Drug Addiction to Legal Pharmaceuticals

Drug & Alcohol Testing, Drug test Kits, Drug TestLegal pharmaceuticals are just as much a source of drug addiction as illicit drugs and alcohol abuse. Pharmaceuticals affect the body in positive manners, but they also have side effects, and these side effects can be dangerous. In addition to this, pharmaceuticals can high addictive and lead to lethal overdose. This is why television commercials are required to list all potential side effects of the drug along with the benefits. When businesses incorporate drug and alcohol testing in order to achieve a drug free workplace, it may be more difficult to detect legal drugs unless on-site testing specifically screens for them. This is why CMM Technology offers such a wide variety of drug and alcohol testing equipment.

Pharmaceuticals must pass inspection by various drug administration agencies and they must be tested as legally safe by multiple research tests. However, even very safe legal drugs still have potential side effects, depending upon the individual taking them. Since each physical body is different, tolerance to various foods, drinks and drugs also varies. What may help one person become healthy and strong may help someone else to become seriously ill or even die. Workplace drug tests are able to determine the truth, no matter how tolerant an employee may be to a drug. This process is somewhat regulated by the fact that most pharmaceuticals must be prescribed by a doctor, but ultimately it is up to the patient to make sure that they take the correct dosage. Individuals who wish to commit suicide purposely overdose on pharmaceuticals (typically by taking an entire bottle at one time), which sends them into respiratory arrest, cardiac arrest, or a multitude of other issues leading to death.

On the other hand, addiction can be the underlying problem of pharmaceutical misuse. Many drugs are codeine, morphine, or methamphetamine based pharmaceuticals, and they carry with them the same destructive properties as their illegal counterparts. This means that your untested employees may be abusing drugs after their pre screening tests are given, and the solution to this is regular workplace drug testing. Drug and alcohol testing not only discourages employee substance abuse, but it also helps to catch regular addicts.

CMM Technology offers Medix testing supplies, Lion Alcoblow breathalysers, and Oraline drug tests, both saliva and urine drug tests. We also employ experts in workplace drug and alcohol testing, as well to help guide you on how to set this system up for your particular business. Contact us today: (+61) 1300 79 70 30

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Deadlines and Perceived Pressure

Workplace Drug Testing, Urine Drug Test, Employee Drug TestingPressure is in the eye of the beholder. When a high energy, high risk job involves lots of pressure, it tends to attract people who do not really see pressure as a negative quality. They enjoy lots of social interaction, they make great sales leaders, and they are quite happy meeting deadlines and staying up late to accomplish all of their tasks on time. Stress, or lack thereof, relating to pressure is specific to each individual. Workplace drug testing is perceived by employees as unfair subordination, by managers as a way to keep the “unrulies” in line, by executives as a piece of cake and no big deal, and by investors as all too necessary.

Drug and alcohol testing is here to stay and it is important to focus on the benefits of this valuable service, rather than focusing the perceived unfairness. In fact, drug testing is extremely fair, because it leverages addicted executives down to the same level as addicted janitors. This is the definition of fairness, when it comes to business accomplishments and evaluation. Employee pre screening tests are necessary in order for the business to be a good investment. Investment is necessary for initial and ongoing funding of business expenses.

Most of the time, drug and alcohol testing receive a bad rap because of stress which employees are under at the time that they are giving evaluations of business practices to upper management. Today, the average person in a first-world country is so deeply in debt that, even if they do have a high quality retirement plan and they live alone with the expense of kids, they may not be fully out of debt by the time they retire. The future becomes bleaker because of this knowledge floating around in the back of your head. In addition to this, children must be cared for, corrected, and helped, spouses must be romanced often enough, relaxation must be obtained with friends, bills must be paid, groceries must be bought, and the consumer society must be fed its due share. The enormous stress which the average employed individual is under at any point during the day is overwhelming.  Workplace drug testing helps to relieve this stress by eliminating drug addicts and alcoholics from an already pressurized environment. Our work is about reducing this pressure and reducing this stress. At CMM Technology, our Medix and Oraline drug tests and our breathalyser tests are available when you need them: (+61) 1300 79 70 30

“Prevalence of drug abuse among workers: Strengths and pitfalls of the recent Italian Workplace Drug Testing (WDT) legislation.” ScienceDirect – Forensic Science International.N.p., n.d. Web. 4 Oct. 2011. http://www.sciencedirect.com/science/article/pii/S037907381100123X.

