Cancer and Drug Abuse

Recalibration Service, Drug Testing In Western AustraliaCancer patients and their pain medication specialists were evaluated to see what the effects of pain medication were regarding later addiction to these medications. Pain medications are often opiates or cannabinoid drugs which create euphoric feelings of pleasure to mask the intense and often long and drawn out pain of cancer patients. This pain is both due to the cancer itself and it can be due to treatment or chemicals administered to the patient to kill or eliminate the cancer. In either case, having and maintaining a positive attitude is universally considered by both physicians and patients as the number one likelihood that a cure for their cancer will be received. Pain treatment is not only a lawful and recommended form of keeping a good lifestyle during cancer and treatment for cancer, but it is also part of retaining this positive mentality which can be so healing for the mind and body. Both legal pharmaceuticals and illegal euphoric drugs are often used by cancer patients to assist them in pain management and in retaining a lifestyle similar to the one they had before the cancer arrived. Both illegal drugs and legal pharmaceuticals can be abused while on the jobsite or during employment to such an extent that work tasks are not carried out appropriately.

Cancer is a terrible disease and it must be stated that the author of this article commiserates wholeheartedly with the toll that this disease can take upon the cancer patient themselves, and upon their close friends and family members. The reality of this disease can eat away at the happiness in and around the home of the cancer patient. It will seem as if the whole world is revolving around this sickness and any escape whatsoever, be it positive or negative, will be seen as good. This is why drug abuse is a very real possibility for cancer patients. Although employees may be receiving treatment for their condition which involves use of pain medication, it is still recommended that they be tested for abnormal amounts of inappropriate drugs in their systems. We want everyone, including the patient, to remain safe. Call CMM Technology to ask more about employee drug and alcohol screening equipment: (+61) 1300 79 70 30.

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Asset Protection

Recalibration Service, Drug Testing In Western AustraliaBusiness asset protection is an interesting concept, especially during this current time of instant money transfer, instant communication, and instant gratification. Many business owners believe that money should be handled in liquid form at all times, which is partially true because cash flow is necessary to keep operations running. Sometimes, savings and emergency funds are the company’s number one priority, and fluidity of monetary assets is number two priority. Whatever the case, one must also remember other, more intangible, assets to your company. Retention of high quality employees falls under this category. High quality employees not only tend to basic administrative and operative duties, but they are the best at treating customers well and upholding the professional marketing image of your company. Their image is your company’s image, and their goals mimic your goals. One of the ways to retain them is to use drug and alcohol testing in your business. This weeds out the ne’er-do-wells from the individuals who wish to remain employed by you.

It is almost impossible to keep track of what everyone is doing and how well everyone is performing without recommendations and employee profiles written up by your managers. Drug testing is part of these profiles, showing you how reliable they are in this aspect and showing you how many strikes they already have and how likely they are to return to this behavior. Employee drug and alcohol testing is invaluable under those conditions, and retention of good employees is part of asset protection and retention of positive business growth. In fact, some companies under value their employees and the potential which their employees bring to the jobsite. This is unfortunate, since a lot of unexplored talent can be exploited and used for the benefit of the company. If employees are not simply treated like machines, but like the incredible resource that they are, you can actually cut down on operating expenses because you will bring in a lot more loyalty.

Drug and alcohol testing in the workplace is asset protection in that it protects your employees which are part of your greatest asset. Call CMM Technology today for more drug and alcohol testing information: (+61) 1300 79 70 30.

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A Little Thing Called Cannabis

Breathalyser, Drug test Kits, Drug TestCannabis, weed, marijuana, “mary jane,” whatever you wish to call it, is one of the most used and most abused drugs in the world. It is incredibly easy to grow, grows in a huge variety of soils, different types of humidity and temperature all over the world. Cannabis is cheap, easy to obtain and maintain, and it is considered by the drug community to be one of the safest, most non lethal drugs on the market. Like alcohol, it is considered to be a “soft” drug which will take the edge off, but will not actually cause a great deal of harm to your system in the third use or the thirtieth use. Medical marijuana is used by many countries as a relaxant and pain number, given in small doses.

