The Subversion of Drug Testing

Drug test Kits, Drug Test, Drug TestingDrug testing by government and private employers, designed to ensure a drug-free workplace, has given rise to a whole new industry, the sole purpose of which is to defeat the results of such testing.

A prime example of drug testing subversion occurred in September of 2003 at an Ohio-based nuclear facility. Employees of the facility found samples of a product called “Minuteman” in the trash of the site where candidates for employment are routinely give urine testing. The employees then contacted toxicologists at the Substance Abuse Mental Health Service Administration (SAMSHA) who performed additional testing. The toxicologists at SAMSHA informed nuclear site management that Minuteman is a dehydrated drug-free product that, when remixed, can be raised to normal body temperature and substituted for the donor’s urine sample.  Management then brought back ten of the job candidates for re-testing. Nine of these candidates failed the test which provided positive results for marijuana use.1

In this instance, alert employees were able to prevent the hiring of candidates who were active drug users. However, in many cases both management and medical professionals are unfamiliar with subversion techniques—or even that such an industry exists.  The products this industry produces are meant to either substitute a “dirty” sample for one which will show no illicit drug use or dilute any traces of urine in the tester’s specimen. The efficacy of these products in subverting urine testing arises from the fact that many of the manufacturers are biochemists or toxicologists and understand how to reconstitute the urine sample to hide illicit drug use.

Three Methods of Subverting Drug Testing

A quick Internet-based search will uncover a myriad of methods by which knowledgeable people may subvert drug testing.  The three most common strategies are described below.

  • Dilution. This is the simplest technique and involves diluting the concentration of illicit drugs in the urine specimen below the level at which a positive result would be reported.  In most cases this involves either the addition of toilet or tap water to the sample. Dilution may also be obtained by ingesting a large quantity of water before testing. However, countermeasures have been developed in recent years. Historically, many government and private employers looked only for the concentration of creatinine protein in urine specimens as a signal of dilution. However, taking the lead from the sports industry, more and more employers are using a more comprehensive screen to detect the use of diuretics. Indeed, diuretics such as caffeine are banned in most sports because they can mask evidence of performance enhancing drug use.
  • Substitution. A significant disadvantage of private specimen collection is that the donor can readily substitute his or her sample for a “pure” specimen collected from another person. A variety of products are available via the Internet, such as “freese dried” urine which can be remixed and warmed up to normal body temperature and placed in a tube which can easily be hidden in the donor’s clothing. One innovative (if somewhat desperate) job candidate actually emptied his bladder and then catheterised himself by inserting another person’s pure urine—all in the space of the time allocated for urine testing. Another method is to wear a prosthetic penis filled with drug-free urine.
  • Adulteration. Also available are products that, when added to “adulterated” urine samples render drug use undetectable and produce negative results. While many of these products do not  provide the results advertised, several, such as Urine Luck, are produced by biochemists and toxicologists who possess strong knowledge of drug testing methods and technology so that their products do mask the presence of illicit substances. Toxicologists at SAMSHA routinely purchase such products and test them for effectiveness. If they actually work and produce a negative result, scientists then perform further testing and analysis to determine their chemical composition and develop screens for each chemical used.


While workplace drug testing has reduced the incidence of illicit drug use in the workplace, it is clear that such testing remains highly susceptible to subversive strategies employed by drug users who wish to hide their continuing drug use from potential employers. It is therefore prudent to use caution in interpreting negative results. Perhaps the most effective strategy is to implement an unannounced second testing session during the first thirty days of employment.

CMM Technology continues to supply great drug testing products, such as our Lion Alcoblow breathalyser devices, along with our Oraline and Medix drug tests. Our products are among the finest on the market today and our experts will be happy to explain the technology behind them and how to implement countermeasure to abort any subversive practices.. Contact us today: (+61) 1300 79 70 30.


1.The Subversion of Urine Drug Testing.” N.p., n.d. Web. August 2010.

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Pre-employment Issues for Persons in Recovery

Breathalyser,Urine Drug TestMany people in recovery feel that they will be unable to hide their drug use from potential employers. They mistakenly believe that there is a big sign on their forehead with the words “Addict” imprinted for everyone to see. In reality, there is nothing about outward appearance that would suggest their recovery status.

