason.

When we enter what is sometimes called a religious state of mind, we enter a territory which is very familiar to us. Humans observe tradition because it allows people to become closer to one another. Tradition essentially preordains certain rituals to take place and frees the mind up to new ideas which are posed by first creating a safe and extremely familiar territory in which someone can feel right at home. Those of you who had good childhoods are aware of how safe and comfortable you felt at home, and how you were at your most creative when you were in familiar territory which you knew really well. Just as congregations are more receptive to new ideas when surrounded by familiar traditions, just about all men and women are more likely to accept new innovation when they feel connected with familiar people and circumstances in their lives. As long as one part of their lives remains the same, they have familiar territory to escape to if necessary. When scientific innovation and religious tradition clash, humans are more likely to stick with familiar territory. When drug and alcohol testing was first introduced to the workplace, many employees balked at this new idea, because they felt that it invaded their privacy, with which they were very familiar and felt no reason to change.

Workplace drug testing has since become the norm, and employee drug and alcohol screening is used frequently in many companies, both large and small. Call CMM Technology today: (+61) 1300 79 70 30.

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Drug and Alcohol Testing and the Weather

The weather has a lot to do with our mood and how we hold up during confrontation or stress of any kind. Neurobiologists have found that serotonin and dopamine, the exciters, endorphins and feel-good, calm-down indicators of our moods are both highly increased during warm, pleasant sunny weather. In fact, as long as it is not unreasonably hot, warm weather is one of the most ideal conditions by which humans measure their good mood throughout the day. Sunshine has been proven scientifically as absolutely necessary to the reproduction of cells, and this includes all types of cells, including stem cells. This means that, the more sunshine you receive during the day, the more likely you are to be reproducing healthy cells.

Now, sunshine is not liked by everyone. There are some people who prefer cold weather or rainy conditions, and these people are more likely to become unreasonably hot during pleasantly warm conditions. This could be due to several things, including but not limited to overactive thyroid or parathyroid, inflamed muscles or tissues, or being overweight and overheating easily. People who overheat easily tend to be somewhat immune to cold weather and feel more active and social during cold weather when their bodies are operating under prime temperatures. However, the majority of people do better in warm balmy sunny weather, and this is generally due to the sunshine and fresh air they receive in abundance when they spend a great deal of time outside. It is not so much about their preferred weather conditions, as it is about the chemical and serotonin production within their minds and muscles.

Workplace drug testing improves personal responsibility, which helps to create similar feelings of endorphins, much like the ones we experience when exposed to warm direct sunlight. Employee drug and alcohol testing improves personal accountability for actions on the jobsite, which in turn improves feelings of self confidence and accomplishment. These feelings of accomplishment are important for internal motivation on the jobsite. Internal motivation is one of the highest qualities an employee can possess. Employee drug and alcohol screening is a huge benefit in the workplace, both directly and indirectly. Call CMM Technology today: (+61) 1300 79 70 30.

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Gastrointestinal Success

Have you been feeling tired, fatigued or sluggish lately? How about for a specific period of time? In many cases, this is due to simple gastrointestinal overload. In simple terms, your food is taking too long to clear your intestines and bowel and leave your body. Although the percentages cited by researchers vary between 60% and 80%, it is still widely known that digestion takes up well over fifty percent of your body’s energy resources. This is why your body may feel tired or sluggish up to four hours after a meal, especially if the meal is carbohydrate based, such as bread, grain, pasta, cake, cookies and other refined grain products. Although healthy vegetables, such as potatoes, are considered to be high in carbohydrates, these are complex carbohydrates and in many ways are more easily digested than simple carbohydrates. So what cleans your digestion out so that things run smoothly through your colon?

Well, the shortest and most obvious answer is to drink a bottle of prune juice. However, this is a very painful process (albeit relatively quick) to undergo, because the prune juice creates large amounts of gas through your intestines, which rolls over itself and thoroughly cleans out your intestine, during eight to twelve long and excruciating hours.

The simple and far less painful solution is to simply eat more organic meat, raw fruits and vegetables, and drink plenty of hot water (preferably hot lemon water) along with your more refined cakes and breads. The composition of refined foods tends to become compressed down into a hard little knot, which must then travel throughout your digestive system and takes a really long time to get through, and drains the majority of your body’s energy during the entire progress of its transit. Hot lemon water, well-chewed raw vegetables, and easily digested meat (meat is always easily digested) are excellent ways to thin out the hard lumps of refined food, melt down existing lumps, and bring your bowel movement to fruition within thirty minutes of eating.

Since drugs and alcohol also act as refined foods and take a great deal of time to leave your body, it is an additional benefit to have employee drug testing within your business on a regular basis. At the very least, it helps keep things running smoothly in all areas of your business. Call CMM Technology today for information on drug and alcohol testing equipment:(+61) 1300 79 70 30.

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