For all of these stated reasons, cannabis is the most likely drug to be abused during employment and while on the jobsite itself. It is not considered by even soft core drug users to be dangerous, and it is believed to be useful in taking the edge off of stress, pressure, deadlines, fear, failure, and perceived inadequacies. In fact, many cannabis users would equate it with a nice pharmaceutical pain relievers or emotional relaxant. For this reason, it can be even more widely used than researchers have previously thought, and the mental affects of it can cause even more destruction than have previously been attributed to it. Studies have shown that workers which abuse cannabis during employment (and while at work) are far more likely to have accidents and that accidents on the jobsite are primarily due to some type of drug abuse. Research also shows that workers who are under the influence of drugs or alcohol account for the majority of absenteeism found in both hazardous and non-hazardous industries, and in both coordinated jobs and jobs which do not require a great deal of physical coordination.

If your company employs workers which abuse cannabis, you are far more likely to be paying for the resulting accidents and any insurance increases tied with those accidents than you would be for the standard cost of employee turnover. Drug and alcohol testing helps you to identify which employees are potential liabilities. Call CMM Technology today: (+61) 1300 79 70 30.

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Workplace Drug Testing and Employee Fatigue

Employee Drug Testing, Saliva Drug Test, BreathalyserWhen you have not had enough sleep for several days in a row, the overwhelming fatigue can drag you to never-before-seen levels of incompetency. Sleep is important, but more important is avoiding all types of fatigue, including mental, emotional, and drug-related fatigue. We are all familiar with how “high” children become after they have eaten a great deal of sweet things. This is because the sugar activates adrenaline glands and they are literally using adrenaline as their fuel. Drug related fatigue occurs after one ingests legal or illegal drugs, achieving the desired “high,” but then coming off of the high and entering a chemically forced state of depression or listlessness.

There are two forms of “low” which an employee can have after they abuse pharmaceuticals or illegal drugs. The first one is related to how they feel in between self medication or drug abuse. These are the “lows” or the low dips in the rollercoaster of their abusive lifestyle. The second type of low is due to drug withdrawal. When they have gone a long period of time without the serotonin and endorphin fix, they experience longer periods of depression, sometimes even as bad as suicidal tendencies. Part of this depression manifests in physical form, resulting in chronic physical pain and in extreme bouts of fatigue.

Fatigue is instrumental in slowing down work, causing disinterest in clients, and even in demented forms of self sabotage or work sabotage. Fatigue is sometimes attributed to mental or emotional tiredness which feels physical, and at other times it is attributed to physical weakness or lack of stamina due to mental or emotional stress or inability to cope. Drug and alcohol testing keeps this attitude and this chronic weakness from infecting your jobsite. It has been found that depression has a ripple effect, causing mild symptoms in those around the individual in question, especially those who have a loving caring interest in their welfare.

At CMM Technology, we support the positive effects drug and alcohol screening has on your workplace. Our drug testing equipment and breathalyser devices ensure that depression does not continue to disturb your employees, since it demands clean positive behavior from them. Fatigue is a symptom of a deeper problem, and you are recommended to test any employees who seem consistently sluggish. They may be suffering and your insight may help them in the long run, even if they do not continue working for you. Contact us today: +618-9204-2500.

“Symptoms of Depression, Acute Myocardial Infarction, and Total Mortality in a Community Sample.”Circulation.N.p., n.d. Web. 2 Nov. 2011.

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Work Ethic in the 21st Century

Drug Test, Drug Testing, Employee Drug TestingAs global inflation and monetary problems become worse, thousands of people are laid off. Unemployment, while being a huge concern for many people, is not life or death situation for others. Workers’ compensation plans and government issued unemployment benefits in developed nations support an attitude of laziness, as if it does not matter whether one is occupied with something useful, because they will be provided for. No wonder that workplace drug testing has reached an all time high in recent years. This lackadaisical mindset is scorned by another subset of low wage employees: those who support the busy work ethic, and busyness in general, whether or not it is useful. Both mindsets are detrimental and contribute to the need for drug and alcohol testing, both at work and in the home.