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Coworkers with Drug Addiction

Employee Drug Testing,  Breathalyser, Workplace Drug TestWhen working in an office, you will frequently find that you get to know your coworkers almost as well as you know your own family. Their idiosyncrasies, their habits, their family secrets, their passions and their personalities all come to light. When workplace drug testing reveals a coworker who is abusing drugs or alcohol, their reputation can be marred for quite some time. People trust them less and when something goes wrong, they are most likely to be blamed. On the other hand, coworkers can seem like an extension of your own family, and therefore, you may wish to help them out if you already know that they have an addiction. Drug and alcohol testing may cause them to lose their job. What do you do?

As much as this may seem like you are stuck between a rock and a hard place, there is a simple solution: protect your assets. Often, individuals who have addicted family members seek to “fix” the addict by making excuses for them, covering for them when they commit crimes and break trusts, helping them out of precarious situations, and sinking a great deal of resources into helping the addict. As well intentioned as this behavior may be, it is actually very destructive. Employee pre screening tests are given because addicts are notorious for sinking to unreliable depths, such as lying, stealing, and even physical violence in order to preserve their lifestyle.

When a family member or friend of a drug addict or alcoholic enables the addict to continue in their behavior, they are hurting themselves more than they are helping anyone else. Addicts have no desire to change or better themselves, or they would be making rather difficult decisions to change their own behavior. If you are helping them, you are effectively removing this personal decision from their world, and are merely becoming a stepping stone on which they tread as often as you allow them. Drug and alcohol testing in both the home and the job site keeps this codependent relationship out of healthy family and work interactions.

This is why we provide businesses with high quality drug and alcohol testing equipment. CMM Technology believes in people and in maintaining healthy relationships with people. Coworkers must be a healthy part of your work experience and if they are not, then at least one member of your team is not holding themselves responsible for their actions. Contact us today to find out more about our drug and alcohol testing products: (+61) 1300 79 70 30

“Drug Addiction and the Memory Systems of the Brain – Robbins – 2008 – Annals of the New York Academy of Sciences – Wiley Online Library.”Wiley Online Library.N.p., n.d. Web. 27 Sept. 2011. http://onlinelibrary.wiley.com/doi/10.1196/annals.1441.020/full

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Where Was the Structure When Abuse Arrived?

Workplace Drug Test, Urine Drug Test, Chain Of CustodyWhether you are the substance abuser or you know the abuser, you are aware of the reputation which can quickly develop among the members of your community. Phrases, such as, “Where was the structure?” “How did this happen?” “I can’t believe they are choosing to do this,” and “Why don’t they just stop?” may be thrown around. And, as much as you would like this office gossip to stop, you may be asking yourself the exact same questions. What really happened?

Many cases of substance abuse are stated to be the result of missing psychological and emotional growth. However, there is something to be said for structure and follow-through. Structure creates a skeletal model and foundation on which to base your important decisions. Without this structure, the options and results become far less clear. When your personal or professional lives are unstructured, then drug and alcohol abuse moves in to take away the responsibility that you have to correct this problem.

Some people are born organized and they possess a natural affinity for compartmentalization. However, the rest of us may suffer from disorganized habits and unstructured lives. This results in many negative results, such as being late, appearing unkempt, unhealthy meal preparation habits, stress, incompetence, unreliable behavior, forgetfulness, laziness and low self esteem. As you see, it is important to maintain a minimum level of structure in our lives to be successful.

