Is Testing Becoming More or Less Popular?

cost of drug and alcohol testing, lion sd400 perthDrug and alcohol testing has only been around since the 1980s. The recent development and implementation of this practice, coupled with perceived violations of privacy, has meant that it did not begin with as much popularity as it has today. Both employers and employees have been hesitant to “get excited” about it, since mixed reviews might lead to outright hostility. Organizations which require both management and employed staff to receive drug and alcohol testing are far more likely to succeed in continuing to do so, than other companies which are more lenient with management positions. The perceived violation of privacy can be started or exacerbated by the wrong attitudes or treatment from employers, and can become worse over time if these attitudes are not adjusted.

Employees must not feel as if they are being judged or weighed in the balance, because even the most highly motivated individuals with the best work ethic can become discouraged or fearful in that type of environment. One of the most effective means of increasing productivity within a company is to increase pride in work and personal achievement, and to not make this dependent upon a pay scale or a bonus package. When handling your employees, it is recommended that you read Choice Theory: A New Psychology of Personal Freedom by Dr. William Glasser. This book indicates how using choice theory in the workplace is incredibly useful to both the productivity and the motivation of employed staff and that the net revenue will rise accordingly. Dr. Glasser states that employees can become happier and more useful on less money if they are treated in specific ways, namely showing them respect, giving them room for creative innovation, and not micromanaging their every move. Leading social networking companies, such as LinkedIn and Twitter, employ these strategies with similarly successful results.

What does all of this mean? It means that the popularity of drug and alcohol testing within your workplace does not have to dependent upon current societal trends, but upon your own good judgment and effective management of your employees. You do not have to pass out fliers in the office about how great it is and how excited you are about implementing it. Your own wisdom and discretion will do the selling for you.

CMM Technology develops quality drug and alcohol testing equipment for your workplace. Contact CMM Technology today: +618-9204-2500.

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Is Substance Abuse The Cause or The Symptom?

saliva drug test,oraline saliva,Alcotech,alcosenseDrug abuse (alcohol included) has been purported to be the cause of many social anxiety, relationship and life disorders. It is a card that has been flipped over and over by many different groups, describing the actual active abuse to be either the cause or the symptom of many interesting problems. Marriage issues either lead to substance abuse, or substance abuse leads to marriage issues. A death in the family is the result of drinking, or drinking is the result of a death in the family. Which one is it in reality and does it matter one way or the other? Isn’t drug abuse a problem in and of itself and do we really care if it is the chicken or the egg?

The truth is, substance abuse is a link in a chain of events. Though it can cause many different problems and different types of heartache, it is not the beginning of this chain. It is a symptom of a deeper problem, and this problem is usually linked to a deficiency. Why would I say this? Because active social and personal problems are dealt with in real life and adjustments are immediately made to fix any issues. However, deficiencies do not register as the same thing as problems. Deficiencies are on an entirely different level. [1] When the brain loses important memory or cognitive cells due to surgery or accidental injury, the remaining cells make up for this deficiency by either putting together pieces of old memory and imagining what the spaces would be filled with, or by recognizing the cut in the cognitive processes and taking on extra workloads themselves. [2]

This is, in effect, what happens within our daily lives. Circumstances such as physical abuse or lack of emotional growth and maturity are not dealt with as a problem which must be fixed and altered. These situations are dealt with by imagining what things should be like (without fully knowing what this would look like), or by taking on more than our share of emotional, physical and psychological responsibilities. One example of this would be a man who imagines what married life should be like, without actually having seen or been around a successfully married couple to know for sure. A second example would be a young girl taking on extra household, mothering and income responsibilities to make up for a lack of parental care or unburdening. [3]

These are the holes which are filled with cocaine and heroin and scotch and whiskey.

CMM Technology is a cornerstone within the policies of your company. We deliver high quality drug and alcohol testing equipment so that you do not have these deficiencies within your organization. Contact CMM Technology today: +618-9204-2500.


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Is Someone You Know in the First Stages of Addiction?

alcohol testing,alcohol testing australiaIf you know drug abuse or alcoholism well, it can be frightening to watch a family member or friend begin the process of addiction. You know what lies ahead, you know how bad it can be and you know just how strong they must be to in order to quit. To see it happening under your very nose can make you feel helpless and frustrated. You cannot stop them and you have no control over their decisions.