To begin, we will discuss the attitude of laziness, one in which the individual does not really bother themselves with consequences or hard decision making. These are people who rarely take partial, much less full, responsibility for their lives. They are focused on just getting by, surviving, having a good time, and enjoy the slogan, “Eat, drink and be merry, for tomorrow we may die.” Their singular lack of interest in smart choices and investments supports a perpetual lifestyle of poverty. Workplace drug testing is important in making sure that these employees do not abuse what few responsibilities you have given them. Let us see if the second mindset is any better.

A study done on attitudes about retirement reveals the same mental habits employed by those who value keeping busy all of the time. These individuals believe that busyness is directly correlated with productivity (it is not), and that as long as they stay occupied, they justify whatever uselessness they actually possess. Kevin Trudeau once spoke of a former employee who “…worked fourteen hours a day and never got anything done!” This attitude is also partially imbalanced. These employees are not as likely as the former group to fail drug and alcohol testing, but they must still be watched carefully, especially if they are paid by the hour or day, rather than on commission. Their constantly moving uselessness could be costing you money. So where is the work ethic we business owners value so much?

It is hidden away in a few individuals who take pride in their accomplishments, budget their income responsibly, and seek to make the organization more efficient as a whole, rather just their little part of it. Contact CMM Technology today for information about drug and alcohol testing and the training we offer to your more competent employees: +618-9204-2500.

“The Busy Ethic: Moral Continuity Between Work and Retirement.” Oxford Journals | Medicine & Social Sciences | The Gerontologist. N.p., n.d. Web. 29 Oct. 2011.

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Work and Family Drug Prevention

Drug Test, Drug Testing, Employee Drug TestingThe prevention of drug abuse and alcoholism can be a difficult task. At home, such efforts can be lead to family members moving out, becoming violent, or becoming very defensive. At work, this process becomes a little easier through the use of drug and alcohol testing on a regular basis. Screening tests are available for on-site testing, where your employee is tested for non-negative results. Any non-negative results are sent back to the laboratory for confirmatory testing. This saves time and money and productivity during business operations. Fortunately, on-site testing is available 24/7, so it accommodates high-hazard industries, such as mining and transportation.

It is said that the key to drug control is prevention. Interestingly enough, this is also said about physical disease. These two statements are parallel to each other. Drug abuse and alcoholism are both self-sustaining diseases, which affect every part of our lives, our job performance, our paycheques, our family members, our interactions with friends, and our physical and emotional health and happiness. While not every form of disease prevention is possible or even that effective, workplace drug testing is extremely effective and available for every size of business, from large companies to small partnerships.

Drug and alcohol testing is necessary in order to keep your company safe and effective. Think of your place of business as a physical body. There are departments devoted to regulated financial flow, devoted to productivity and service maintenance, and devoted to cleanliness and ethics. When the disease of drug abuse penetrates this body, it becomes less functional, less efficient, and the potential increases for the disease to spread. Urine or saliva drug tests and alcohol breathalyser tests can be quickly administered to determine the “health” of your organization. If it lacks high quality team players, they can be replaced by new, better employees. This is why drug and alcohol testing is so frequently used. It is a method of disease prevention which is consistently effective, across a variety of companies and just about every industry.

CMM Technology makes a living from the health of your business. If we did not do our job correctly, then you would find your company floundering for basic resources with which to operate. If we did not do our job correctly, you would immediately be able to discern this and would replace us. We deliver the highest quality drug and alcohol testing equipment available, from high quality Lion and Lifeloc breathalysers to urine and saliva drug tests. Contact us today: (+61)1300 79 70 30.

“ScienceDirect – Addictive Behaviors: The drug abuse screening test.” ScienceDirect – Home. N.p., n.d. Web. 27 Sept. 2011.

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When Should You Implement Drug and Alcohol Testing?

