Crack Cocaine and Violence

Chain Of Custody, Alcohol Test, Employee Drug TestingIt is well known that whatever drug is abused only serves to increase personality and character traits which are already inside of a person. For that reason, it is impossible to say that some specific drug like crack cocaine is the cause of violence and physical abuse. However, repressed or not-so-suppressed tendencies already existing inside of an individual and which are normally kept under control when in public can be easily released out into the open when that person abuses crack cocaine and other abusive substances. Drug and alcohol testing only serves as a mediator between employers and potentially problem employees. It cannot completely eliminate abusive behavior. It can only serve to eliminate that behavior from the jobsite or give cause to fire the employee if the behavior does not change.

Crack cocaine tends to exhibit violence in two personality types.

First, individuals who are readily aggressive, usually not very in control of their actions or barely so, and who are naturally strong and forceful characters. Cocaine makes the individual feel really good, and it also makes that person feel invincible. This feeling of invincibility occurs in both personality types because it is an inherent characteristic of crack cocaine and the aggressively strong individual will not even realize their own boundaries or the boundaries of anyone else when they make their move or begin physical pushing. Their world will literally seem without walls or boundaries and they simply act on impulse or, rather, on immediate thought. There is no future and no past in their mind and they only think from second to second. A naturally aggressive personality can even kill without knowing it or realizing it after the fact, even up to a few days later.

Second, individuals who are known as doormats or who allow themselves to be used on a frequent basis are usually considered by their peers as spineless. Typically, there is deep rooted anger inside of them which hardly ever surfaces, unless it is released by abusive drugs or alcohol. Then, someone who is known for generally being sweet and kind can become quite dangerous very quickly.

Keep your workplace safe from even one-time drug abusers by regularly implementing employee drug and alcohol screening. Contact CMM Technology today: (+61) 1300 79 70 30.

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Alcohol and Self Abuse

Drug Testing, Saliva Drug Test, Workplace Drug TestSelf abuse occurs in many different forms. Mental self abuse consists of constantly berating yourself that you made a mistake, did something wrong, screwed up, etc. Emotional self abuse can consist of getting into destructive relationships, not setting and enforcing personal boundaries, and allowing yourself to be screwed over more than once by the same person. Physical self abusecan consist of drinking alcohol, abusing drugs, and can even consist of physical harm, something which suicidal or hopeless feeling teens and adults occasionally engage in. While self abuse occurs in such a wide variety of forms, it most often appears in the form of alcoholism. Why is this?

When someone is surrounded by people who care about them, it is not very easy to get away with harming themselves. Friends and family and people who love them are generally around them and see the damage that is being done and take action in defense of their loved one. Drug abuse is very apparent or at least is seen as such by the addict. Often, alcoholism is not seen as a very apparent addiction, and in some cases this is true. A few people are able to drink a great deal of alcohol on a regular basis and nobody is the wiser. However, many drunks think that their habits are well covered when, in fact, everyone discusses what an alcoholic they are. It is best to never assume that nobody knows of your alcoholism. Always assume that they know and, if they don’t, tell them. Honesty is the first key to being able to handle, control and eventually defeat alcoholism. In this example, however, many alcoholics believe that their habits are well covered and that they will receive less berating from their family and friends if they engage in that type if self abuse. It seems easy to hide, and so it is the first choice of many addicts.

Self abuse can leak over into work life and coworkers within proximity can be negatively affected by the laziness, excuses and abusive behavior of analcoholic employee. Call CMM Technology to find out more about workplace drug testing: (+61) 1300 79 70 30.

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Addictions and Phobias

Saliva Drug Test, Workplace Drug Test, BreathalyserIf you were to define the cause for addictions in one sentence, it might be: addiction occurs when the individual becomes unable to cope or handle fear. Phobias, touted as irrational, are fears of specific objects, creatures or circumstances. Agoraphobia is the fear of open spaces, while claustrophobia is the fear of small enclosed spaced. Agyrophobia is the fear of streets or crossing a street, while homilophobia is the fear of sermons. Interesting, isn’t it? Fears can be easily conquered, but first they must be managed. It is only people with gutsy stomachs who are able to change habits immediately, without any period of transition. Employee drug and alcohol testing is meant to allay several different types of fears:

Fear of an unsafe working environment

Workplace drug testing helps all employees to feel safe and as if their workplace is a positive environment in which to spend most of their working hours. Drug testing and alcohol testing allays any fears of an unsafe jobsite.