Drug and alcohol abuse in the workplace is typically the result of many irregularities in one’s life, only one of those being a lack of structure. However, it is well-known that you are able to focus on your physical needs much better when your home is clean and your relationships are successful. All diseases are lifestyle diseases.

Drug addiction and alcoholism are both lifestyle disease. They feed on the health of our physical bodies, the solidity of our relationships, the accuracy with which we make decisions, our emotional growth, our self respect, and our very lives. These diseases can take away much more than your health, but everything which makes you who you are. Yes, it is difficult to implement structure under these conditions, but the alternative is far worse.

Implement structure within your company by making use of our high quality drug and alcohol testing equipment for your workplace. Our products are reliable, effective and easy to use. Contact CMM Technology today: (+61) 1300 79 70 30.


Keegan, Kyle, and Howard Moss. Chasing the high: a firsthand account of one young person’s experience with substance abuse. Oxford: Oxford University Press, 2008. Print.

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What To Do About Withdrawal Symptoms

Pre Screening, Screening Tests, Breathalyser Recalibration ServiceAh, the withdrawal. The moment in time right after all of the endorphins have worn off, before the body has been rehydrated and fed, and usually directly after you realize that you cannot or are not supposed to continue with the addiction. That is an unpleasant time, is it not?

Withdrawal from any addiction is physically painful, emotionally taxing, and it always seems to reveal those areas of your life or self which are underdeveloped. You will naturally experience testiness, anger, rage, dissatisfaction, depression, frustration, realization of your already low self-esteem, loneliness, isolation, and extremely high or low energy, depending on the addictive substance. [1]

Remember, these are the symptoms of your withdrawal and they will not last. First and foremost, recognize that the next few weeks (or months) will still not be entirely spent in reality. The pressure on your emotions will be so great that you will lack perspective and understanding, so do not make any major decisions during this time.

Secondly, start feeding your body the nutrition for which it has been starved all this time. Fresh-cooked meats, raw fruits and vegetables, wholesome juice and limited grains will speed up this process. Avoid soft drinks, for they are dehydrating. And you may become temporarily sick in the short-term, because the shock of going from poison to enriching foods will initiate a strong detoxification. [2]

Next, you will need to schedule both family and alone time as part of your regular activities. Take in the communal support from being around loved ones and use this to help you gain emotional perspective while you are going through withdrawal. In your alone time, remember that simply emptying your thoughts, forgiving yourself and allowing peace to settle on your shoulders may be more healing than you think. [3]

Lastly, you will need to successfully integrate back into society. At this point, you may have developed a reputation for drug or alcohol abuse. Do not allow this to intimidate you. Desperately trying to convince someone of your clean lifestyle will only leave you feeling weak and they may not believe you, anyway. Learn self acceptance first, then go about your daily living concentrating only on the task at hand. Becoming emotionally involved with others at this point is playing a dangerous game. Remember, emotional instability is what brought on the addictive behavior to begin with.

CMM Technology provides quality drug and alcohol testing products for your workplace or personal use. Contact us today: (+61) 1300 79 70 30


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Results of Poor Boundaries

Alcohol Test, Drug & Alcohol Test, Drug & Alcohol TestingWithin every personal and professional interaction in our lives, we must set boundaries, both outgoing and incoming. Outgoing boundaries involve not allowing someone to take advantage of your good nature or financial prowess, keeping standards for how you treat someone, and knowing when to shut off communication if it is necessary to do so. Incoming boundaries deal with not allowing toxic or draining people into your life, cutting experiences which you dislike out of your schedule, and setting standards for how others treat you. Workplace drug testing is part of setting company boundaries. When employees are given pre screening tests, your business is able to discern whether standards of company policy are being kept.