Screening Tests, Breathalyser Recalibration ServiceIf you own or manage a small business, you may wonder when if it is a good idea to begin implementing drug and alcohol testing services. You should know that many small businesses, with as little as five employees, use drug testing services as well as background checks to ensure the safety of their company equipment, financial resources, and the continued relationship with their customer base. Many business owners treat their company as an organism which must be fed, carefully nurtured, and tended to daily. If they employ untrustworthy employees, then they put their entire beloved operation into jeopardy. You see, most small business managers really do love their line of work and they value the work that their business does, almost as much as the money that this work brings in. Workplace drug testing is excellent in securing your own operation within four safe walls. What are some of the signs you should notice to begin doing this?

You can no longer personally evaluate and oversee every member of your staff

When you can no longer personally oversee and pay attention to the work of all of your employees, it helps to have a legal and technical safety net in place to avoid any problems which may occur. Part of this integrated safety net is workplace drug testing.

You are frustrated with the long hours you are spending at your office

Many self employed people who seek to begin their own business and engage employees run into a typical problem. Since they are used to being self employed and being experts in their field, they unused to relinquishing control over their work and teaching other people systems which develop their technical skills. If you are one of these people, you might find that you had better leave everything in the hands of your office manager and be a little more hands off yourself. Using drug and alcohol testing is an excellent way to still hold the reins and feel in control without actually being present.

You want your business to become more self sufficient and self sustaining

In this case, you might want to be the one who researches and looks over different employee drug and alcohol screening programs in your area. CMM Technology ships our drug tests and alcohol breathalyser devices worldwide and we’d love to have your business.

In short, you should begin implementing employee drug testing when you see your company growing and feel that you should step outside of the system and begin making it automatic. Call CMM Technology today: (+61) 1300 79 70 30.

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The True Value of EAPs

Employee Drug Testing, Pre Screening, Workplace Drug TestEmployee assistance programs (EAPs) are necessary to any company that wishes to instill employee retention and client loyalty. Today, branding is less about the name of the company and more about the people who help you with your product or service. Individual names carry a great deal of power and clout with clients and your business, no matter how large, is comprised of these human assets. You must use drug and alcohol testing to make sure that they are clean and if they are not, you may use employee assistance programs to help them recover from their drug use. Workplace drug testing is expected when hiring new employees, but it must also be used on a regular basis in order to find any potentially weak members of your staff.

We know that drug testing and alcohol breathalyser tests are helpful, but what about employee assistance programs? Do they really accomplish their purpose every time and is it cost effective to use them? The answer is yes. EAPs are very helpful, not only in retaining client loyalty and in reducing employee turnaround, but also in facilitating a positive working environment for your staff. Companies that have a reputation for frequently firing their employees cause a great deal of stress on the jobsite…for everyone. It is unwise to facilitate stress in your workplace, because that leads to low productivity, stinginess with regard to work ethic, fearful interactions with clients, and most unattractive of all, desperation. Studies have shown that if your employees know that they always have a job, their desire to improve the value of the company increases. This is similar to a family which fosters unconditional love, no matter what type of behavior is exhibited. Correction may be given and new behavior must be learned, but the love remains and builds self confidence and trust within the children and between spouses. Drug and alcohol testing identifies the problem, employee assistance programs correct the problem, and the company grows from the added loyalty from the employed staff. It is a win-win-win situation.

CMM Technology strives to facilitate this process by delivering breathalyser tests, urine drug tests, and saliva drug tests to your home or workplace on a regular basis. Our Lion, Medix and Oraline testing supplies are helpful in small or bulk amounts. We even ship worldwide. Our experts are available to take your call and answer any questions you may have about workplace drug testing and supplies for your endeavours: (+61) 1300 79 70 30.

“Alcohol & drug abuse: Revisiting employee assistance programs and substance use problems in the workplace: key issues and a research agenda.” National Center for Biotechnology Information.N.p., n.d. Web. 4 Oct. 2011.