Disclosure considerations

There is no right or wrong answer to the question of whether persons in recovery should reveal their drug use history to potential employers. Because prior drug use is not easily detectable, it is essential that both advantages and disadvantages be thoroughly considered when beginning a job search.

Many persons in recovery prefer not to reveal their drug history and disclosure can actually be problematic for both the employer and job seeker in light of possible legal consequences centering on discrimination, as well as possible stigmatisation within workplace.

It is important for persons in recovery to review the benefits of disclosure with vocational counselors in terms of fitting in with the team and job retention (i.e., identifying possible triggers for relapse).  For example, a job seeker may need to focus on those jobs that offer flexible work hours or that involve routine and low-stress responsibilities. Alternatively, disclosure is a good idea if the candidate things s/he will need to phone a counselor for support during especially challenging situations.   Also a consideration is at what point during the hiring process, the candidate should disclose their drug history and deciding who needs to know. During initial phone screens, it may not be necessary to disclose prior drug use since this interview is typically exploratory in nature. However, disclosure is appropriate if invited into the office for an in-persons meeting with the hiring manager (and potential supervisor).

Developing a vocational plan

In many cases the person in recovery will be working with a vocational counselor to develop and individualised vocational plan based on needs, interests, abilities, and career goals.  Vocational planning should be flexible in nature and reassessed in light of the results of skills and interest inventories. Other measures that go into the mix include prior work or volunteer experience, as well as any barrier to employment (housing, child care, co-occurring medical conditions, specific triggers, etc.) It is also important to make full use of the person’s existing network so they may offer support  in the realisation of vocational goals.

Flexibility is also important when engaging in a search. It may take longer for a person in recovery to obtain employment due to ‘slips”(as opposed to full blown relapse) or such self-sabotaging behaviour as missed interview, showing up late to interviews, or even turning down job offers (such self-sabotaging behaviours are usually the result of unexpressed fears and insecurities). Vocational counselors need to develop trust-based relationships with clients so that s/he is comfortable discussing all barriers to job search.

An effective individualised vocational plan will include a discussion of the following:

  • Avoiding work situations that may set triggers for relapse (stress, late nights, working where alcohol is served, etc.)
  • An evaluation of the pros and cons of high-paying jobs frequently associated with drug or alcohol use, such as construction or brokerage.
  • The job seeker’s pattern of past drug or alcohol use. For example, if the person used drugs primarily during the evening hours, it is probably better to identify employment opportunities that offer a morning or afternoon schedule.
  • Providing the job seeker with essential linkages to community services for housing, along with counseling in the area of financial management.
  • Encouraging the job seeker to explore employment with companies that test for substance use as a condition of employment.

Many employers now regularly utilise drug testing during the hiring process and also monitor employee drug use with intermittent (and unannounced) testing.  Identifying drug use enables both employers and treatment counselors to proactively address the situation before it leads to poor job performance and eventual dismissal. CMM Technology offers some of the best drug and alcohol testing equipment on the market today such as Lion breathalyser and Oraline drug tests. We have experts available to answer your questions and order testing equipment. We invite you to contact us today at (+61) 1300 79 70 30 to learn more about how your program may monitor drug use among employees.


Becker D.R, Drake R.E and Naughton W.J 2005, Supported employment for people with co-occurring disorders, Psychiatric Rehabilitation Journal, vol.28, no.4, pp.332-336. N.p, n.d.

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Managing Alcoholism in the Workplace

Drug & Alcohol Test, Alcohol TestAs with nearly every supervisor, at some point in your career you will come up against alcohol-related work issues. At first, you may not know these problems stem from alcohol abuse. In other cases, you will be aware of the problem if the employee has admitted to it or if alcohol use is readily detectable (e.g., you are able to smell it on their breath).