Unfortunately, not all people or businesses set proper incoming and outgoing boundaries. How do these boundaries look in the professional world? Well, to begin with, incoming boundaries include things like not accepting substandard products from the manufacturer, not hiring employees who have little or no work experience in their field, and occasionally cutting out a client who refuses to operate in an ethical manner with your business. Drug and alcohol testing is a part of incoming boundaries. With it, you can make sure that you hire quality employees and that they are abiding by company policy and safety standards.

In the professional world, outgoing boundaries include things like determining which services you will and will not provide, regulating product distribution, standing by your employees, and only delivering the best quality of service to your clients. Workplace drug testing is also applicable in outgoing boundaries because you make sure that clients receive professionalism and care, and that your other employees are safe from potentially addictive behavior. When these boundaries are not enforced, then work suffers, quality suffers, reputation is stretched thin, and income decreases.This is, of course, the same phenomenon which occurs in one’s personal life. If one is using someone else or allowing themselves to be used, their self respect, their confidence, and their community standing all stand to suffer.

Boundaries are important and that is why CMM Technology enables your business to set proper boundaries using drug and alcohol testing equipment. Our products are especially helpful for on-site testing, which is a pre screening method used to save time and get your employees back to work as quickly as possible. Please feel free to contact us and ask about our breathalyser tests and urine and saliva drug tests which are available. Call us today: (+61) 1300 79 70 30

“A Reconsideration of Personal Boundaries in Space‐Time – Adams – 2005 – Annals of the Association of American Geographers – Wiley Online Library.”Wiley Online Library.N.p., n.d. Web. 27 Sept. 2011. http://onlinelibrary.wiley.com/doi/10.1111/j.1467-8306.1995.tb01793.x-i1/abstract.

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Fatigue and Drug Abuse

 Drug Testing, Workplace Drug Testing, Urine Drug TestMillions of people every day go to work and feel a great deal of fatigue, or tiredness, that drains them throughout the day. This is a miserable way to live and often they take medications, mood enhancers and pain medication, to help them with this problem. They also take stimulants, in both pharmaceutical and caffeine form, and suffer the heavy “down” that comes after the stimulant has worn off. This “down” combined with fatigue makes those employees very unhappy. Workplace drug testing exists to make sure that this unhappiness does not turn into substance abuse. Employee drug and alcohol testing serves a purpose, but you might be curious why fatigue is so common and how you can find relief.

Ideally, healthy cells are well-regulated cells.

In your body, you will find that you need stimulation, intellectual, physical, sexual and emotional. Stimulation is vital to feeling good and experiencing proper growth, both physically and emotionally. You also have a nutrient processing system and a waste disposal system. Ideally, healthy cells mimic your body in that they receive proper stimulation for growth, good nutrients, energy to process this nutrition, and can effective and quickly eliminate waste. Businesses use drug and alcohol testing to find and deal with workers who can potentially slow down the process and mismanage clients or resources.

When cells become dehydrated, clogged, and backed up, they cannot function properly and many systems behind them become backed up, too.

At this point, you will begin to feel tired, but enough systems in your body are working correctly that, with enough sleep, recreation, sunshine, nutrition and water, you will begin feeling yourself again before the day is over. In a business, this is where one or two addicted employees are causing immediate problems around themselves, but they are not affecting the company as a whole. Drugand alcohol testing would find these isolated employees and remove or begin to solve the problem.

If you do not make a concentrated effort to address your tiredness, enough systems will become backed up, and fatigue will set in.

At this point, the strain on certain cellular tissue will become so rampant that cells will begin to die. This process, in the end, takes on many forms, including cancer, tumors, and quickly developing obesity. If addiction is not appropriately addressed within a corporation, the addicted employees will begin to affect their families and their coworkers to such an extent that low productivity and listlessness will become the new norm.

We offer breathalyser tests, urine drug tests, and saliva drug tests for your home and workplace drug testing needs. Contact CMM Technology to find out more about keeping your business strong and healthy: (+61) 1300 79 70 30

“Drug-free workplace programmes: New Zealand perspective.” ScienceDirect – Forensic Science International.N.p., n.d. Web. 4 Oct. 2011. http://www.sciencedirect.com/science/article/pii/S037907380700148X.