If someone you know is engaging in drug abuse or alcoholism, you are essentially sitting in the middle of a see-saw and are trying to prevent it from tipping in each direction. You must refrain from two actions: enabling and controlling. Enabling involves supporting the addiction by buying the substance for them, covering their tracks when they get caught, and allowing it to negatively affect your own life. Controlling involves stealing the substance from them, threatening or pleading for them to stop, hiding the substance from them, and trying to control their behavior even after they are not physically in your life. These two behaviors, enabling and controlling, are on opposite ends of the spectrum and both must avoided.

The center ground, which is your area, looks like this: You do not touch their stash, but you do not allow their abusive behavior to endanger your life or prevent you from regular social interactions. You do not seek to antagonize them, but you do recognize that their disease requires them to be somewhat separated from regular activities with you. In other words, you live your life, mind your own business, set boundaries over which they should not cross, and avoid crossing over them yourself.

Some people have “hero” personalities. They feel the need to help everyone but themselves. They know that they can do good in the world, but they do not understand that even this positive intention can be overdone. It is important to realize that personal choice, no matter which direction it might take, trumps all other action or influence. Personal choice, the decisions made entirely for your own reasons, is far more important than making sure that everyone is categorized and standing in their appropriate compartment. Drop the hero personality and save yourself. That will occupy so much of your time that you do not have any room left to control or influence others.

Prevent addiction in your workplace by implementing regular drug and alcohol testing procedures. Contact CMM Technology for your high quality testing equipment today: +618-9204-2500.


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Is It the Substance or the Mentality?

chain of custody,pre screening,screening testsOccasionally, you will find employees, and even businesses, which scoff at regularly implemented drug and alcohol testing, because “It will not actually prevent abuse. It will only tell you if it exists.” Research has shown that substance abuse testing is effective, because it creates a certain work mentality on the jobsite. This is not an oppressive, we-are-better-than-you mentality, but one of cooperation and agreement. Substance abuse testing helps companies to demand a certain minimum work ethic from their employees. They do not have to tolerate anything less than the best working behavior available. It is not personal.

It is business.

Unfortunately, many employees consider their place of employment to their home away from home. Personal phone calls, dating coworkers, dressing casually, and generally behaving lackadaisical are all characteristics of refusing to separate work and home. This is because, in our age of immediate gratification and instant access, the subject “work” is considered a negative part of your life. It is not considered a blessing or a privilege, but a hassle, like time-out or detention. The result is that employees simply try to make the work environment a slightly less enjoyable version of home. Emphasis is not placed upon a professional work ethic, a professional attitude toward clients, or even a profession. This decreases the marketability of the company, thus decreasing your earnings.

At some point, the line between outright substance abuse and a lazy work ethic becomes blurred. The problem is not that everyone fits a stereotypical model of the perfect employee and/or family member. The problem is that when your company is not growing, your business revenue is not truly stable. Businesses, relationships and green plants all have one thing in common: they are either growing or dying. They cannot exist in limbo. There is a continual process.

In answer to the query of this article, irresponsible mentalities can lead to substance abuse, and substance abuse can lead to lazy work ethics. One is not necessarily more destructive than the other. Maintaining a high-quality drug and alcohol testing program within your company is one of the true steps to success. It sets the bar high, not because you are a snob, but because it is your company.

Contact CMM Technology today for quality drug and alcohol testing equipment: +618-9204-2500. Ask us about how to tailor our services specifically to your business. Our experts are eager to meet you and discuss how we can make your business better.


Molesworth, Helen Anne, M. Darsie Alexander, and Julia Wilson. Work ethic. Baltimore, Md.: Baltimore Museum of Art; 2003. Print.

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Is Emotional Intelligence a Choice or an Accident?

drug testing in western australia,chain of custodyEmotional intelligence or maturity is a choice. Forget all of the times when you have heard the phrase: “I have to do this.” “You are making me so mad.” “I’ll get in trouble if I don’t do this.” “If you refuse, I will make you do it.” “I can’t help it.” None of these statements are true. Nobody can force you to do anything which you do not want to do, including minor life occurrences. To put this responsibility and privilege of choice onto someone else is refusing to admit to actively making a personal decision. This applies to all forms of emotional intelligence.