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Sickness and Drug Abuse Prevention

Employee Drug Testing, Saliva Drug Test, BreathalyserWhen you are sick, any type of pain or discomfort relief is welcome. Drugs, often legal pharmaceuticals, can have such a pleasant and desirous effect upon your system that you wish to continue those pleasant feelings after the sickness is over. This longing is the beginning of a light dependency upon pharmaceuticals, which is a mild form of drug abuse. Of course, if you give in to these feelings and spend a lot of your time indulging in unnecessary but legal pharmaceuticals, this is definitely a very real type of drug abuse and should be treated immediately, perhaps including treatment in a rehabilitation facility. Drug and alcohol testing in the workplace and in the home becomes necessary in these types of situations, where the individual is not choosing to exercise self control and is potentially putting their coworkers, clients or family members in physical danger. In fact, workplace drug testing, especially random testing, is an excellent way to help your employees to not give into their weaknesses. These weaknesses are just temporary and when they pass, they are as if the individual was never tempted at all. It is up to you and up to them, however, to make sure that these urges really are just temporary.

When you have an employee who is sick, they are already potentially putting their coworkers in danger of becoming sick and we all know how this can spread through the air, through light physical contact, and through other forms of exposure. Drug abuse prevention is part of your workplace safety protocol, but it is always best to send employees home who can potentially cause more sickness in others. It is also a good idea to watch out for them returning to work too soon after they have recovered. Not only are their bodies weak from the illness and they are more likely to slow down the productivity of others due to this, but their immune system may not have yet completed the set of required antibodies which would also spread through physical contact and help others to stay healthy. By waiting an extra day or two before you allow them to return to work, you are helping them to stay strong and helping keep your other employees out of harm’s way, which is the responsible thing to do.

CMM Technology specializes in Medix drug tests and Lifeloc breathalyser devices for your workplace and home needs, no matter which type of drugs are being abused: (+61) 1300 79 70 30.

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Self Control or Out of Control

Drug Testing, Employee Drug Testing, Saliva Drug TestIn polite society, self control is considered a positive attribute and being out of control to be a negative one. This accepted standard is sometimes refuted by the example of immensely successful entrepreneurs, like Steve Jobs, Bill Gates, and Mark Zuckerberg, who notoriously thought outside of the box, and were formerly condemned for their innovative and seemingly controversial ideas. In the past, workplace drug testing has been criticised for a multitude of reasons, but now drug and alcohol testing on the jobsite is widely accepted and supported. Which is better: to have self control or to be out of control?

It depends. We begin by examining having self control. Research by Mark Muraven and Roy F. Baumeister indicates that self control does not necessarily exist in an unlimited supply. It seems to be a consumable resource which, after being used once or twice in a particular area, loses all validity. The researchers initially compared it to a muscle which, having been used a great deal eventually gives out, but their assessment has provided ample evidence that self control is even weaker and in far less supply than the resources of a muscle. It is a bit like drinking a glass of water and then allowing time to slowly drip water into the glass to fill it up again. Workplace drug testing is excellent for those times when self control has effectively been used up, and your job tasks still need to be completed by competent people. It keeps everything moving along smoothly.

Now we will discuss being out of control. George Loewenstein talked about visceral (instinctual) behavior and how it is affected by hunger, sex drive, fear, drug addiction, pain, and so on.Loewenstein describes decision making as being the product of sociological patterning of what should be done and what is preferred to do along with information analysis in a strictly visual and scientific way. He describes how decision making is no longer tied directly in with instinctual reactions and so habits (or strengths) are not formed to control and manage these reactions. This is why drug abuse and reactions to fear and emotional blackmail are so effective. The individual is essentially uneducated and inexperienced with using their instincts as a tool, rather than a form of lashing out. Drug and alcohol testing is especially effective to control this reactive behavior, especially when it is motivated by the intense desire to abuse drugs or alcohol.

Call CMM Technology today to find out more about helping your employees to have more self control in your business through the use of workplace drug testing: (+61) 1300 79 70 30.