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Effects of Poverty Upon Business

Breathalyser Recalibration Service, Recalibration, Recalibration ServiceStudies have shown that poverty has quite far reaching effects. For example, a poverty stricken community with limited business potential is set for further decay in the future, where residents leave or become poorer, thus allowing property values to drop and potential for business prospects to also drop. Workplace drug and alcohol testing is the result of the need to keep the fingers of poverty out of the business world. When companies go under, many jobs are lost and the economy of that area suffers. When a company implements employee drug testing, it is to maintain a standard of conduct which facilitates the direct operations of the business. Anything more or less than that is costing your business money.

The first effect of poverty upon business is time management. Poverty stricken areas have individuals with extremely low energy, low motivation, and lack of goal setting. This attitude is transmitted to the workplace and the individual is being dragged along by the work of everyone else. We have all known such an individual. They have no desire to get anything done, and you feel sluggish just looking at them or being around them. Drug testing helps low energy people, like alcoholics and other addicts, to find a more suitable place to work.

Secondly, poverty affects the future prospects of business owners and anyone who has a vested interest in the future prosperity of the company. Business owners in poor areas of the city focus on survival, rather than prosperity. The goal becomes “getting by,” rather than “succeeding and growing.” Drug abuse leads to poverty, and in many cases, poverty can lead to substance abuse. The correlation between these two aspects is not a coincidence. Workplace drug testing on a regular basis becomes more than making sure that financial accounts are not mismanaged. It becomes about asset protection of the mentality of success.

Lastly, poverty affects business because customers from richer areas of town are not likely to travel into a decaying region in order to receive services. Location becomes important, and poor areas do not receive nearly as much economic stimulus from rich customers, even though more well-to-do areas still receive business from poor customers. It is a matter of personal safety, at this point.

We offer high quality drug and alcohol testing equipment, such as breathalyser tests, Medix drug tests, and expert advice to help you protect your own assets, business or otherwise. Call us today: (+61) 1300 79 70 30

“Reestimating the Effects of Poverty and Inequality.”JSTOR.N.p., n.d. Web. 27 Sept. 2011. http://www.jstor.org/pss/2095577.

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Daily Stress Tips

Pre Screening, Screening Tests, Breathalyser Recalibration ServiceDrug and alcohol testing has become the industry norm in most corporations because of how often people abuse drugs or alcohol. It is as simple as that. This abuse springs from an inability to handle life’s every day little stresses. Here are some tips for you, so that you don’t end up on the wrong end of a workplace drug test:

Read a little every day. Studies have shown that reading autobiographies and biographies about people whom you admire are especially helpful. Research has shown that real life accounts are more valuable and raise your energy level far better than fictional reading.

Get some sunshine every day. Drug and alcohol testing is less needed in jobs where employees receive plenty of fresh air and sunshine. You don’t have to risk sunburn or anything as drastic as that. A minimum of twenty minutes a day will do the trick.

Interact with your community. Studies have shown that people need less drug and alcohol testing when they receive positive interactions with their community and family. Community builds a support system where the individual feels loved and accepted by their peers. This is essential in lowering stress.

Enjoy your job. Number one reason for workplace drug testing? Dissatisfaction with your job. Make sure that you are receiving the income and autonomy which you need in order to feel important in your work. Also, remember to only apply for jobs which you would love spending the next five years in.

Get a little alone time. In our hectic schedules, it is difficult to find peace when you do not make time for yourself. Stop off at a coffee shop on your way home from the office, stretch out on a blanket at the park, or stare up at the stars from your back yard. You will be better able to maintain a drug free workplace when you show value for yourself.

Research drug and alcohol testing. Think this is a joke? Perhaps, but we mean business. Drug and alcohol testing is one of the best ways to ensure that everyone at your company is holding up their individual responsibilities and keeping each other accountable for getting the job done. Go to our website or call us 24/7 to find out more about drug and alcohol testing equipment and what it can do to change your business.