Logically speaking, someone who does not enjoy taking on the repercussions of their decisions is someone who is most likely to not admit to them. This is, in part, a form of laziness and, in part, a form of spinelessness. Somewhere along the line, they were given to believe that it is okay to not take responsibility for your actions and that someone or something else will be there to do it for you.

In physical form, this is the very act of drug abuse or alcoholism. Substance abuse takes this emotional deprivation and turns it into a physical action. One is psychological and one is psycho-physical. Other than this, there is no difference whatsoever between substance abuse and low or undeveloped emotional intelligence.

We have all seen the individual who acts like a child and blames everyone else in a petulant voice. They become defensive when questioned about showing up late for work. They spend all day loudly explaining why they were late. They obviously have low self esteem, but that does not stop them from blaming their low self esteem on someone else. Their excuses are frequent and varied. They often proclaim how much they are the victim, the one left out, the one screwed over, and the one who everyone should pity and/or look up to, depending upon their mood.

Even though we have all seen this individual, there are others whose behavior is more socially acceptable and not as easily identifiable. They use the phrases at the beginning of this article, phrases which are almost the norm. These are a much softer, subtler form of refusing to take responsibility, but they still lack emotional maturity.

Hold your employees accountable for their behavior by implementing drug and alcohol testing within your workplace. Contact CMM Technology today: +618-9204-2500.


Goleman, Daniel. Working with emotional intelligence. New York: Bantam Books, 1998. Print.

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In The Hands of the Young

alcohol testing australia,clinical medical marketingAs we grow older, it seems that more and more of our lives and growth opportunities are left in the hands of the young. Potential development, research analysis, product improvement, innovative technological advances…we are predisposed to call our nephews, daughters or next-door babysitter to help us with new applications in our ever-changing world. Is it not amusing that so much of our efforts will be absent from the daily lives of the next generation?

Drug and alcohol testing began in the 1980s, becoming more prevalent and more useful in the years to come. Technology has anticipated and prepared for the new age of drug and alcohol testing, which is clear in the current product line of CMM Technology. We are proud that our products are up-to-date and of the finest quality. Although we employ a diverse age-range of expert staff, our services are fresh, informed and modern. We never discount efficiency, provided it does not affect the quality and performance of your business.

Business strategies have changed over time, and management techniques are a far cry from the techniques employed fifty years ago. We understand the current market and a wide array of business set-ups. After all, drug and alcohol testing must be flexible and accurate to fit the needs of each individual company. No longer do vast generalizations hold sway over customization. Survival does not depend upon strength, but adaptability.

CMM Technology can help to maintain your company’s edge in the market by keeping your staff clean from abuse. It does not matter how fresh or innovative a business becomes, it is never cool to disrespect clients, mismanage machinery or behave inappropriately due to substance abuse. Drug and alcohol testing will always be necessary, because it maintains modern standards of dress, time management and behavior. It also keeps everyone safe and comfortable at their workplace, assuring each employee that steps have been taken to prevent irresponsible or dangerous outsiders from working with them.

CMM Technology recognizes improvements which can be made to your current drug and alcohol testing procedures, if you have not worked with us before. We offer business and OHS consulting, training, and strategic level management. We are current with state and national legislation, as well as the optimum planning for your particular industry. As for the young? In the words of the charismatic Sophia Loren, “There is a fountain of youth: it is your mind, your talents, the creativity you bring to your life and the lives of people you love. When you learn to tap this source, you will truly have defeated age.” Contact CMM Technology today: +618-9204-2500.

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Hunger and the Alcoholic Lifestyle

drug test kits,breathalyser recalibration serviceAlcohol is used to achieve many different goals: to become drunk, to disinfect, to reduce pain, to calm down a nervous state of mind, to slow reflexes, to celebrate, to forget and to feel better. Rarely does one find an instance where alcohol is used to increase hunger. However, aside from the neurological effects which are well-known, alcohol is a key component in starving cells. Unfortunately, in situations of poverty, the individual may find that the temporary “downing” effects of alcohol help them to forget their hunger. Thus, it is difficult to mix poverty and alcoholism without making it nearly impossible to leave either lifestyle.