Fear of being around too many people at one time

This is typically only a problem for introverts, as well as socially-stunted individuals. There is a dislike of, or even an extreme fear of, being around a great number of people at one time. Drug testing not only helps to prevent these individuals from calming their nerves by abusing drugs, but it also helps to facilitate a safe working environment, so that your new employee becomes accustomed to being around so many other people at one time, and not being stressed out about it.

Fear of making a mistake

Many people, even really confident, self-motivated people, struggle with the fear of making a mistake. Mistakes are not seen as learning experiences or as chances to grow and evolve within our society. They are seen as negative occurrences which must be avoided at all costs. This breeds a stressful atmosphere by making everyone slow down their production and growth by painstakingly making sure that all of their i’s are dotted and all of their t’s are crossed. Drug and alcohol testing takes some of the strain off of the hardworking responsible employees by giving them a test which they are always able to pass, without any effort. This is a morale boost for them.

Unfortunately, fear lurks everywhere and it causes us to do irrational things, such as resort to drug abuse or alcoholism when we cannot handle our own lives. Fortunately, CMM Technology can help. Call us today: (+61) 1300 79 70 30. Would you like to know about some other interesting phobias? Hypengyophobia is the fear of responsibility, novercaphobia is the fear of your step-mother, and linonophobia is the fear of string.

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Work, Roommates, and Drugs

Alcotech,alcosense, lion SD 400,lion SD 500, medixIf you have a roommate who abuses drugs or alcohol, you will find it difficult to fully separate their lifestyle from your own. You are surrounded by their habits and by the behavior which supports those habits, and you will slowly start to find yourself adapting to their behavior and living very similarly to the way that they live. This is a dangerous situation. Workplace drug testing at your job will reveal that you have fallen into bad habits and you may even lose your job. A drug free workplace is necessary for any business to survive, and the influence of your roommate may be more detrimental to your job security than you think.

First of all, your income is that of your five closest friends. This has to do with the way money is handled, attitudes about money, and of course jobs and careers. When your associations with other people decrease in quality, your income can actually decrease, as well. Unfortunately, this is likely to occur when you are not living within your means, and now bills are piling up, debts are not being paid, and stress increases. When stress increases, suddenly the addictive habits of your roommate do not look so bad. Employee drug and alcohol testing will reveal this illicit behavior, and your half of the rent could be in jeopardy.

Secondly, living with a drug abuser or alcoholic will make you tolerant to this type of behavior. Work ethic suffers because you care less about the quality of your craftsmanship, increase of income suffers because you lose sight of your previous goals, and lifestyle lowers because you become used to the living habits of an addict. In the past, you were irritated with a coworker who dropped the ball under pressure and let the whole team down. Now, you are that individual. Workplace drug testing is designed to identify and eliminate poor team players, such as yourself after the roommate arrived. Pre screening tests can quickly make this happen, before laboratory appointments are broken.

Living with someone who has an addiction is very difficult. You must realize that you cannot do anything to help them, besides making sure that their negative habits do not lower your own standards. This is why businesses hire drug and alcohol testing companies, such as CMM Technology, in order to obtain quality breathalyser test devices and urine and saliva drug tests. Business standards must be kept, even if personal standards fail: (+61) 1300 79 70 30.

“On the importance of peer influence for adolescent drug use: commonly neglected considerations – BAUMAN – 2006 – Addiction – Wiley Online Library.” Wiley Online Library.N.p., n.d. Web. 27 Sept. 2011.

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Work Related Substance Abuse

Drug test Kits, Drug Test, Drug Testing, Saliva Drug TestSubstance abuse occurs in many different forms: alcoholism, drug abuse, overeating, under-eating, and by using just about any type of behavior or pattern as a coping mechanism, instead of taking control of and responsibility for your own life. Workplace drug testing and alcohol testing exists to prevent drug abuse and alcoholism from occurring in or near a place of business by employees of the business. Pre screening tests are available for on-site testing in your work environment in order to provide efficiency and to keep all of your employees safe. While you are conducting business operations, you need to know that fraudulent or deceptive behavior is not a part of your employees’ actions.