Although as a supervisor you are not responsible for treating the employee’s alcohol problem, there are several signs that can alert you to possible alcohol use. When you witness several of these behaviors over a period of time, a referral to the company’s Employee Assistance Program (EAP) may well be appropriate:

Signs of Possible Alcohol Problems

Evidence of excessive alcohol use may be reflected in such attendance-related issues as frequent unexplained absences or tardiness; by careless and shoddy work product, consistently missing deadlines insubordination, inability to get along with co-workers, or signs of financial difficulties, such as asking co-workers to lend money or  receiving calls from creditors; frequent mood swings with periods of euphoria followed by a period of subdued behavior; smell of alcohol on the employee’s breath and frequent use of breath fresheners.

Any one of these signs taken alone or even a few together does not necessarily mean that an employee is an alcoholic. However, when his or her performance becomes negatively impacted over time, a referral to an EAP counselor for an assessment may well be appropriate. The goal of this referral is not punitive but to assist the employee to obtain needed assistance before they reach the point of no return (i.e. job loss).

Employee Assistance Programs

Employee assistance programs provide assessment as well as short-term counseling to employees with alcohol and other drug-related problems, mental health and emotional issues, financial problems and marital/family difficulties. However, they are not long-term therapy programs and if it is deemed by the EAP counselor that the employee needs more intensive counseling, s/he will initiate a referral to a residential or outpatient treatment facility.

Although all discussions with EAP counselors are confidential, the employee may sign a waiver so that the counselor may share his or her assessment of the employee with supervisors, as well as any recommendations for further treatment.

Addressing problems directly

While it is a good idea to refer employees you suspect of alcohol abuse to an EAP counselor, supervisors also need to confront the employee directly. Before meeting with the employee, it is a good idea to first confer with the EAP counselor to discuss all problematic areas. The EAP counselor can provide strategic advice regarding how best to approach the employee.

During the meeting with the employee keep things specific in talking about problems with the employee’s performance or conduct and provide examples. Explain the negative consequences that will ensue if things don’t improve, up to and including termination.

The hardest part of interacting with the addictive personality is getting past the denial stage. Even when faced with consequence, the thinking patterns of alcohol addicted persons are so ingrained that they can’t even see that they have a problem. A frequent refrain heard during the denial stage is “I can stop anytime I want to.” In effect, the person with an alcohol problem will rationalise every drink they take.

Intervention Techniques

An intervention typically consists of scheduling a session with the employee in which several important people in their life attend, such as spouse, family, friends, co-workers and supervisor.

The session is facilitated by a professional, such as an EAP counselor. During the session each person in attendance relates to the entire group how the employee’s drinking behavior has directly (and negatively) impacted their lives. Intervention has proven to be an effective technique in combating denial as the employee cannot so easily dismiss the assertions of so many people s/he cares about.


Recognise that employees with an alcohol problem have a disease that requires compassion. However, sometimes being an effective supervisor requires a good dose of “tough love.” What this means is that although you want to be kind and offer help in the form of EAP assistance, the employee also needs to recognise that s/he is ultimately responsible for their treatment, rehabilitation, and improved work performance and conduct.

Working with an employee with an alcohol problem presents many challenges for both supervisors and staff. In the end, work needs to get done so that the performance standards of the entire team may be met. This is where regular drug and alcohol testing for all staff become important.  CMM Technology offers some of the best drug and alcohol testing equipment on the market today such as Lion breathalyser tests and Oraline drug tests. We have experts available 25/7 to answer your questions and order testing equipment. We invite you to contact us today to learn more about keeping a drug-free workplace and helping those with an alcohol problem get needed help.


“Alcoholism in the Workplace: A Guide for Supervisors.” U.S. Office of Personnel Management Publication. N.p, n.d. Web

“The Workplace and Alcohol Problem Prevention.” NIAAA. N.p, n.d. Web August 2002

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Earnings Potential and Alcoholism

Drug & Alcohol Test, Alcohol TestIt seems fairly common sense that those with alcohol problems will experience lower earnings potential due to a variety of factors related to overall work success. One can divide these factors into direct affects and indirect affects but this may be considered an artificial distinction since the two are always related to some degree as we explore below.

Direct Affects of Alcohol Abuse

The physical and emotional correlates of alcohol abuse can be seen in such work-related behaviours as lateness and absenteeism, poor work performance, isolation and insubordination.  Negative behaviors such as these often results in less opportunity for promotion and accompanying salary increases. If they continue over time, job loss is often the result. From this, it is no surprise that alcoholism leads to rising rates of unemployment.