Call CMM Technology today: (+61) 1300 79 70 30.

“A daily stress inventory: Development, reliability, and validity.” Journal of Behavioral Medicine, Volume 10, Number 1. N.p., n.d. Web. 28 Sept. 2011. http://www.springerlink.com/content/wk67775208r24757/.

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Common Cannabis Use

 Drug Testing In Western Australia, Chain Of CustodyCannabis, weed, hash, and many other names for which it is known is perhaps the most commonly traded and used illegal drug within common society today. It is considered a non-dangerous drug by addicts and is generally monetarily cheap to obtain, though, as with any product, the quality of the “weed” determines the price set upon it. Common cannabis use entails rolling a “joint” and smoking it. Marijuana is abused by many employees of both major and minor businesses, which is why workplace drug testing is so prevalent today. Employee pre screening tests are necessary in order to obtain a drug free workplace and a safe environment to complete tasks.

Cannabis use typically begins during the teenage years, as part of the “experimental” stage of life, where individuals try out different things, including alcohol and drug abuse. Marijuana is considered a fairly innocuous drug, and therefore is the beginning drug of choice ofmany teens. It is considered a “gateway” drug by many health experts, since cannabis abuse can increase and encourage participants to engage in hard core drugs, such as crack cocaine and methamphetamine. Marijuana is occasionally used for medical purposes and many addicts request medical marijuana, but of course this is prohibited unless necessary. Major corporations automatically use employee pre screening tests as part of their job application process, whereas minor businesses use less expensive, more infrequent testing in order to maintain a drug free workplace.

Many businesses, in the process of their standard drug and alcohol testing procedures, catch low level marijuana addicts who are still abusing cannabis on the side, as part of a light recreational experience. These employees not only endanger their coworkers and the customers, but they do not take their job very seriously and typically have a very casual, laid-back view of their job duties. Workplace drug testing and alcohol breathalyser testing makes everything much simpler by requiring employees to maintain a quality work ethic…and to leave if they do not. This is why CMM Technology employs experts in business integration with on-site testing and workplace drug and alcohol testing equipment. We stock Oraline drug tests and Lion Alcoblow breathalyser tests. We are happy to serve you by keeping your business standards high.

Cannabis is a common drug and is abuse frequently due to its cheap price and relatively low side effects. However, drug and alcohol testing equipment can reduce the effect of cannabis on your jobsite. Call us today: (+61) 1300 79 70 30

“Cannabis use in adolescence and risk for adult psychosis: longitudinal prospective study — Arseneault et al. 325 (7374): 1212 — bmj.com .” bmj.com . N.p., n.d. Web. 27 Sept. 2011. http://www.bmj.com/content/325/7374/1212.extract.

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Breathalysers in Your Home

alert J5 personal breathalyser,lion alcoblow, drug free workplaceCMM Technology offers portable breathalyser tests for your home or office use. These breathalyser tests make it possible to test for the inebriating effects of alcohol anywhere. Many businesses use workplace drug and alcohol testing in order to secure employees and customers in a safe, non-hazardous environment. However, there is a case to be made for using breathalyser tests at home. We begin with familiar parent-teen interaction, move into difficulties between spouses, and finish with problems between equal, non-marital adults.

To begin, parents may need to use breathalyser tests in their home in order to make sure that their teen is following orders and obeying rules to not engage in alcohol abuse. Teenagers, while asserting their independence and experimenting with the real world, often drink a large amount of alcohol in one night. This is typically due to the feel-good effects of alcohol, but in adoptive, abusive or unstable homes, teens abuse to escape their problems. On the jobsite, drug and alcohol testing is used to regulate abuse by employees.

Next, we have difficulties occurring between spouses, because one or both of them abuses alcohol. Unfortunately, each individual must have a desire to correct their own addiction and help from outside sources is limited. However, in the case of a recovering alcoholic or someone who wishes to be held accountable for their actions, breathalyser tests are very convenient to be given at home. In this case, the alcohol test can be administered on a set schedule, as part of an accountability program.