Every year, thousands of employees cause work related fatalities and injuries due to their irresponsible drug abuse or alcoholism. In these cases, if the company has not taken necessary steps to prevent misconduct, the place of employment can be legally liable for these injuries and deaths. Lawsuits, corporate reputation, and business ethics are at stake. It is not advisable to only implement drug and alcohol testing after a problem has occurred. This is like closing the barn door after the horse has got out. Prevention is key, not only in avoiding hazardous situations, but also in protection of assets in case the company is sued for any reason whatsoever. Workplace drug testing must be regularly implemented. Attorneys have an incredible ability to take only partially enforced asset protection and turn it against you.

If you wish to make sure that on-the-job injuries do not occur, you can also help your employees by making sure that their place of employment is enjoyable, clean, creative and motivating. This is where marketing comes in. The work environment itself makes a difference in employee motivation. The positive interactions with coworkers and managers affect emotional stability. Your leadership skills also come into question if there is a high amount of substance abuse in your company, especially if you are not in a high hazard industry. This is where regular employee drug and alcohol testing comes in handy and where you can begin to foster positive relationships with each member of your staff.

CMM Technology offers drug and alcohol testing equipment, including Lion breathalyser tests, and Oraline drug tests. We have experts available 24/7 to answer your call and address any questions which you may have. We invite you to contact us today and find out more about keeping your business clean with workplace drug testing: (+61) 1300 79 70 30

“The Structure of Counterproductive Work Behaviors: Dimensionality and Relationships with Facets of Job Performance – Sackett – 2003 – International Journal of Selection and Assessment – Wiley Online Library.” Wiley Online Library. N.p., n.d. Web. 27 Sept. 2011.

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Resume/CV Gaps Caused by Substance Abuse

 Alcohol Test, Employee Drug Testing, Drug & Alcohol TestingThe business world is highly competitive and you must always put your best foot forward. If pre screening tests and employee drug and alcohol testing shows drug use, then you could lose your job. However, you may have been unemployed during past times of drug misuse, and this will show as gaps in your employment resume. It is important you continually think of and monitor your career growth, even if workplace drug testing did not catch you “in the act.” Drug  use shows itself in many ways, and your career will reflect past behavior. What can you do about employment gaps cause by substance abuse?

First of all, recognize that a change of behavior is required. Unless you are receiving treatment and support concerning your past addiction, employee drug and alcohol testing will show lapses in your future work experience and in your productivity. This means that you must learn to control your stress spikes in other ways than abusing drugs or alcohol. Any company may give you drug testing or alcohol testing for any reason, and it is in their policy to protect themselves.

Secondly, hold yourself accountable for any mistakes which you do make. Trustworthiness of character is not built by never making mistakes. It is built by taking responsibility for your actions or lack thereof. In your job interviews, be honest about your past and your previous flaws. Also be honest about what steps you are taking to make sure that you do not regress and fall back into old patterns. Your new employer may keep an eye on you, but employee drug and alcohol testing is not just for your benefit. All employees must be tested, and your new behavior will soon be reflected in a solid company reputation.

CMM Technology has Oraline drug tests, a range of Lion and Lifeloc breathalyser devices, Medix urine drug test, and expert advice for your business needs. We can recommend on-site drug testing companies in Western Australia. Our products and our staff are tailored to make your company safer, more reliable, and to increase your productivity. Drug and alcohol testing is essential for the modern business, and we take our responsibility to you very seriously. Contact us today to receive more information about our products and ways in which you can set up high quality workplace drug testing in your company: (+61) 1300 79 70 30.

“Dispositional affectivity as a predictor of work attitudes and job performance – Cropanzano – 2006 – Journal of Organizational Behavior – Wiley Online Library.” Wiley Online Library. N.p., n.d. Web. 27 Sept. 2011.