Alcoholism can also affect choice of career and career stability. Many persons with an alcohol problem choose jobs that are less demanding and stressful and often pay a lower wage.  This may be viewed as a self-protective measure as stress is certainly a trigger for relapse. However, long-term recovery (and increased earnings potential) will necessitate the need for the individual to develop effective coping skills when faced with stressful situations, both within and outside the workplace.

Indirect Effects of Alcohol Abuse

A primary way in which alcohol abuse may affect earnings potential is via its effect on both hard and soft skill set development. If the disease is present during the high school and college years, the person may not lack the motivation to complete their schooling. Reduced education limits job choice and usually results in low-wage employment with little or no room for career advancement. A person in recovery may accept such employment because of lower stress levels (a direct effect) or because of their lower education (an indirect effect). However, direct and indirect effects are related in a 360 degree pattern, as shown in the figure below: if the person is an alcoholic with reduced motivation levels then education will not seem a priority; lack of education results in limited career choice and lower earnings. Finally, those with reduced prospects for bettering their situation often lose motivation to engage in career enhancement activities (such as a return to school)

Urine Drug Test, Drug test Kits, Drug Test

Poor work performance very often leads to job loss and decreased employability due to “softening” of skill through disuse, along with the creation of employment gaps. As a result, the individual may have to accept a lower-wage job just to have the opportunity to re-enter the working world.

A second major indirect effect stems from the myriad of familial and social relationship issues that arise to due alcohol abuse. Alcoholics tend to have higher rates of divorce and marital strife in the form of both emotional and physical abuse than non-alcoholics. The effects of this type of home life can be expected to negatively impact overall job performance and result in reduced earnings potential. Many alcoholics also have trouble maintaining healthy workplace and social relationships due their lack of consideration with regard to the needs of others and inability to earn trust.

The reduced earnings of alcoholics have a real economic impact on society as a whole.  The alcoholic, along with his or her family suffer the consequences of reduced earnings in the form of instability of the core unit, along with difficulty meeting even basic living expenses. Employers suffer from reduced productivity that results in both real and opportunity costs. These by-products of alcohol abuse are in addition to such alcohol-related incidents as traffic accidents, crime, and illness—all of which have significant societal costs attached.

The combination of reduced earnings with the overall societal costs associated with alcohol and drug use, make testing a priority for both treatment providers and employers in all size companies. CMM technology offers some of the best drug and alcohol testing equipment on the market today such as Lion breathalyser and Oraline drug tests. We have experts available to answer your questions and order testing equipment. We invite you to contact us today to learn more about keeping a drug-free workplace and helping those with an alcohol problem obtain needed assistance.


Hamilton, V., and Hamilton, B. “Alcohol and Earnings: Does Drinking yield a wage premium?” Canadian Journal of Economics, 1997, 30 (1), pp 135-151. N.p.,n.d, Web

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Marketing Ahead of the Curve

Breathalyser,Urine Drug Test,Drug test KitsIn an article by Rieva Lesonsky, she discusses how businesses at the end of this recession are not really investing in marketing, because they believe that they are receiving enough word-of-mouth marketing. She goes on to say that word-of-mouth marketing is great if you cannot afford a marketing budget, but that if you can afford it, you can position yourself at the forefront of your peers at the beginning of this global economic climb.

This is an interesting concept. Many people believe that the recession is at an end and that the global economy, the west in particular, is improving. Lesonsky’s suggestion to take advantage of this and position ourselves and our businesses accordingly may be a good one. In the past, the great depression and other smaller economic failures fixed themselves, with no regard for restraints placed upon money or inflation. This might be the case in this circumstance, where financial placements are fixing themselves and achieving equilibrium, which will result in economic stability and then growth in the near future.

It should probably be noted that innovations created during the recession were not based upon stability, since global consumer markets had no base example of stability from which to work. This means that any marketing strategy which is implemented in the future might be best positioned in a more immovable, traditional construct so that consumers are attracted to the surety and safety of whatever enterprise you are trying to launch.