Before we begin, it must be made clear that alcohol in no way acts as an appetite suppressant or can be used as a dieting tool. Rather, the converse is true. Alcohol increases hunger and thirst for nutrients, eliciting extreme physical pain in the individual if these nutrients are not ingested. In fact, one the primary causes of pain during alcoholism, other than broken relationships and hangovers, is the occurring starvation. In order to prevent toxic poisoning, cells use up greater than normal nutritional resources, creating a pocket or deficiency which must be filled. Rather than filling these nutritional holes, alcohol temporarily tricks the mind into believing that everything is alright, while creating further deficiency.

On the other end of the spectrum, alcoholism can be prevented and even 90% cured through no other action than nutritional intake. When healthy cells are receiving the materials and energy which they need in order to remain strong, they begin throwing off old toxic debris, including a tolerance for or affinity for alcohol. Without exercising any amount of self control, an individual can gradually decrease their tolerance for alcohol simply by eating fresh, raw fruits and vegetables, organic meat, and drinking plenty of water. This phenomenon is accurate across the board, without depending upon personality type, lifestyle, other habits including drug abuse, or personal preference. Clearly, individuals would gain a lot in perspective and in self control simply by feeding their cells. Unfortunately, alcoholism is not the only habit which induces cellular starvation. Eating foods lacking in nutrition will also leave one feeling hungry within two hours of eating a large meal. This hunger continues as long as the nutritional deficiency exists, which may explain why overeating almost seems necessary, rather than a lack of personal responsibility. When fighting both alcoholism and unhealthy eating habits, remember that nutritional investment will eradicate hunger.

Contact CMM Technology today for your quality drug and alcohol testing equipment : +618-9204-2500.


Galanter, Marc. Biomedical issues and clinical effects of alcoholism . New York: Grune & Stratton, 1979. Print.

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How to Live With an Alcoholic

clinical medical marketing, drug test osborne parkIt is a difficult and complex operation living with an alcoholic. Alcoholics are out of control, temperamental, intimidating, frightening, disrespectful, and in some cases, downright hateful. You must understand that the disease of alcoholism does not make the core person someone evil. This is not to say that, after years of being drunk, the character of the core person is not negatively affected…and can become a permanent feature of their lives if they do not choose otherwise.

The first key to living with an alcoholic is protecting your physical body. Depending upon your height, weight and whether or not there is a weapon in the house, this may be achievable or almost impossible. Keep in mind that your physical safety comes first, above your loyalty to them. You cannot support them in this disease if you are not alive to do so.

Secondly, you must recognize that this is a seemingly pervasive disease, but that you can walk away from it and escape at any time. This may be more difficult than physically protecting yourself, because alcoholics tend to pull you in by your emotions and your mind. The sickness is very compelling and will grab hold of any weakness in your character and murder it. It is important to remember that your own value and worth have not decreased, but that the psychological games are coming from a place of agony within the alcoholic.

Most importantly, you cannot live with an alcoholic without picking up some survival tips, including developing a “dry drunk” mentality. You may not actually drink at all yourself, but this does not mean that the language of alcoholism cannot be learned and memorized. Allow yourself plenty of time with outside, non-alcoholic individuals so that your psychological health is protected.

In the aftermath, when your alcoholic becomes sober or one of you moves out, the bitterness, resentment and anger will still be there. The anger will be so strong that it will seem as if you will never be able to forgive them, and they will never be able to pay you back for your investment in their life. Recognize that you may never be repaid, and make sure you understand all of the implications of this fact. If they are sober now and a continued relationship is desired by both of you, then you may need to forgive and keep choosing to forgive until the anger has been resolved. After all, humans are not the best at repaying all of their sins and debts.

Contact CMM Technology for quality drug and alcohol testing equipment today: +618-9204-2500.