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Racism in the Workplace

Chain Of Custody, Alcohol Test, Employee Drug TestingAlthough racism has been fought across the centuries by many different nations, it is still alive and well today, and it is definitely a part of the business world. For instance, to some people ‘blacks’ are considered “ghetto” until they demonstrate their well-spoken, educated thoughts. Asians are considered supernaturally intelligent and ultra responsible until one of them makes a mistake, at which everyone is surprised. Whites are considered stuck up and elitist fat cats who do not lift a finger but rest their feet upon the backs of the average joe working man. You name it, there’s a stereotype for it. What does this have to do with workplace drug testing? Everything. You see, drug and alcohol testing on the jobsite is important to everyone’s safety. However, employees may have the perception that things are not very equal between management and lower level staff, between races, and between units of power.

The beauty of drug and alcohol testing is that it has an equalizing effect upon its business surroundings. Drug testing in the office gives results that are objective; laboratory-certified answers to the question of drug use. It is important for management to reveal that everyone, even executives, must be subjected to regular drug and alcohol testing. It is important that all races and genders and ages are tested within the same time period. These facts must be publicized, so that employees do not conjure up inaccurate perceptions within their own minds.

Drug and alcohol testing has an equalizing effect between different stratums of society. The theory that black males are more likely to be arrested than white females is based upon years of data input, which affects the expectations of arresting officers. However, nobody, no matter what their race may be, disputes the accuracy and validity of drug and alcohol testing within the workplace. Everyone knows that scientific evidence is backing up the test results.

Racism is a controversial & ugly topic. Drug and alcohol testing is not. We strive to bring accurate test results to people of every origin or job title by using the best drug and alcohol breathalyser tests. We at CMM Technology understand that you rely upon us to keep your business safe and your employee turnover at a minimum. We take our job very seriously. Call us today: (+61)1300 79 70 30.

“An uncaring profession? An examination of racism in social work – Journal of Ethnic and Migration Studies – Volume 15, Issue 3 .”Taylor & Francis Online.N.p., n.d. Web. 27 Sept. 2011.

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Public Tolerance to Advertising

Drug Test, Drug Testing, Saliva Drug TestEvery day, we are bombarded with billboard advertising, television commercials, internet display ads, and signs along the shelves of grocery and retail stores. Our consumer society creates and regulates the need for a great deal of advertising between competing businesses. Unfortunately, our consumers are immune to over 90% of this advertising, because we have become very accustomed to it. We are so tolerant of it, that advertising is most effective when done in person and when done well. Drug testing, be it workplace drug testing or individual home testing, is another part of the corporate consumer industry which has many businesses competing against each other for your approval.

Drug and alcohol testing equipment has become more important in recent years, because it can be handled by the average manager or employee and it can be used by on-site testing agencies. On-site testing is highly valuable to large businesses, because it does not require time away from work or compensated commute to get tested at a laboratory at a different location. Drug and alcohol testing equipment is perfect for these on-site testing jobs, and businesses enjoy the convenience and efficiency of both.

Many testing agencies and businesses, as well as individuals, order our testing supplies in order to implement drug testing within different industries. We not only receive advertising through the internet, but we also receive recommendations from previous clients attesting to the quality and efficiency of our drug and alcohol testing equipment. When business owners and executives make decisions about their employees’ safety and reliability, they receive information about our services and products from other companies. We are proud of this word-of-mouth advertising, since it is the most reliable form of client acquisition.

Advertising changes over time and each new media brings increased tolerance by the public. Now, if radio stations wish to remain in business, they must limit their advertising and not overextend themselves. Television advertising time increased per hour and then it became too much and TV stations had to cut back. In 2011, internet search engines tweaked their algorithms to disqualify sites which had excessive amounts of advertising on them. At CMM Technology, we value our website blog, and we value the personal recommendations we receive from our clients. We offer high quality breathalyser tests, a variety of drug tests, along with our expert advice any time you would like to call: (+61) 1300 79 70 30

“Drug-free workplace programmes: New Zealand perspective.” ScienceDirect – Forensic Science International.N.p., n.d. Web. 4 Oct. 2011.