Regardless of what marketing method you choose, marketing ahead of the curve may be a good idea. However, it is not quite clear whether one should begin a marketing campaign before the western economy hits a full upswing, or while it is rising. In either position, you will need your business to be firmly grounded and operating according to your strategic objective, which should include an employee drug and alcohol testing program which is fully functioning.

Contact CMM Technology today for more information on our drug tests and breathalysers: (+61) 1300 79 70 30.

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Long-term Effects of Former Meth Abuse

Recalibration Service, RecalibrationThe author of this article interviewed a former meth addict recently. This person has been clean for four years, but they abused methamphetamine for the fourteen years prior to that. The former addict displayed certain characteristics of someone who has been exposed to abuse, either from themselves or others, for long periods of their lives, as well as discussing other habits or characteristics with which they battle every day.

“Are you able to maintain an acceptable standard of living now that you are clean?”

“Yes and no. I find that I don’t have the stamina for many things and that I just don’t have the guts to try all of the things that I’d like to try. I tend to withdraw into my art or my music for long periods of time in order to escape this.”

“Do you keep a job?”

“Yeah, I have a job and I have been working there for over two years now. I have my own place and my own vehicle now, but that’s about it. I’m kind of a loser.”

“What about your family?”

“I don’t have very many ties with my family anymore. I see my nephews and stuff like that, but my family keeps their distance overall. I don’t talk to my parents.”

“Do you hang out with your friends a lot?”

“No, I generally keep to myself. I’m kind of an introvert, but it also doesn’t help that I have been screwed over so many times in my life, so I tend to stay away from people in general.”

“How do you feel now that you’re not on meth, especially since you were abusing it for fourteen years? That’s a long time.”

“Yeah, it is. I feel more vivid. Things are not muted and in shades of gray anymore. I’m not out of it like I used to always be. I mean, I still crave the stuff every day, but I like living in color now. It’s hard, though.”

“What has been your biggest obstacle when recovering from meth addiction?”

“I don’t know. There are a lot, which are still here today. I don’t like a lot of stress, and I don’t like having to deal with drama, so I have a hard time interacting with people most of the time. At work, I usually keep a low profile so that nobody notices or talks to me. I think the biggest pain has been dealing with little everyday problems. I sometimes want to just get back on meth and zone out again.”

“Is there anything else you would like to mention to anyone who is interested in the effects of methamphetamine and why they should or should not take it?”

“Yeah, I’d like to say that life’s a lot easier if you don’t get involved with that stuff. I mean, it’s great. I’m not gonna lie. It makes you feel like there are no troubles in the world. But it also makes you feel like there is no innocence, either. It makes you want to live in reality, but when you come off your high, reality doesn’t look at all appealing. It’s instant illusion.”

If you are interested in workplace drug testing equipment, drug tests or alcohol breathalyser tests, call CMM Technology today: (+61) 1300 79 70 30.

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How to Be Influential

Breathalyser, Urine Drug Test, Drug test KitsAhhh, you remember that moment when your child stops caring about your opinion and no longer thinks of you as their hero. Being influential is great if you have never had that much power before, and it certainly can go to your head when you exercise a great deal of influence over people who give you their undivided attention. How does one go about exercising this amount of influence?

Mind your own business. One never thinks to follow the example of those who are minding other people’s business all the time. After all, they seem so intent on avoiding their own lives and problems and personal interests that there is no reason to not avoid their lives as well.

Work with intent. When you devote your full attention and intention on your work, then it obviously matters to you in the eyes of others and they become interested in what you have to say and in what you are doing. Your passion is partially a sign of your expertise.

Be of service. This one seems simple, but there are many ways to be of service to someone which we often ignore. You can get them a cup of coffee, help them clear out their work at the end of the day, offer them a ride to an appointment, take them out to lunch, or invite them to your home for a nice warm home-cooked meal.

Utilise drug and alcohol testing. Many employers expect their employees to grudgingly and unwillingly be tested for drugs and alcohol, but your attitude affects their behavior more than anything else. If you make a big dramatic deal about it, then they are more likely to resent the process and feel that is a violation of their personal freedom. However, if you act professionally and as if it is no big deal, then they are not likely to even notice it that much. “Okay, guys, after you are done with your drug test, meet everyone out front and we’ll all go to lunch at McGinntey’s.”