“Self-regulation and depletion of limited resources: Does self-control resemble a muscle?” APA PsycNet. N.p., n.d. Web. 9 Nov. 2011.

“Out Of Control: Visceral Influences on Behavior.” N.p., n.d. Web. 9 Oct. 2011.

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Leaders and Managers

Drug Testing, Employee Drug Testing, Saliva Drug TestBusiness owners carry a large amount of responsibility. Not only must they set up a successful, effective business system, but they are also in charge of marketing, sales, client lead generation, client fulfillment, the financial department, and of course, all of their employees. The accountability is high, and when growing your business from a small operation to a large company, it is important to remember that authority can be delegated to your managers. Everything from financial responsibility to employee drug testing to production supply can be delegated, and it is important to remember this. The stress involved with taking on everything yourself is inhuman and will only be tolerated for so long before you lose your senses.

In an article by Ian Clark of the University of Birmingham, he describes how the interests of the business owner can be unfulfilled and found as unacceptable by their managerial staff. Certain business models, or business systems, are so dysfunctional that they create separation between the goals of the owner and the tasks and focus of the managers in charge of the employees. This separation creates several mindsets, including that of “us against them” and “the boss gets what the boss wants, at our expense.” Further responsible steps taken by management to maintain order and productivity, such as employee drug and alcohol testing, can be taken in the wrong context. Ian Clark emphasizes that these business systems are either highly effective and generate positive relations between coworkers and managerial staff or they are highly toxic.

A leader is not necessarily someone who labours a great deal, but someone who can lead labourers in a calm, rational state, using an appropriate business model. By the same token, managers are responsible for individual sections of the company and should likewise run their section as if they are a business owner, leading rather than doing the work of the people under them. It is not uncommon to find a dysfunctional business system, where the owner or managers are taking on the labour of the lower level employees, and these employees are doing whatever they feel like, because they are not being effectively led. Workplace drug testing is the beginning of establishing boundaries of appropriate behavior and job duties, and carrying them out.

CMM Technology offers training for your employees and managers to learn effective workplace drug and alcohol testing procedures. Contact us for more information about our drug and alcohol testing supplies: (+61) 1300 79 70 30.

“Owners and managers.”Work, Employment & Society.N.p., n.d. Web. 29 Oct. 2011.

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How Many Strikes?

Drug test Kits, Drug Test, Drug Testing, BreathalyserMany companies struggle with deciding how many strikes they will allow on drug and alcohol testing results before they fire the employee. This can be a controversial subject, since some staff members can become angry and sue for wrongful termination or become a liability to the company’s assets in another way. Deciding how many strikes to allow before termination is a process which can be quick and painless. There are some things for you to consider which will help clarify standard industry practices as well as how you want to run things in your specific company.

First, if your business is in a high hazard industry, you will have to find out if there are any laws or rules which must be followed with regard to terminating an employee and on what grounds are considered acceptable. Your company faces enough liabilities without one or more of your employees becoming yet another liability, and they can be a very real one. Next, high hazard industries tend to carry the largest percentage of employees who abuse drug or alcohol due to the stressful working environment. For this reason, you might consider allowing more strikes before termination, simply because more strikes are just very likely to occur. Workplace drug testing is part of protecting your assets and remaining in business, and in hazardous industries, especially non-transportation industries, your resources may be better used in retaining as much muscle as possible, and giving your employees some leeway to work with.

Secondly, depending upon the nature of your company and the nature of the majority of the job positions available, you may wish to invest in an employee assistance program to reduce staff turnover and to also reduce leakage of company secrets or practices. Sometimes, the safest thing to do in order to protect your assets is to help your employees recover, rather than terminating completely. Employee turnover, and perhaps the overtime pay for current employees who have to fill in until the position is given to a permanent staff member, can be very costly. Save yourself and your company money by carefully evaluating your policy regarding number of strikes given to employees who fail their drug tests. Contact CMM Technology today to talk to one of our experts about how we can help make your workplace a safer area: (+61) 1300 79 70 30.

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