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Progression of Alcoholism

 Saliva Drug Test, Workplace Drug Test, BreathalyserAlcoholism is a lovely disease which destroys families, physical health and any semblance of a successful career. The progression of alcoholism is a fascinating study, because it shows how the disease consistently and predictably morphs into different stages and forms of sickness in each individual. Everyone goes through similar progression in their alcoholic journey. Drug and alcohol testing is designed to detect illicit substances in any stage of development, but it is particularly easy to administer alcohol testing. Alcohol is so predictably unreliable and dangerous. It is also easily detectable in workplace drug testing. Here are some of the factors of the progression of alcoholism:

It begins as an easy escape to daily stresses. Stress is an unpleasant feeling in both mind and body, and alcohol relieves this stress in the beginning stages. It takes away your mental worry, it reveals the world as a better place in which to live and it increases your endorphin production, leaving you with a nice, safe, warm feeling. This stage does not typically display during workplace drug testing, because the individual tends to only indulge on the weekends or only at the end of the day.

Next, it begins to cover larger, more personal problems. At this stage, alcoholism is already dealing with all of the daily stresses, and you are not taking personal responsibility for any of those. At this point, you will feel more stressed out about larger problems and will begin using alcohol as a full-blown crutch with which to attack these bigger obstacles.

Ah, the beginning stages of denial. This is where true alcoholism begins to form. At this point, you begin to be aware that you are a drunk and you really don’t want to think about it. So you start to find ways to get all of your daily chores done while you are drinking the entire time. You need escape from the fact that you are an alcoholic, and you use alcohol as your method of escape. This is what is cheerfully known as a downward spiral. Happy drinking!

Employee drug and alcohol testing is here to make sure that any progression of alcoholism is weeded out and made known to business operators and owners. Their main objective is maintaining safety within their business. This is why we offer breathalyser tests and drug tests for your workplace drug testing needs. Contact us today: (+61) 1300 79 70 30.

“The co-occurrence of alcoholism with other psychiatric disorders in the general population and its impact on treatment.”APA PsycNet. N.p., n.d. Web. 27 Sept. 2011.

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Post-EAP Reactions

Drug Test, Drug Testing, Saliva Drug TestEmployee Assistance Programs (EAPs) are available for staff members to use in the event that they are suffering from or have the potential of suffering from drug abuse or alcoholism. EAPs are there to help current drug and alcohol addicts, former addicts, and employees with addicted family members. It is, in short, a support group designed to cut down on corporate employee turnover due to substance abuse. You can bet that if a company has an EAP, it also uses regular drug and alcohol testing for its employees. Workplace drug testing has helped keep companies safe for almost two decades now, and employee assistance programs are partially responsible for better employee health. Unfortunately, sometimes individuals who are in EAPs encounter a negative reaction when entering the workplace.

Drug addiction, alcoholism, obsessive compulsive disorder, nervous ticks, and inept social interactions are all results of low emotional maturity. Society has always taken a Darwinian approach to handling “outsiders,” rejects, or what some call losers. If the individual is not correctly following the rules, then they are ostracized by their peers. Employee assistance programs are self-help options for addicts or potential addicts, and we would like to go on the record as saying that it is always commendable to seek help for internal complications or failures. Unfortunately, “druggies” may not receive this type of support and understanding when they come into work after their involvement with an employee assistance program is made known. This is why workplace drug testing is such a positive reinforcement of an individual’s reputation. Drug and alcohol testing will help current employees to see each other as positive, functional members of society. Employee pre screening tests help reinforce positive personal choices to stay clean and facilitate a drug free workplace.

Help your employees to stay drug free and to keep their work performance at a high level. Set an example for their choice to seek help by encouraging them in their progress and helping them to feel connected with the community around them. Be sure to include them in activities and keep an eye out for any negative reactions to their fragile state. Drug and alcohol testing in the workplace is not just about protecting assets; it’s about fostering a positive, growing family environment where team members feel included and wanted. CMM Technology offers high quality breathalyser devices sucn as the Lifeloc range and Oraline and Medix drug tests to help you achieve this goal. Contact us today: (+61) 1300 79 70 30.

“[Employee assistance program]. [Sangyo EiseigakuZasshi. 2002] – PubMed – NCBI.” National Center for Biotechnology Information.N.p., n.d. Web. 27 Sept. 2011.