Call CMM Technology today for more information about our drug tests and alcohol breathalyser devices for sale: (+61) 1300 79 70 30.

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Equality Between the Sexes

Employee Drug Testing, Saliva Drug TestGender equality has long been argued, especially concerning paychecks and income distribution. In third world countries, gender inequality is publicly displayed to be highly prevalent, with of course women being at the bottom of the pile in all cases. Today, among first world Western nations, the disparity between the sexes in income growth is becoming smaller, but not for the reasons one might think. You see, women have to some extent expected less of themselves up until now, and while this is definitely a result of societal inbreeding, it has also affected how women perform their jobs and what exactly they expect out of themselves.

Today, women have more education and are trained in higher quality and more refined skills and are therefore making quite a bit of money from this. Their male counterparts are actually more likely to quickly grab and settle down to jobs which require less education and may pay more per hour, but pay less over the long run, due to variance in hours. Women are more likely to recognize what is needed to obtain a higher quality job with more regular hours, and then to follow up on this and do what it takes to get it.

Why this change in mentality in the female sex? While the feminist movement had something to do with it, the influences from women’s rights are much smaller than one might expect. Rather, factors like ease and financial attainability of obtaining an education contributed to this new realization among women. In fact, women who planted their feet strictly in the feminist movement in order to get ahead in the job market are finding themselves a little hard up in their climb, since some of their more highly educated colleagues are climbing the ladder more easily. The new feminist movement: Utilize the system, don’t fight it.

Workplace drug testing is among the many professions in which women are becoming increasingly adept. At CMM Technology, we also believe in gender equality in both hiring employees and in testing them for drugs or alcohol on the jobsite. Call us today: (+61) 1300 79 70 30.

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Ebb and Flow of the Tide

chain of custody,pre screening,screening testsThe movement of water and the oceans and weather cycles is a fascinating study. While the oceans, with its crushing depths and its potential for huge waves caused by thunderstorms, has the reputation for being powerful and strong, it is a certain thing called the tide which can give it unimaginable danger. The pull of the moon, combined with the pull of the sun and the inertia from the spinning planet, create predictable and yet very complex tidal systems. These macro currents combine and change, creating a swirling effecting underneath the surface of the water, causing internal currents below the surface of the water to exist and be quite strong and forceful, even pulling people down below the surface, both in the ocean and in river rapids.

Water is a clear cut example of currents, but currents which increase and decrease with energy and reactive pulls exist all over the world in different forms. Foreign exchange of currencies reacts remarkably like ocean waves, rising and falling in tandem and in unison, depending upon the allegiances held by nations. Even something as small as the nutrition uptake and return in garden soil in your back yard is very similar to these patterns. Plants dig deeper and deeper for more nutrition, uptake nutrition into their roots, and then nutrition is returned to the soil through the decay of dead plants and through rainwater and animal contributions. Even the energy in the human body is depleted through burning energy and is filled up through proper nutrition. Employees who are at their optimum levels of performance are not depleting these reserves through drug addiction or alcoholism.

In your company, employee drug testing is part of your business plan and part of company policy, and may even be mandatory. Life cycles exist to clean out the old debris and replenish with new growth and sustenance. Employee drug and alcohol screening exists so that you can identify and remove individuals who are not contributing new growth to your company. Even in something as technical and logical as business, the life cycle continues. Call CMM Technology today: (+61) 1300 79 70 30.

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Drug Testing and Financial Planning

Employee Drug Testing, Drug & Alcohol TestThe president of the John F. Kennedy Center for the Performing Arts, Michael Kaiser, discussed the power of financial planning recently in a blog post, stressing how organisations need to actually tie their strategic objectives in with their financial planning. He talks about how often financial planning becomes a bit like an organisation’s first business plan…done correctly, nice too look at, but set on a back shelf because nobody really believes in the change which will occur.