Finally, adults, roommates or grown relatives living under the same roof can encounter the ugly disease of alcoholism. Breathalyser tests come in handy when determining violation of roommate agreements, house rules, or family precepts. This is especially helpful in a group, when individuals are pressured to take sides and accusations are thrown around freely. An alcohol test can be the objective deciding factor when determining reliability and truthfulness.

CMM Technology does not just have alcohol breathalyser tests, but also saliva drug tests and urine drug tests. Our goal is to supply businesses and homes with safe, effective, portable equipment with which to test drug abuse or alcoholism. Our experts are standing by, 24/7, to help you with any questions which you may have. We would love to help you implement a business strategy for workplace drug testing and, of course, answer any questions you may have about portable breathalyser tests: (+61) 1300 79 70 30

“ScienceDirect – Accident Analysis & Prevention: An evaluation of sensitivity and specificity of blood alcohol concentrations obtained by a breathalyser survey in a casualty department in Kenya.” ScienceDirect – Home.N.p., n.d. Web. 27 Sept. 2011. http://www.sciencedirect.com/science/article/pii/S0001457598000633

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Born Addicted

Alcohol Test, Drug & Alcohol Test, Drug & Alcohol TestingA small percentage of the population is born addicted to drugs because of the drug intake of their parents. These children suffer from a variety of illnesses, from small birth size to cerebral palsy to mental retardation. It is unfortunate that such horrible consequences of their parents’ behavior should be wreaked upon these little ones. Fortunately, drug and alcohol testing both in the workplace and in the home help to eliminate the possibility that children will be born addicted. Workplace drug testing helps adults to hold themselves responsible for their actions, which includes actions pertaining to their future offspring. It is this interest in their future which changes their present.

Children who are born addicted often grow up with addicted parents

Another benefit of workplace drug and alcohol testing is that the children of formerly addicted parents are less likely to grow up in an abusive household. Drug testing is a key ingredient in safeguarding businesses from misuse of their assets, but it has another positive side effect on the families of employees. It creates a situation where the adult employees must maintain consistent lives in order to keep their jobs. The children are kept safe and all is well.

Marriages last longer when addictions are confronted

Drug testing is especially helpful for the heads of household. The resulting self control and teaching of actual success through responsibility and managing fears and stress are welcomed by non-addicted spouses. Drug and alcohol testing in the workplace relieves the tension in the household when one spouse comes home late and they are out of control. Not only does employee pre screening help business protect their assets, but it also builds better employees and better families of employees. This is a positive, surrounding environment which will prevent further drug abuse in the future.

Each variety of disease is a coping mechanism for an unnatural occurrence

We have all heard that brain tumors are the result of one personality type, and that heart disease is the result of another. Children who are born addicted encounter great amounts of danger in their home life growing up. Children are meant to be guarded and protected by their parents, not targeted. When their “safe” home environment becomes violent, they may develop specific diseases which protect them from outside abuse. Some children are savants, some develop illnesses which are so fragile that it brings out the last drop of parental instincts in their attackers, and some withdraw and may even turn into mild savants.

As you see, drug and alcohol testing has a rippling effect on the outer environments of a business. Companies are run by leaders, investors, managers and employees and their family lives are impacted by and have an impact on the health of the organization. Contact us today to learn more about drug and alcohol testing equipment: (+61) 1300 79 70 30

Haupt, Dan. “Are Children Who Are Born Addicted To Drugs More Likely To Be Diagnosed With Bipolar Disorder?” HealthCentral.com – Trusted, Reliable and Up To Date Health Information.N.p., n.d. Web. 4 Oct. 2011. http://www.healthcentral.com/depression/h/are-children-who-are-born-addicted-to-drugs-more-likely-to-be-diagnosed-with-bipolar-disorder.html.

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