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Leaving the Drug Addicted Lifestyle

 Employee Drug Testing, Drug & Alcohol Testing, Drug test KitsWhen you are a drug addict, especially when it involves hard drugs such as methamphetamine and heroin, it is almost impossible to rescue yourself from this pit. In fact, unless you have family members or friends who forcibly get you committed to a rehabilitation clinic, it actually might be impossible for you to recover. Drug addiction is extremely harmful, which is why businesses try to eradicate it using workplace drug testing. While drug and alcohol testing is effective in getting rid of unwanted addicted employees, the reality for the addicted world as whole is pretty bleak.

First thing to go is nutrition. Remember when you were a kid and you ate a gallon of ice cream and felt sick to your stomach afterward? Well, believe it or not, you were not sick because ice cream is so sweet. You were sick because your body must pull nutrition out of your food in order to have strength to digest it, and at some point the low nutrition of the ice cream combined with the large amount you were eating led to intestinal protest. When employers use workplace drug testing, they may start to notice that some of their employees look weak and sickly.

Second thing to go is happiness. Now that your body is in constant physical pain, not to mention hungry as for some real food, drugs take down the feel good chemicals which are generated in your brain. Serotonin, norepinephrine and dopamine are the next to go out the door. Now you are in physical pain, starving, and you are reduced to the emotional maturity of a two-year-old, all while having very real, very adult responsibilities.

Third thing to go is support from friends and family. Now that you have burned your house and hacked away at your frame, you will start digging up your own foundation. Your community, such as your family, coworkers, and closest friends will begin to draw away from the disease that is spreading within your mind and body. You see, they all are happy…and healthy…and naturally avoid things like disease.

The enormous burden of leaving a drug addicted lifestyle would be too heavy for a normal, healthy person to undertake. However, crackheads and alcoholics do not have even that luxury. CMM Technology distributes high quality drug and alcohol testing equipment for your business and personal needs to help keep this disease out of your business life: (+61) 1300 79 70 30.

“Epidemiologic evidence for early onset of mental disorders and higher risk of drug abuse in young adults — Christie et al. 145 (8): 971 — Am J Psychiatry.” The American Journal of Psychiatry. N.p., n.d. Web. 27 Sept. 2011.

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Integrating Drug and Alcohol Testing

Recalibration Service, Chain Of Custody, Alcohol TestYou have made the thoughtful and intelligent decision to use drug and alcohol testing in your workplace. Now, you must integrate testing practices into your business plan, your financial plan, and your employee schedule. This may seem overwhelming or too much trouble at first, but take heart. We are here to make your planning much easier than you thought possible. The bottom line is: you need to protect your company assets, and part of that is to get every member of your staff and management tested for both drugs and alcohol on a regular basis. This can be done.

Business plan integration. If you are not sure where to put your new drug and alcohol testing plans within your business plan, try placing it under Safety Procedures, Employee Maintenance, Human Resources, or even Asset Protection. It should be just as detailed and exact as other areas of your business plan, listing cost, frequency, scheduling and materials within your strategy. Our experts are available 24/7 to help you come up with a high quality business integration plan for your workplace drug testing.

Financial plan integration. Your business plan lists all of the resources needed in order to start and maintain your employee pre screening tests, but your accounting department should have a detailed outline of the steps your business will take in order to pay for this testing. Our experts will help you determine the cost of the equipment and estimated reasonable costs of on-site testing at your workplace. Your accounting department should also be able to determine how much more off-site testing costs your company than on-site testing, and how whether on-site testing will detract from concentration on tasks.

Employee schedule integration.Employee pre screening tests will save your company a great deal of time by allowing testing to occur at your place of business, in your physical location. You still need to schedule the testing and schedule this around your employees’ and their work priorities. Try to avoid testing staff members right before the holidays, as they may not have the time to devote to cooperation, but it is highly recommended that you test directly after and, if possible, during the holidays. Drug and alcohol testing ensures that productivity stays high, even while distractions are all around us.

We offer you high quality drug and alcohol testing equipment and we ship worldwide. Our experts are available 24/7 to talk to you about our breathalyser tests, our urine drug tests, and our saliva drug tests. Contact CMM Technology today: (+61) 1300 79 70 30.

“Drug-free workplace programmes: New Zealand perspective.” ScienceDirect – Forensic Science International.N.p., n.d. Web. 4 Oct. 2011.

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