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Habits of Teens Grown Older

oraline drug test,medixIt is generally assumed that most drug abuse and alcoholism begins (and frequently ends) during the teenage years, when youthful ambition seeks new and varied ways to express its newfound authority and dominance. Even individuals in their early twenties are sometimes excused for simply continuing their youthful exploits a little longer than most. However, it is around the upper twenties when habits which seemed small and meaningless become more hardcore and lead to social ostracizing…for, after all, they should know better by that time.

It is precisely during those rebellious teen years when the outright thwarting of authority figures and rules becomes so glamorous. It is a bit like putting on a mask and wielding a gun during an armed robbery. All of a sudden, you are in control, not the other person. You have the power and the decision-making and the say-so. Combine this influential position with the validation from equally spirited peers, and it becomes enticing and seductive.

Adults are meant to be serious-minded, stabile, reliable and conservative in their actions. The teen years do not bespeak adulthood just yet, though. It is this crack of light between the two powerful worlds of childhood and adulthood that is so alluring. For a short period of time, you can be everything, do it all, and you recognize no boundaries.

Unfortunately, many young (and even older) adults attempt to bring this experience into the responsible, working environment. Rules have been set in place, boundaries are acknowledged regularly, time is managed, and stipulations are set even on infrequent behavior. Even so, when sexual advances, unkempt appearance, and a lazy work ethic are banned from one’s lifestyle, there is still the possibility of abusing substances as in the days of your youth. Typically, this behavior occurs in poorly monitored businesses, high-stress industries, and jobs where behavior is not a precedent, just a guideline.

CMM Technology brings drug and alcohol testing equipment to your business for regular evaluation procedures, both pre- and post-employment. We help you to set up and implement a solid testing schedule, relevant to your budget and industry needs. We can recommend a reliable onsite testing company, and we also provide consulting and business management services from our experts. Set a precedent in your company for high-quality operations and high-productivity. Our business is to help you succeed. Contact CMM Technology today: +618-9204-2500.


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Growing Up in an Abusive Home

drug and alcohol test prices, cost of drug and alcohol testingGrowing up in an abusive home will drastically affect how easily certain things are available to the average adult. Small habits, such as hygiene, cleanliness and tidiness, can become issues, as well as large problems, such as lack of sexual boundaries, destructive/non-productive relationships, and self abuse. Obviously, these issues touch the home life, the work environment and their ability to succeed. Even with all of the resources in the world, the habits of an abusive home can cripple an individual’s ability to achieve stability and improve their job quality.

If you have an employee who has obviously grown up in the same home as an alcoholic or drug addict, their personal problems may become your professional problems. Aside from being so emotionally drained that they are unable to handle any type of work-related stress, their issues can be far deeper than they appear. What are some of these typical problems and what can you do to assist them?

Avoid Confrontation. Direct confrontation is typically a strong emotional trigger and will elicit a temperamental reaction from your employee. This is due to the fact that their role models were also unable to handle any type of correction or confrontation about their lifestyles. You can assist by slipping rejections, problems and underlying issues in through the side door. Remark on them with casual carelessness, do not appear to make a big deal about it, and just make sure they get the memo.

Encourage Creativity. Addicts are notorious for desiring a certain routine and a certain environment in order to establish their comfort zone. Chances are, your employee may not have been allowed to “think outside the box” growing up, so be sure to encourage them to harness their creative and innovative thinking for the betterment of the company.

Speak Softly to Their Temper. Addicts are filled with guilt and frustration, and household victims are typically filled with an equal amount of anger at their perpetrator. Many children of addicts must deal with this anger, even after years of being an adult. Remember, they are immune to your own temper and your own raised voice. Instead, speak softly and gently to them, not only to calm them down, but also to help them see how irrationally they are behaving.

Ignore Their Problem. This is not to say that employee assistance programs and victims of abuse programs are not highly effective when used with certain temperaments. However, making a big deal about their past or allowing them to publicly blow their top every once in a while is a bad idea. This encourages them to continue thinking of themselves as a victim. It is important that they learn how to harness this control over their lives.

In addition to this, using employee drug and alcohol testing on a regular basis is highly recommended. Contact CMM Technology for our quality testing equipment today: +618-9204-2500.