And why should they? Kaiser discusses how it is very easy to organize your strategic planning separate from your financial planning because in the past, many organisations simply do not see their financial books showing more than three or four percent higher in financial numbers due to strategy. Aggressive financial overhaul is done, performed, and then ignored because what the future numbers show in their projections are not consistent with the numbers from the past five years. Kaiser emphasizes the need to have faith and a minimum amount of belief in the wonderful changes which you are implementing.

This method applies when you are evaluating anything in your company, including your employee drug testing program. It does not do very much good to protect yourself legally and financially using employee drug and alcohol screening when you cannot see the change which this brings about. Now, obviously, it may be unwise to experiment with it by removing this protection, but it is still a good idea to keep documentation of previous years and years in which you used drug testing to see how it has helped you and benefitted your business. You may wish to also include reports about individual employees; who was fired, who was kept, and how productivity was changed and affected by that. Either way, documentation of before and after, as well as future projections, can show you how workplace drug testing is a positive financial move for you.

CMM Technology offers high quality drug tests and alcohol breathalyser tests, and we ship to many countries throughout the world, including our native Australia. Call us today: (+61) 1300 79 70 30.

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Discernment in Customer Satisfaction

Drug Test, Drug & Alcohol Test, Alcohol TestSteve Blank, author of The Four Steps to the Epiphany, describes an incident in poor product development in a Huffington Post article. He talks about how many people who are starting up a company distribute their customer surveys and interview people on the street, but fail to use discernment. Not everyone wants the same thing, and not everyone is your target client. First you must know what type of customer you want to have, and then design the products and pricing for that set of people. In addition to this, you must possess discernment about which customer’s ideas’ to listen to and which are not effective in your business plan. Simply interviewing a random selection of people and designing your product so that it pleases everyone will result in short-term success and then a sudden fallout.

Steve Blank describes how you need to understand which people to listen to, and what you should be listening to from them. Not everyone has the best idea or knows what they want, and this type of internal skepticism can save you a great deal of money and prototypes down the line. You must learn to think skeptically and take all opinions with a grain of salt.

Blank also talks about learning why you listen to some customers and not others. It is great to know what to do and which answers are most likely to help you out in your customer development strategy, but you won’t learn the game until you learn why all of this is true.

Smart business development is not just about having all of the answers. It is about recognizing answers when they come to you. You do not need to do all of the work. You simply need to recognize willing laborers when you meet them. Discernment is a difficult enough process without bringing in outside factors like alcoholism and drug addiction. These will cloud your judgment even further. Thankfully, a good strong employee drug and alcohol testing program will help you in this. It will enable you to keep your employees clear headed and discerning all day long. Call CMM Technology today: (+61) 1300 79 70 30.

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Big Data and How It Can Help You

Urine Drug Test, Drug test KitsBig data is a concept which covers trends, patterns, electronic, paper, and social data, along with individual people profiles and mass collection of all of this information. Big data is used by major market research companies to understand when trends hit and where and how their companies’ goals should be utilized. This is how companies find out about what is best for their consumer base and what is the best direction for their business to take. Big data has covered a large area of the civilized world with full and uninhibited access to personal information, right down to personal preferences and percentage of likelihood that you will like or find a certain product pleasing. Big data is especially helpful for global companies, which desire to understand different trends in different countries.

When leading a business, it is a good idea to keep your finger on the pulse of office gossip so that you understand and hear about different issues and successes among your subordinates. When managing a team, it a good idea to keep your finger on the pulse of individual idiosyncrasies, so that you can best discern which projects to assign to which employee. And when implementing a drug and alcohol testing program in your workplace, it is a good idea to keep your finger on the pulse of lawsuits, employee accidents, revenue spent on the drug testing program, and revenue saved and protected by the employee drug and alcohol screening process.

In fact, it is recommended to shop around and test, try out, or review different companies with which you affiliate or might be affiliated in the future. Being direct and explicit about what you want out of your services and products sets a bar which others must live up to, not you. This is why CMM Technology is so supportive of you testing our products and determining if they are right for you. We are confident in our ability to beat out the competition. Our drug tests and alcohol breathalyser tests are perfect for your workplace drug testing needs. Call us today: (+61) 1300 79 70 30.

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