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Forever Young

chain of custody,pre screening,screening testsHow can you keep your business modern and fresh and cutting edge? That is a question which many business owners ask themselves, seeking to adapt to the modern technologies, but somehow partially clinging to the business practices of yesterday. What makes a company modern? Is there a standard? Does it require an entire physical makeover, or only new techniques? What can you do to freshen things up and will it cost money?

The answer lies in research. You must understand how a variety of modern businesses perform their operations, how cutting edge their technology is, and how much this affects their income. These are all factors in researching modern business operations. What are some of the top priorities in business development today?

Drug and Alcohol Testing

Obviously, we will begin with this factor. Modern businesses must keep ethical and industry standards in place to protect the business, the customers, and the employees from illicit drug abuse and alcoholism. First and foremost, safety and comfort are essential in the new workplace.

Time Management Techniques

Modern businesses are allowing anywhere from 20% to 70% of working time to be devoted to tasks which the employees themselves choose, initiate and complete. This is allowing creative license, organic innovative techniques, and high personality accountability to be primary work initiatives, as opposed to previous initiatives based solely upon income and monetary bonuses.

Streamlined Appearance and Operation

Today, companies have given up the complex, opulent lifestyle which incorporated grandiose interior decorating, thousands of minion employees, small, cramped working spaces, and choosing efficiency over creativity. Modern businesses seek to simplify, streamline, and have a sleek, airtight business model with fewer, more competent staff members.

Removing Layers of Middle Management

Modern companies today do not require many layers of lower, middle, and upper management level positions. This overly-complex hierarchy is old-fashioned and inefficient. Today, businesses seek to flatten the playing field between the chief executive office and the lower-level employees, encouraging everyone to hold themselves equally accountable for the good of the company.

CMM Technology can provide the products for the drug and alcohol testing category above. We have trained experts to assist with incorporating this new practice within your business, no matter which business model you use, and we know how to do this quickly, efficiently and within your customized budget. Drug and alcohol testing in the workplace is a matter of safety and of adaptability within the job market. Contact CMM Technology today: +618-9204-2500.


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Fight Substance Abuse and Cancer At The Same Time

alert J5 personal breathalyser,lion alcoblowYes, we are aware that this is an interesting title to an article. What do substance abuse and cancer have in common? They both feed on cell degeneration. Yes, we said it. Cell degeneration is the cause of cancer, not the other way around. How do we know this? We did our research.

Let’s begin with cell degeneration and branch off onto the other two subjects. Cells are basic building blocks of your body. Everything in your body and brain is made up of various types of cells. In order to reproduce, cells must be able to split into two, equally healthy cells. Splitting a cell requires a lot of energy. In order for both new cells to be just as healthy as the previous one, they must have an abundance of energy and resource materials.  When building a house, you must have both labor and materials. Such is the case with organic cells. [1]

What happens when these cells do not have enough labor (energy) or materials (nutrition) to split into two new cells? Usually, the new cells are far weaker than the old one, and they must be fed energy and nutrition before they split again. If not, the next generations will be weaker and weaker until one of two things happens. Depending upon the type of cell and the type of degeneration process, these cells may still attempt to divide, but will be unable to complete the process. Think of a spherical eight shape. This is called morphing, and the result can neither strengthen as one cell nor split. It can only die. This is one form of cancer. The second form of cancer occurs when the cells become so weak that they lose their “intelligence.” Each cell in your body knows what organ it belongs to and how quickly it should divide based upon that specific organ. If a cell becomes weak enough, it forgets what type of cell it is and begins reproducing at exponential rates in the form of skeleton shells. This is commonly known as a tumor. [2]

Drugs and alcohol feed on weakened cells and we feel bad because our bodies are weakened. We fill this hole up with more abusive behavior, and the destructive cycle continues.

If you are prone to any type of substance abuse and you have any type of cancer, the two situations may very well be related. Keep your workplace clean and healthy by implementing drug and alcohol testing on a regular basis. Contact CMM Technology today: +618-9204-2500.


1. Mehta, Kapil, and Zahid H. Siddik. Drug resistance in cancer cells . New York: Springer, 2009. Print.

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